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  1. That’s the key bit that we have to look at with future variants, if that very high protection against hospitalisation continues, despite spread in the community, then the public health crisis is over. Pollard also said that over time the vaccines would become less effective against symptomatic illness. But he said what mattered most was effectiveness against hospitalisation, and he said people would “go mad” if they worried too much about falling effectiveness against illness. He explained: What the virus is doing is it’s evolving away from immunity, and we’re seeing lower
  2. Found the information provided to the Commons science committee interesting and confusing today. I keep reading that getting the infection rate down is paramount to stopping variants, so very confused to read the quote below today . So if the 'vaccine' is not expected to stop infection only hospitalisation, then is it a 'vaccine' or a therapy? And if it isn't expected to stop infection, then how do variants get stopped, and if variants aren't stopped then might it be just as possible that vaccines to stop hospitalisation may also become less and less effective or am I missing something here?
  3. Can anyone help me understand what this bit means? However, the vaccine response that is necessary to prevent viral replication in the moist mucosal surfaces is not necessarily very well induced by that type of immune triggering. Ideally, to get a really good immune response, the best way at the moment would be to have a mild infection and then be boosted by an intramuscular vaccine. That generally would give a very good response.
  4. I am sure I read a while back about several very expensive contracts the government has put in place in readiness for vaccine passports. This makes an interesting read if you have the time: https://committees.parliament.uk/publications/6264/documents/69158/default/?fbclid=IwAR0FVHa83pLMwirx7r7lqpUw-uFQMTAKDiawYqjKBiEbXsNgJgSFmdeqkvM
  5. Can someone please explain to a dummy what this actually means? I can't access article . Thanks ndrewSparrowReplies Trilobyte 33m ago Staff Guardian Pick 1415 What the Independent is actually saying is that "effectively" there will be tariff-free access from the start. The deal involves tariff-rate quotas, explained yesterday by Australia (but not by the British government, which did not give these details). This means that, once exports have reached a certain level per year, a certain tariff
  6. It's good though isn't it that someone is looking into the data regardless of whether they are a micro company or not? Whilst I agree she is questioning the high number of cases she also says: As pharmacovigilance data are known to be substantially under-reported, we recommend that the MHRA urgently publicises the ADR data and assists people with their ADR reporting to facilitate full elucidation and clarification of the extent of the problem. And I guess this brings me back to my original question about whatever the data confirms does any of it matter in the face of something ne
  7. So are you saying that Dr Lawrie Director of Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd shouldn't be questioning the MHRA re the figures quoted in the letter re what has been reported via the Yellow Card during Phase 1 ?
  8. Get your point re big pharma but Is it a conspiracy theory when the BMJ call the Yellow Card system fatally flawed? I don't know, I am just trying to keep an open mind and widely read /embrace the conflicting narratives .
  9. I don't think I am saying that every headache or sore arm needs to be reported but historically there has been complaints about yellow card reporting (not good I assume for big pharma let alone in the midst of a pandemic). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9077659/Side-effects-time-pills-yellow-card.html
  10. OK following on from previous posts and the recognition that something needed to be done to open up countries and save economies, I am wondering how people frame the narrative re the growing awareness of the side effects of the emergency approved vaccines (some long term effects ) and the vaccine fatalities showing in what is known to be a massively under reported Yellow Card system. (And of course nobody as yet knows the long term consequences of MRNA vaccines or what boosters do). So is this just the price people have to pay so that only 1 - 20 (double vaccinated) will potentially get t
  11. Thanks for replies . Take on board about renting (although we have been living in a caravan in rural wales for 8 months can't be much different) and take on board about poor health care without private health insurance (which we wont be able to afford can't believe the cost of heating in Ireland!). So still contemplating doing this. Can someone have a read through this and confirm that a UK pensioner (couple) who will be resident in the ROI for a year and don't have an income of more than 54,600 euros can get a medical card regardless of savings. Any income from savings will be included but
  12. Do they put that because it is so unusual to have had an offer that was under the asking price rather than 20% above?
  13. For some reason can't get rid of the bit above but this is not related. Was trying to go back and search for articles I read last year re the Q as to whether MRNA vaccines can be given repeatedly as I thought there were some serious questions about this. It does seem incredible that Moderna (MRNA) went from something (2017) that was considered not even suitable for people with a disease that would kill them (Crigler-Najjar) to something that apparently can be pumped into the whole population repeatedly. As I keep saying, I don't know what else the world could do but obviously all the conc
  14. Thanks for that. I know about the blocks same in the area where my daughter lives (Ballina) , my heart goes out to all the people stuck in new builds that are crumbling :O(
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