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  1. We need to start living shorter lives! I'd rather retire at 60 and die at 80 then retire at 70 and retire at 90. Quality of life for retirees will get worse and worse.
  2. Public sector Pay rise : <1% (in a non consolidated bonus that goes next year :S) Private Sector Pay Rise: <1% The wonderful Members of Parliament who have done soo much for this country and to whom we owe everything: 9% sounds perfectly reasonable to me!!
  3. If they limited all to 25 year mortgage terms they would be left time to save for their retirement.
  4. give me a hair dryer with half the power and I'll use it twice as long!! Don't they realise this?
  5. To me that shows that base rate could in time return to 5% in spite of what Carney says.
  6. Your current and valid contract seems to say you need only give one months notice. That contract is valid as it is signed by both parties. The other item they sent you is there own wish list, you may as well send them one back saying the owe you your deposit plus 1000000% interest and ask them to sign it! Give them notice by recorded mail or by hand if possible.
  7. What risk is a house price crash to an elderly cash buyer? He'll probably never move again.
  8. Has all this been successful at talking you out of BTL?
  9. Is that inclusive of the rent received? Not to mention that the government has shown that it will do anything in it's power to keep property prices up. if you own many properties it seems the government has your back!
  10. But 3 bedroom houses were 375K last year! (Now 439K) They are spacious, well speced houses but still crazy. In my looks on rightmove it feels like Cambridge prices have skyrocketed in the last year or so. looks like a rise of a lot more than 10% IMO
  11. The last 10 years have looked good for BTL, for the most part! If i had a spare £100000 I would be looking at BTL, it seems to be the best investment at the moment. (i particularly like post number 36!)
  12. Maybe we should have compulsory euthanasia at the age of 80! That way more people could have a worthwhile retirement from the age of 60. what percentage of the population will make it to retirement if the retirement age will be 70?
  13. and if you have a car crash the care you receive will also be forced on you (assuming you are unconscious)
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