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  1. jemmybutton

    Nigel Farage V Louise Cooper On Daily Politics

    Goodness me! Was that woman drunk? Waving her arms about, jabbing her fingers, shouting loudly - I had to keep turning the sound down on the telly every time she spoke. The last time I saw such belligerent behaviour was on the Jeremy Kyle show.
  2. It's so sad that your relationship with your parents was so bad. Some parents are not like that, though. Some people get on with their parents.
  3. jemmybutton

    #asktheexperts - Lloyds Looking For Ftb Questions On Twitter.

    What is the point of tweeting to Lloyds? Do you think they actually care what fb's think? That they'll have a Damascean moment? ****** to them..
  4. "Forget 'paying off LL mortgage cr.p'." Sorry, the thought of paying a parasitic landlord's mortgage off makes me physically sick. So, no, I won't forget it.
  5. The good thing about house sharing with parents, as opposed to friends, is that at least you are not paying a parasite Buy To Let landlord's mortgage with your rent.
  6. It's written by Polly Toynbee. Somehow, I cannot take her remotely seriously. She is competely without integrity in my opinion. I find the likes of Toynbee and Will Hutton to be quite nauseating,
  7. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk....have you noticed this is ALL Cable does?
  8. What? So I have to travel to Asia to really appreciate what being a credit card debt slave is all about? No thank you! Sounds like you've been well and truly hooked on the drug that is a CREDIT CARD. I ditched my credit cards 2 years ago...never looked back since.
  9. Thing is most people seem NOT to understand this route. And they end up requiring more and more credit to service their debt. I blame Martin Lewis for all this 'playing the game' with credit cards crapp. My advice to people is to ditch the credit cards completely. Use a debit card. Don't get sucked in to playing the banks game. Do you remember those days when people actually paid for things using REAL cash? Seems a long time ago.
  10. jemmybutton

    Labour Pledge To Build "new Towns"

    The party of the Iraq War, high house prices and of mass immigration. That is why I will never vote for Labour. Oh, it has Alistair Campbell in it too. And Jack Straw's SON is going be an MP.
  11. Being in debt? That is so passe! I don't think anyone cares anymore. People have woken up to the idea that they are never going to be able to pay it back so LET'S PARTY!
  12. jemmybutton

    Tories Desperately Emailing Again

    With all respect, Bruce, I don't trust the Tories on a referendum. My cynicism tells me that the referendum will be rigged.
  13. jemmybutton

    Tories Desperately Emailing Again

    Same here..It's UKIP all the way for me. I don't care what the other three parties do or say anymore. They may as well impose a media blackout from now until the election as far as I'm concerned. Get it over with. The system is rotten to the core. Quite frankly, I don't care anymore about the whole 3 party political circus. George Carlin and Russell Brand summed it up for me regarding the current voting system. IT'S MEANINGLESS. The thing about UKIP is that they only have ONE policy - but it is a policy that is worth taking a punt on, that of getting out of the EU. The days of Labour, Tory and that other party are, for me, well and truly OVER.

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