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  1. The penguins in Whipsnade have lovely views and a pool -- one rule for them and another for the rest of us....
  2. Two stories: 1) A pal is trying to sell his (nice) house, because he realises it is worth silly money. He intends to move out further on the London commuter line and buy in a cheaper neighbourhood. However he's just had a buyer pull out. The buyer in question was aiming to BTL the place, but apparently thought better of this once the tax changes came along in the Autumn Statement. 2) A mate in Dartford is having his rental gaff sold out from beneath him, poor chap. Apparently the landlord has decided it's better to cash in now and take the money rather than rental income. Real stories, real people - Stay classy, Kent.
  3. Don't knock it - it's got an "L" shaped living room apparently!
  4. +1 on this. The markets have decided they want to kick the opium of low interest rates. We need higher returns on investment to incentivise proper allocation of resources, to provide an alternative to excessive risk-taking, and to chip away at the cheap credit that has been driving bubbles & volatility for a long time now. In short, this is a sign of strength, not weakness, and that's why the markets have reacted positively.
  5. +1 -- they have suffered enough (I'm 36 but never really grew up)
  6. Anyone who works in Whiteley might find Dubai a bit overwhelming It's a purpose-built commercial estate next to Fareham - my home town, and a very, er, conventional place. I suspect that Middle Eastern food might be a bit too much for them (chickpeas!! what are they?! etc).
  7. An notable injection of sentiment directly into the Square Mile: http://www.cityam.com/227667/bubble-bubble-housing-trouble-londons-property-market-is-scarily-close-to-a-crash
  8. "Number of football pitches parked solid with top of the line Bentleys"
  9. We need to get back to when 1p bought you all the sweets in the shop
  10. We need to help these people! Have you no heart?! Lol. But seriously, read it as "we need to escape before TPTB decide we need to help these idiots".
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