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  1. Instead we should just sit back and watch our standards of living erode over time as we are all enslaved in a system that takes more and more and gives less and less? Don't be so fearful of change, what we have now is deeply rotten and corrupt.
  2. I just worry about how badly TPTB will smash the system to hold onto power. If we allowed a return to the rules of the market, we would now get a humongous crash. For those that remain wealthy/productive the upside would be very rewarding.
  3. What country are those numbers from? 1 bed flats start at 120k near me.
  4. Indeed. I have no idea how anyone would verify that a foreign purchase of a UK property is "cash", sure it looks like cash, but I doubt anyone delves deeply into whether it is borrowed form somewhere.
  5. The answer to all this mess and rubbish, is to me astonishingly easy. Include house price inflation in the interest rate target. It is after all were all new money is created.
  6. It is when this sentiment happens, that it goes BANG. I see London property as heavily driven by Treasury QE.
  7. Cash is not riskless. There is the risk of confiscation, there is the risk of loosing it, there is the risk that it will be massively devalued by inflation over time.
  8. Risk is like energy, it cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred.
  9. The Pope is a Catholic and bears defecate in the woods. How would a negative interest rate work in practice?
  10. There is not enough "money" to bail in to make a dent on the side of this debt mountain. They will do something stupid, reckless and damaging (to most people), of that I am certain.
  11. All (?) of us here appreciate the business cycle. The warning lights seem to be flashing red and the alarms are screaming for all those without tin ears to hear. A crash is not a matter of if. It is when, I will stick out a leg and say not much more than a year (this feels so much like 2006), but I may well be wrong on that, maybe we are at 1997 But this time it's different. in 2009l the reckless and the feckless were bailed by interest rates to 0.5%. What are they going to do to save them this time? Direct QE to mortgage holders...
  12. BUT BUT, forward guidance is based upon what is happening today I see it more as a tool to "influence" the bond market.
  13. I don't know how to take advantage of this. My wife is not earning, and we stuffed money in a 123 account in her name. If we tell the bank she is not earning.... then she forfeits the account. So unless proper savings accounts pay half decent interest, this is of no use to me, and I suspect many others.
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