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  1. Check out the latest properety auction prices at the following https://www.spiralsecure.co.uk/eddisonssecu...6_Catalogue.pdf There should be one or two properties to comment on. Are the guide prices realistic. Find out when they are sold. Should generate a few comments PS. The auction is in Leeds
  2. If you know how to use a .torrent file then it can be uploaded and downloaded to as many people who want it. I am willing to host the file but it will take me 12 hours to set it up on a torrent site. If you send it me the file Then I can get started. It costs nothing for this service. Will give details of how to upload and download once file received
  3. http://www.harrisonsestateagents.com/auctionindex.htm http://www.sequencehome.co.uk/ http://www.eddisons.com/propertyauctions/menu http://www.roypugh.co.uk/ There are plenty out there but beware of sites asking a fee to find auction property. Good hunting
  4. It was obvious from their attitude that they were not interested in taking property developing seriously. The terrible two just laughed at every overspend that came their way. On the other hand the men seem to be fairing a little better. Hope the attitudes change a little for this weeks show. I know if it were their money then a more serious attitude would be taken.
  5. I get two updates per day from Rightmove. One covering a fourty mile radius of my house for properties 50K and under. The other is an area I intend to invest in I have been getting these Email updates for around a year now. On average there are four properties per day per Email. Occasionaly nine but rarely For the last week each update has produced around twenty new properties per Email Is this a sigh of prices slipping or just a seasonal trend Any opinions would be helpful. Bull or Bear
  6. Nobody told us that martians have landed. Where and when is what I would like to know Will bring my camera PS. I dont believe in Muppets. They are fictional characters on telivision
  7. House on my estate in pontefract was up for 80K a few weeks ago They just dropped the price by £5050. When it reaches 70K I will put in an offer of 60K This is the price the council are selling next doors for, before any discount Stupid to think they could get away with selling for 80K http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-505...pa_n=3&tr_t=buy Looks cheap. The entire estate suffers from mining subsidence. If you are interested bring a spirit level
  8. I think the only explanations that may make any sense are- A 70% drop in sales or properties worth 70% of what they were Still if there was a drop of 70% I would be over there in a flash. Imagine a 100K house for 30K
  9. Here is another graph to draw conclusions from. Depends if you are a Bull/Bear http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4521180.stm
  10. As a businessman you should do what is most profitable for you. Gas inspections are required by law and can be expensive. The more appliances then the more cost to you. If you can do the electrical work yourself then do it. When finished simply pay an electrician to inspect your work. Personaly I stay away from gas as much as possible Why not contact local letting agents and get their opinions. They will know what is most popular for renting. If you intend to sell then go to HOUSEPRICES.co.uk Type in your postcode and judge for yourself Hope this has been of some use.
  11. Is this your opinion or an ignorant insult The gutted property in Pontefract sold for 72K to a developer It was renovated over a three month period Sold for 180K within weeks I feel sorry for him as he only made around 70K profit for three months work Probably not as much as you make. EH!
  12. There are dozens of abreviations floating around this site. One in particular has me puzzled " VI " What does it mean Sensible and humerous replies please
  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4521180.stm Here is a joke of a graph. Look at the figures that are based on fact ( Up to August ) Then look at the figures past August Where is the rest of the graph? Study it and come to your own conclusions.
  14. You are probably correct with your assumptions The first house had a detached garage and driveway. It was well presented and the gardens were tidy. Every room was furnished to a good standard ( Although furnishings not included in the price ) Decorated throughout The second on sale for 80K has the same number of rooms but that is where the similarity ends Gardens untidy with rough untended grass. No garage, No driveway, fence in poor state of repair. When I looked the property up on the net I was expecting a lower price. I would have made an offer. But to ask 80K is just bulls**t The estate agent has probably convinced the vendor. But not any buyers If it is still on the market in 3 months I will offer 60K and see what develops from there
  15. Watched with interest as a local property went to auction There had previously been a fire which had gutted the place. No windows, doors, floors or roof. The place was a complete shell The auction estimate was 30K to 35K With it being local I thought I would put in a bid. Big mistake - it went for 72K Another property not more than half a mile away. Brief description - No bathroom facilities ( Toilet outside in rear yard ) Tin bath in kitchen All timber windows and doors rotten All electrics and plumbing sub standard Very narrow mid terrace property with no front garden Thought I would go up to 35K Big mistake - It went for 51K Hope prices come down to a reasonable level soon or I will have to look for work elsewhere
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