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  1. Andrew Bailey, governor of the Bank of England, is about to give evidence to the Commons Treasury committee about the risk of a recession.... The committee is likely to explore whether the BoE’s recent decision to increase interest rates contributed to the worsening of the economic outlook for the UK, as well as rises in the cost of living. .............................. That is Brexit isn't it? In any case, I thought MPs were saying the problem is that BOE haven't put up rates fast enough?
  2. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/parody-of-minister-calling-for-us-to-get-a-better-job-goes-viral-as-its-too-real-322770/ Parody of Minister calling for us to get a better job goes viral as it’s too real "The problem is it actually feels like it could be genuine and thus is the problem with our current political elite," wrote one person.
  3. Again isn't this what GB is doing? But why less profitable? The island of Ireland seem to be doing OK finding new markets and just trading goods into the UK but buying from elsewhere.
  4. https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/news/belfast-news/belfast-council-supports-calls-ni-23970440 Belfast City Council is supporting a call for Northern Ireland residents to regain their vote in future European Union Parliamentary Elections, post-Brexit. A knife-edge vote at the council’s Climate and Resilience Committee saw a SDLP proposal pass calling on the British and Irish governments, as well as the European Commission, to allow Northern Ireland a seat at the European parliament despite the UK no longer being part of the EU. The vote was carried by the Sinn Fein chair of the committee, Councillor John Gormley, after six Sinn Fein and SDLP councillors voted for the proposal, to six DUP and UUP councillors, who voted against. No Alliance, Green or People Before Profit councillors attended the debate. If the matter is returned to a vote again at next month’s full council meeting, the Alliance Party position will almost certainly sway the council decision.... “We have forwarded this not to stir any pot or make life difficult, but we are fundamentally democrats, and if there is a democratic deficit, it seems sensible to us that those who are capable of remedying this be asked to put their minds to addressing that very issue.”
  5. Gov.UK didn't seem to be that bothered when they imposed that option on GB? At least the EU and NI still have 450 million people to trade with + the rest of the world.
  6. At one point the UK government was floating the idea of suspending parts of the Northern Ireland protocol by using article 16. But ministers now seem to have abandoned that option in favour of legislation, which may be announced tomorrow but which would take months or even years to become law. Article 16 was not even mentioned in Boris Johnson’s Belfast Telegraph article. John Campbell, the government’s economics and business editor in Northern Ireland, says this is significant. So is this a case of LOOKING like they are doing something but they are in fact just waiting for Ireland to divert all trade from the UK and the unionists will just have to suck it up!? Will be interesting to see on what basis they are speaking about contesting the protocol
  7. Haven't got the time to go back through yesterdays posts but did anyone else post about the: Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has said he does not think there will be a trade war with the EU if the UK overrides parts of the Brexit arrangements REALLY??? This is part of the constant mindset of Brexiteers that the EU need the UK isn't it, the Brexiteers just don't GET it do they despite them realising that if they ever put up a border around the whole of the UK (instead of wave everything in) many in the EU will just stop trading with the UK, just as businesses in GB have stopped trading with NI and the EU as it's just too expensive and difficult. There will be repercussions of course there will be and then I suppose gov.uk will say again that it's the EU's fault! Why can't this lot GROW UP and take some responsibility
  8. They just don't want to HEAR do they... NI voted REMAIN /are embracing the NIP and just ceasing to import (they can still export as there isn't a border going into the GB) as it isn't worth the hassle. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/may/15/boris-johnson-poised-to-agree-controversial-bill-to-suspend-parts-of-ni-protocol A source confirmed that the letter from the Northern Ireland business Brexit working group, an umbrella organisation of 14 business bodies, told the prime minister there was the prospect of a deal with the EU. “It was being suggested that action was needed because business groups asked for it and trade was suffering because of the protocol. We asked them specifically not to launch unilateral action. We do not need the nuclear option when we believe there is still a prospect of a deal,” said the source. They said that it was astonishing that Johnson was flying to Northern Ireland threatening unilateral action and not meeting the group, despite their pleas, adding that the government had shown scant interest in business – with one 15-minute Zoom call with Liz Truss in January and no engagement since. The business working group – which includes the Confederation of British Industry, the NI Food and Drink Association, the Ulster Farmers Union, Manufacturing NI, Hospitality Ulster, the Institute of Directors NI, Logistics UK and the Northern Ireland Retail Consortium – is reportedly perplexed by statements from government listing issues that have already been resolved or which are close to being resolved.... No 10 said it was Johnson’s priority to restore the conditions for negotiations – claiming he had a “conciliatory” call with Ireland’s taoiseach last week. However, the Irish Times on Saturday reported sources describing it as “the single worst call he [Martin] has ever had with anyone”.
  9. Am I correct in my understanding that it has always been said that if houseprices crash during a Tory government the country will never forgive them? (Although I am sure many will be very happy for a 50% correction taking the average £220,000 property back to where it was at the start of 2021). So how about if inflation is at 12% + /houseprices crash / AND the government enters a trade war with the EU, should that do it? So who will THE people vote for? It's going to have to be a middle of the road coalition (Greens/Lib Dems/Labour working together to create what THE people THE environment need ) as I can't see people leaping from Tory to Labour and if they go Lib Dem it will just split the vote and the country will end up with the Tories AGAIN. Hopefully we will hear more from the BOE about how they were actually working for the government and it's the government's fault the country is in the mess it is in and that Brexit hasn't helped. If they could then bring in that : " Manufacturing jobs are growing four times faster in Northern Ireland than the UK average. Since the middle of 2021 the region has recorded inflation below the UK average, with groceries 8% cheaper, according to analyst Kantar. We might actually start hearing some FACTS instead of all these continual lies. Can't imagine how NI feels about hosting Boris this morning when all parties HATE him and his government.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/may/15/tory-mps-to-grill-bank-of-england-governor-over-high-inflation Tory MPs to grill Bank of England governor over high inflation Andrew Bailey’s appearance at select committee will come amid work from chancellor to find new ways to ease cost of living ........................................................................ Am I correct in remembering that all we have heard for YEARS is that the bank can't put up interest rates because the government couldn't afford its debt? In 2020 the BOE were telling the government in no uncertain terms that the punchbowl was dry. Now whilst the BOE are obviously guilty what they have been up to was hardly without the Tories blessing was it?
  11. Indeed as the article I posted earlier said in relation to NI: After an initial shock to businesses, manufacturing jobs are growing four times faster here than the UK average....Data gives reason for optimism. Manufacturing jobs are growing four times faster in Northern Ireland than the UK average. Since the middle of 2021 the region has recorded inflation below the UK average, with groceries 8% cheaper, according to analyst Kantar.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/may/15/northern-ireland-protocol-economy-brexit Rhe Northern Ireland protocol is said to be a blight on regional economy. That’s just not true After an initial shock to businesses, manufacturing jobs are growing four times faster here than the UK average....Data gives reason for optimism. Manufacturing jobs are growing four times faster in Northern Ireland than the UK average. Since the middle of 2021 the region has recorded inflation below the UK average, with groceries 8% cheaper, according to analyst Kantar.
  13. https://www.lse.co.uk/news/rees-mogg-looks-to-urge-tighter-monetary-policy-from-boe-wc6mswh4q1p0gy2.html Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Brexit minister, looked to rule out emergency support to help tackle the soaring cost of living crisis on Friday, as he called on the Bank of England to increase interest rates. During a round of morning media interviews, the MP argued the right responses to soaring inflation were "tighter monetary policy, which is the responsibility of the Bank of England, and constrained fiscal policy". He told Times Radio: "An emergency budget is not likely to be an answer to this." He also hailed policies followed by Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government of the 1980s, telling GB News: "The problem with spending more money is you make the inflationary problem worse rather than better. "This is very difficult for politicians, because with a cost of living problem, there aren't easy, popular things to do, and if you do those you make the problem worse.
  14. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/keir-starmer-reverse-brexit-make-it-work/ James O'brien asking Starmer if he will ever mention the B word in PMQs.
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