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  1. Whoop Whoop......fantastic news! So happy for the future right now, you see there are those who are fully invested in the status quo who would betray the will of the british people.
  2. +1 for pistonheads (they have a 74 page thread on events of this week)
  3. You would enjoy the PistonHeads site i think, it is a good website
  4. The car forum PistonHeads, the free discussion area is called "gassing station"
  5. That's cool Johnny i respect people that choose a side and make a stand, there is victory in defeat, "respect the vanquished enemy" etc What i can't stand is the two faced types that want to maintain the status quo out of either "fear of change" or some "putrid ideological beliefs"
  6. Can i just make it clear that i do not give one **** about people's economic prospects or future life chances, i want out of the EU in totality.
  7. I hope Nigel Farage & Arron Banks have spoken to Trump about this and Theresa May gets a very frosty reception on her visit next week. Any talk of a quick trade deal should be removed from the table until we can acertain whether the Government are going to allow ammendments to A50 negotiation plan from Labour / Lib dem / SNP and try and put the blame on them. C'mon Donny!
  8. Of course they will, they keep making soundbites about "the will of the people" but IMO it is all hollow hardtalk designed to placate.
  9. The PM delayed by 82 days to wait for this appeal that was throughly lost by 8-3 (they would have known the likely outcome) As i have said all along the Government are just stalling at every chance they get, now it will be blame the judicary, Corbyn, SNP etc etc
  10. Yes. yes at last the fact that A50 negotiations are only about LEAVING the EU is finally becoming public knowledge! Now in the days following the referendum many MP's appeared on the TV saying that A50 negotiations could be concluded very swiftly (within 5 months was quoted) because it is only about Leaving not about Trade at all. So this is why i know TM and the government are stalling, all this talk of transitional arrangements is bull A50 negotiations are only about the Divorce not the trade. I hope this becomes more mainstream public knowledge because then people can see the lie being peddled that they have to wait patiently for 2 yrs+ for the UK to get a good trade deal, this is not the case. And the 9 months of stalling? why? when the A50 negs are about LEAVING not Trade? but tell the public that they have to wait and be patient while a Trade negotiation team is readied? IMO all this is about putting as much distance as possible between the referendum and actually doing anything about leaving the EU. If they can eek it out until 2019 then have a vote in HOL or table a load of watering down ammendments or blame the judiciary or say A50 is now revocable then they will have suceeded in putting almost 3 yrs between the referendum and any real action.
  11. So basically they just bought themselves another 2 years of stalling then?
  12. UK will leave the EU regardless of whether Parliament backs the particular Brexit deal that Theresa May strikes with Brussels. Ms May managed to placate some critics in the Commons and Lords by promising Parliament a vote on the Brexit terms she agrees, but sources confirmed the country will leave the bloc even if her particular deal is rejected by MPs and Peers. Such a move would probably mean the hardest kind of Brexit, with the UK leaving the EU without any successor agreement and reverting to World Trade Organisation rules - meaning MPs could be more likely to back whatever terms Ms May manages to achieve. Hurrah! (i don't trust them not to put a s*** ammendment on it though)
  13. ^^^^ Alain Lamassoure, a French MEP from the centre right Les Republicans party, said Theresa May’s speech was “incomprehensible”. Speaking on FranceInfo radio, he said:
  14. Been out and missed the speech, is it a crock 'o sh*te like i expected?
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