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  1. An insurmountable interpretation of the Xmas smooching number. Finally there is some class on this thread Unlike the ghastly U.S Chipmunks, P&P were British. Be proud.
  2. Why can't Shatts use City airport like the rest of us? The Travelodge is a constant joy.
  3. Loathing? Years ago I remember a poster here (Laura?) suggesting estate agents should be compelled to wear the Star of David with 'EA' emblazened on it. I remember because I nearly choked on my cereal & had to change my blouse. (It was the best late for work excuse I ever had too. My boss choked on her coffee when I showed her.)
  4. You can respect & appreciate the 'Power of Art' even if you cannot see it. If you can make your economy appear less heavily suspended than others then it will be relatively fluffy & light, & thus be less of a burden on the populace. Rather like a victoria sponge contest at the W.I.
  5. Only to a bullet in the head for the greater good. She would have been dispatched well before she uttered her infamous hat eating threat too.
  6. Guys, before it's too late, I implore you, take some belt tightening DIY Xmas advice from the experts
  7. Bugger! Sorry ! Expanding foam? - A tanker full rather than an aerosol can or two, I would think as it would need to fill the property. No point in half measures at such a time. I do sympathise. Our rental's concrete walls vibrate some nights thanks to a property 300 yards away that entertains the whole village with pounding rap. Other times we get a preacher, using the same ear splitting system, telling us how much Jesus saves. The warm up is Elvis in his religious phase. Needless to say I am not talking about being in Britain.
  8. 18" of Ready Mix pumped in all across their groundfloor while they are on holiday. Expensive, but irresistible. (OH's warped idea, not mine. I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing.)
  9. Yes, but not sure about keeping warm until dear Alex and Nicola free from the English yoke and we have no energy costs, just like it was before that wretched union. (Tongue firmly in cheek; there is bound to be one who thinks otherwise). http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/Glasgow.html?sortType=1&retirement=false&displayPropertyType=flats&oldDisplayPropertyType=flats&numberOfPropertiesPerPage=50&partBuyPartRent=false
  10. So if you all volunteer to become unpaid part time burger flippers, interest rates will rise, and pwoperty, outside of Watford's Jewish quarter, will become so cheap that the btl chancers will think there is a catch, and you can all take your rightful - one pile each - place in Blighty's pwoperty owning democracy. Life, just the way it was meant to be. Just remember to shoot the rentiers in order to maintain long term social cohesion.
  11. From "stress" I thought the boy had done the decent thing. Maybe there is a (deliberate) UK sword shortage. Is there an hpc training course available, so I can attempt to tune in?
  12. My first (& depressing) hpc post. On holiday but flying back to glorious Watford on Friday with this in mind http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/41492 Less than 154,000 have signed this petition. I think this gives Cameron (& the Frankfurt school fans) the green light. & hello after a 7 year lurk.
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