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  1. If it's popped, then presumably HTB1/2 etc is helping disguise that. So maybe the questions should be 'how long until the government runs of plasters to stop the popped bubble deflating?' And on that, the talk on here is of a bubble 'bursting'. Is the reality actually a 'slow puncture'? That is, it will take years before us FTBers see any reasonable re-adjustment in prices to a point where we can consider buying?
  2. Isn't it the guy who used to be on that BBC2 lunchtime money programme? (the one with Adrian Chiles as the main presenter). I always thought he seemed to be the one who knew what he was talking about. I could of course be entirely mixing people up!
  3. ^ defo this. I've been having lots of heated arguments (I'm living at home) about not buying now. It seems to me that my parents are more likely to appreciate it if it's being reported in the mainstream media (and Panorama is a 'reputable' programme). Still, that said, doesn't solve the problem. I want a house and I want it now so I can enjoy living a little. But, equally, listening to the bloke who got repossessed in Ireland helped me manage my emotions of not getting to eager to run in and get burnt...
  4. If the current 'see no evil, hear no evil' is primarily aimed at getting the tories to win the next election what happens after they win? If the bubble bursts after they start their second term then surely people will think ' I'm not voting you lot in again!' thus damaging their longer term future. If they did win would it be possible to manage and ease the bubble down? (or do they simply continue with it where eventually the working class are just renters - thinking about london especially)
  5. Evening standard article reports only three london boroughs sub £250k by 2018. Although the report is by Hamptons... Then there is something else which sounds contrary to that scare story in the business section. I do wonder though. Is a crash ever going to happen? it's difficult to put your life on hold for a day that feels like it's never going to come. :-( As you can tell, I'm getting sweaty palms and thinking of folding my hand. It seems others are also thinking this by asking advice on this forum about buying despite this forum kind of saying that exactly the opposite is the wiser opt
  6. By he I meant Vince Cable! (typing from my mobile).
  7. Article in the evening standard saying that he thinks things are getting unstable. We need it to pop right, but how long after a bubble bursting would we see a difference in the house prices? They don't just go from £400k to £250k in a day do they? I'm like the o.p just getting so worried that things really won't stop that I can't help but feel I need to buy NOW or never (London). It's actually causing me stress!
  8. I'm confused don't we want the bubble to burst? I thought that us the only way that home ownership will become a possibility rather than a dream. (especially here in London) Not to wish misfortune on other people but if lots of people start defaulting on second and third homes then that means I got a chance of picking one up!
  9. Those that are renting are you still saving for a deposit our investing the money elsewhere (stocks n shares , savings account etc.) Or are you just living month to month with a view that uf you fancy a new area you just go and use all your money to keep level?
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