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  1. "what else are investors going to convert to?" Gold my friend ...... Gold. As the US government devalues the dollar more and more people will run to exit and the $ value will crash. There is ONLY one real alternative right now. Once the Comex paper based trading of gold collapses due to physical demand, gold will go ballistic as people abandon paper based currencies.
  2. Migrants come to this country after being brought up in different countries that have different beliefs and different views about what is right and wrong. The innitial wave of migrants are always troublesome - although there are those who are decent hard working people too. My point is that it is the second generation that we want, the children of these migrants brought up in our schools - to see both sides, know what their parents are about but be taught right from wrong the British way (although I sometimes wonder if that needs to be worked on). If we deport all of these migrants then all this pain will be have for nothing, - they are here now and they must be allowed to stay, although I do wonder why they would want to. We must pay now for a brighter future.
  3. Im spreadbetting gold - buying at big dips like we saw towards the end of last week ...... my most recent bet ..... £5 a poiint at $918 ...... my account is currently +£1180. Im gonna keep holding this bet ..... raise the stop loss up behind the spot price.
  4. "No fall because NO recession" IDIOTS! ...... Recession ALWAYS follows housing price crashes. Crash THEN recession - making the housing downturn even greater. Retail demand is drying up for goods of all description, shipping volumes are dropping like a stone - it is only a matter of time until the retail sales figures reflect the truely bleak picture then the Nationwide "expert" will have to change his tune. I cannot for the life of me understand these "Experts" - get your nose out of the statistics and talk to PEOPLE on the front lines - dealing with trading goods on a day to day basis. They are an indicator species - wait for the stats to come out - MONTHS later and it is already too late to do anything about it.
  5. There are some decent agencies out there mate. Who have you tried so far? I have several apartments in Budapest currently being built in anticipation of Budapest revival. The austerity measures are working to some extent and it will not be long before tax cuts arrive. You should at least wait until the Capital gains tax flat rate kicks in UK - in April 2008 - if it actually happens that is. Just as well that it hasnt sold in that period - the new tax threshold will save you 18% if you bought under your own name and not a company. All in all im rather positive about Budapests future, I know there are issues ....... but I can see past the problems. You know what they say .... buy at the bottom of the cycle ..... well thats where we are now.
  6. October = Rate hold. Gordan has to cut interest rates at some point, since the entire economy is tied to the state of the housing market. 0.25% drop I reckon is on the cards in November.
  7. I was in the exact same situation 6 months ago - indeed i am still in that situation in a way. I bought overseas - somewhere not overhyped by these overseas property shows / is out of favour = no bubble. Somewhere that has had a rough time of it recently but is now looking like its recovering. It has one of the lowest residential property prices in EU and finally they will be joining the Euro in 2010 - if they get their act together. The country is somewhat protected from a slowdown the the US and UK - primary trading partner is Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain in that order. The capital city one of the sunniest cities in Europe and a tourism mecca. I bought at 20% deposit - 18 month build - so essentially i still have the cash in my savings account - but at the same time ive invested in a property that is appreciating as we speak. I invested in Budapest.
  8. Front page of the FT on this weekends FT was how the BTL mortgages have become too lax ..... and getting worse. Somethings got to give.
  9. ABN seems the most switched on when it comes to UK market - I especially liked this article. ABN - Amro Overnight report
  10. Meh, You guys are missing so much, nobody has mentioned the fact that only 1 in 6 graduates EVER use their degrees for their intended use. Oh and then theres the fact that only 1/3 of students that start a degree end up finishing it. There should be a warning printed on the degree literature that they send out. I dont know about you, but if I had been told that I would be unlikely to ever use my degree, then I would have never have started one!!!! I dont deny that having a degree helps you get a job - with a higher salary, - but just not in the job you trained for. They say TIME is the most valuable commodity - what could I have done with the time I wasted at Uni? I'll rephrase that question, - its not "could" have done - but rather what "would" I have done. What would you have done?
  11. I nearly bought that book today from Borders Bookshop, looks like a new release- not sure you are talking the same book RichM. The book does look like a good read although i fear that we are all aware of the situation with consumerism - in a sense we are all already converted, its just that most of us dont do anything about it.
  12. There is no history of any illness in my family ....... none, no cancer, no heart disease - they just die of old age usually over the age of 95. My great aunt died at 107 a few years back. So you could say i probably have good genes. I personally think I should be able to opt out of the NHS system since im not likely to use it much, it seems the only way i can do that is to move abroad, - im buying an apartment in Prague next week.
  13. Brasov or Constanta in Romania - both will grow by 30% in a year - if you find the right development. I might be buying there in a few weeks, - im also going out there to visit Brasov to see the development site im currently interested in.
  14. Inheritance, Ive only recently received it - alot more than i expected too - bloody solicitors. Ive had plenty of time to research and learn though - i'll be buying within 6 weeks - hopefully - I'll update you all then. I am confident about all my options - just depends on timing with regards to everything else - will the pound stay strong for a few more weeks? I think so.
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