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  1. That's it? That's the argument? The U.K existed before the union project. Other countries happily exist without being in the project. If the we leave the sky will not fall in. People will trade with us. Some things will be worse, some things may be better. Voting through inertia and fear of the unknown is pretty close to cowardice in my view. A country which cannot control its own borders is not a country. For that reason alone with the EU being expansionary we need to be out of it. It's not about benefits as idiot Cameron would have us believe. It's about numbers and culture.
  2. I very nearly smashed my TV in. It was just an illustration of how little chance of substantive change we have. Being told by plaid cymru and the SNP that immigration is awesome was a particular highlight given that the effects are disproportionately felt in England. Clegg's sky falling in regarding immigrants and the NHS was just allowed to stand unchallenged. Farage may be a bit one note but its key to the whole damn mess. House prices, social cohesion, NHS provision etc. We have finite resources that cannot support infinite people. I cringe every time I hear that immigrants bring economic b
  3. Single most irritating aspect of the upgrade for me. Is there anyway to disable avatar display? Browsing when at work will become a thing of the past if there isn't!
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-26392421 God forbid houses should be built anywhere near where anything semi important ever happened.
  5. After you've read that, I reccomend reading "The Climb" by anatoli boukreev for a different perspective on the same events. Both good books IMO but there's two sides to every tale. Back to the topic at hand I wonder wethrt the inevitable collapse will be like that Everest storm. People assume massive debt is safe because they are basically I'll prepared, lazy and stupid. When the chill winds of financial hardships blow in they'll be the ones trembling with fear as events outside their control tear their world apart.
  6. Hmm net migration. The clue is I the description. Migrants are the most likely inhabitants of sheds with beds and high multiple occupancy buildings. They will also be disproportionately represented in agri slums that modern British farmers are constructing on their land. All of this creates downwards wage pressure. Unless you're willing to compete with Joe Latvian you're better off on benefits. Luckily all immigrants are 100% healthy, don't reproduce and don't commit any crime or have any problematic religious / cultural issues. So it will all be fine. Let all of them come the more the merri
  7. Far more typical than one might imagine and on of the reasons I'm anti low wage immigration as it destroys low wage jobs and engages in a nice race to the bottom. Hmos , beds in sheds, agro business subsidised dorms simply allow British employers to pay wages that can't achieve any sort of quality of life for a British worker. No wonder they prefer getting a reasonable how at reasonable density rather than simply caving in and living 10 to a 3 bed semi.
  8. I'll admit to not knowing if the accusations of bigotry are trolling or not but they are deeply depressing. I have the dubious pleasure of living in the South East of England and without unneccesary hyperbole population levels are affecting every aspect of life. Most of that qualititative impact is negative in my view. Not just for what some might term indigenous Britons who in my view are not some protected class in this argument, everyone. There is finite infrastructure and its creaking at the seams and there's no political will to address those issues so quality of life declines. From hous
  9. I've had the distinct "pleasure" of being "represented" by UNITE in an industrial dispute. My experience is that they are have no grasp of tactics, or strategy and negotiate about as well as my two year old son. If talk of capitulation is right, UNITE may as well be finished. Remember the BA dispute? They lost that one too. I am ever more of the opinion that UNITE exists purely to support UNITE and has no real world relevance at all. Its a shame because without doubt what you're looking at a Grangemouth is something the globalists tell us doesn't happen, that race to the bottom thing. Somebod
  10. I must admit the sheer naivete on display brought a tear to my eye. I've had the pleasure of working for such people. "It's not rocket science" they say or even "it's not brain surgery" therefore attempting to suppress any discussion regarding the actual complexity of any given implementation. Perfect world morons they are. In order to provide accurate and up to date information each and every employer will have to have suitable technology and processes perfectly implemented in order to submit information in such a way that its usuable by other agencies. In a perfect world all employers would
  11. Bit unfair I reckon. Riedquat has made it quite clear that their main political driver is in fact finding a solution to population growth. Its possible to do two things at once. Personally I'm torn on this one. I live in the south east in a housing pressure hotspot. I'm sure given demand that developers would love to "help" by cramming a load of crappy slave boxes on top of what green space we have. Of course as previously without some sort of planning framework they'd do so with scant regard for local services. A few years hence the council would be horrified and surprised (like the idiots t
  12. Thing is this behaviour is being normalised by the political class in their idiotic pursuit of GDP. Everybody working all the time to pay for debts to buy property and crap to put in it. The choice to not work to provide childcare is being eroded for all but the wealthy or seriously feckless. This latest scheme will see people with reasonable aspirations those being to buy a house being cast into debt servitude forever. This ******** about affordability is total guff. I'd love to see affordability profiles for Loans taken out by previous generations who "enjoyed" wage inflation. That ain't hap
  13. Well given that millipede has threatened their future revenue. Stream this. Is hgardly surprising is it? Make hay whilst the sun doesn't shine as it were.
  14. A strong case of confirmation bias I'm afraid. There are millions upon millions of idiots in this country still consuming mass market ordure. Whilst it should be obvious to anyone sane that things are terribly out of kilter there are many who given the opportunity will borrow themselves to destruction. The damage these ******tards do is irreperable as the marginally sane must then compete for a scarce resource. Suddenly no one can "afford" for prices to fall. So the banked and the government will steal from the many to give to the few idiotic enough to borrow. Mad indeed but I fear it's clos
  15. That's an interesting picture indeed and illustrates that my fears since circa 2000 weren't the product of a diseased mind. What's funny though in knowing some of the context behind it. During that time mortgage "innovation" such as widespread io, longer terms, 100% plus mortgages etc. Allowed a veneer of "affordability". Now obsborne and his mental friends want to continue the trend by giving banks my money so people can borrow and pay more for the pleasure of doing so to those banks. George Osborne is selling people into slavery.
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