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  1. I'm gripped by the paralysing fear that journalists like this might actually contribute towards shaping public perception.
  2. Yes, I agree that it's a case of working out who is most responsible... I'll order it how I think it should be:- Tier 1 - Gordon Brown - The BoE - The banks Tier 2 - The media Tier 3 - "In the know" Speculators Tier 4 - Naive Speculators A bit simplistic though! Going after them from top down would suit me. The ones at the bottom are the easiest ones to annoy though - but not the best - it would be more about petty jibes than any real effect. I honestly do have nothing but bile and vitriol for our lying, manipulative, self-serving government.
  3. Well, I'm not a "dobber" as such. Ethically I have an issue with BTL, but can see why it has appeared to be an attractive proposition to those who've had their pensions raided for example. If a BTL investor has some respect for tenants and provides a good service then I wouldn't have such an issue with them. I think the responsible parties are (in no particular order):- - Gordon Brown - The BoE - Speculators - The media - The banks All acting for themselves. I wouldn't like to tar all BTL investors with the same brush, but then the ones I have met have been utterly vile, self-serving, I'm-alright-jack types where if someone were to "grass" them up, I'd probably see it as justice served. My view is as simple as this - i don't have a dogmatic objection to "grassing" - it depends on the circumstances and whether or not the actions are "just". This depends on any number of individual issues relating to the parties involved.
  4. Thanks for your warning. I'll remember that next time I consider grassing you up for letting a property to me on an OO mortgage. If you're going to play the "hard man" you're better off without ties. If you have a family you're putting them at risk of retaliation. I hope you'd consider that before taking the law into your own hands. The commonly held wisdom is that one of the reasons we have a legal system is to stop tit-for-tat violence, vandalism, or other acts of "revenge". I've seen how the "I'll make you pay" mentality leads to a never ending spiral of hatred and bile between two parties. Fortunately, I'd say the majority have the wisdom to avoid this kind of scenario. Thank goodness for that.
  5. Thank goodness we do have a "state" and rule of law or we'd likely be at the mercy of you and your "morals". If you lived next door to me, with your sort of attitude, I'd have no problems grassing you for tax evasion, littering, or excessive flatulence for that matter.
  6. Personally, I'd look at it this way:- Does the landlord sort out any problems with the property you have? (E.g. dripping taps, toilets that won't flush properly, dodgy boilers) with haste and consideration for your right to a reasonable hassle-free standard of living. OR... At the other of the scale, does he view you as scum, do nothing other than take your money and fob you off every time anything goes wrong? If it's closer to the latter, then dob the bugger in. He asked for it. If it's the former, it's not really a big deal is it? Leave it. Dobbing on one landlord is not going to change the socio-economic make-up of Britain. Try bombing parliament - that would be much more effective* *For any NEW Labourites or law enforcement operatives or that was not a serious suggestion
  7. Oh come on....you're telling me bin men are on about £35,000+ !? Where this misconception that everyone from Surrey is rich comes from I will never know.
  8. Traditionally:- Working class: Are of medium or low intelligence, not able to sustain employment that requires the intricate management of people or processes, or never given the opportunity to prove that they might be able to do so. Middle class: Are of medium to high intelligence, better educated and able to work in positions of responsibility through opportunity (family contacts, education opportunity or otherwise), innate ability and experience Upper Class: Were lucky enough to be born rich. What the class system has become is more like:- Underclass: Completely unemployable due to attitude, terrible life experience/upbringing. Sustained by the state Working class: Everyone who works and can't give up if they wanted to as they are slaves to debt in order to maintain a reasonable standard of living. The lower paid being subsidised to bring them up to the level of those who do earn enough to live on. Upper class: Rich folks who work for pleasure and can give it up at the drop of a hat
  9. Come onnn.. just look at this post!! He's got to be a wind-up merchant... Surely no one is this ignorant......are they?
  10. He says "This ratio has remained remarkably stable, as house prices reflect the cost of money. It is worth repeating the statistics: the median mortgage payment for first-time buyers was 16% of earnings in 1975, 18.4% in 1980, 27% in 1990 (the last year of madness) and 20% this year." Does anyone actually believe this figure? Does anyone know any first time buyers who are paying around 20% of their income on mortgage payments? This seems utterly absurd to me. Unless most first time buyers are now on about £50,000 a year? Where is this figure from? I simply do no believe it!
  11. School support staff are generally paid on a 40-week (approx) contract. Yes, this is spread evenly throughout the 12 months so they get paid in August when they don't work a day, but technically they are not paid for the holidays. Support staff who are on full-year contracts get more money on the same pay grade. A teaching assistant's pay is generally abysmal. If it was paid for the full 52 weeks, it would be a bit better.
  12. If you visit most developed western economies on business or as a tourist, you won't notice the major underlying problems. There's a common folly of thinking that extensive travel makes you an international oracle. I hope this doesn't apply to you. It's only one component in an understanding of the world's countries and cultures. I take your point though about it not wishing to make it sound perfect. But I don't believe their system "works" as well as your post would have suggested. Malmo has enormous social problems and I can see the same problems spreading to other Swedish cities unless they realise what has gone wrong. The more these problems spread the more this negates the apparent "quality of life" that Sweden offers. PS: I'm sure your linguistic foray impressed everyone who read your post. Well done - you really are a true intellectual!
  13. It makes the picture of Sweden that you paint a touch less utopian than you'd like it to be. Therefore, it's probably easier for you to dismiss it as "non-existent". I apologise for reducing your words to "wibble". It was out of the sheer laziness of not wanting to give the whole quote, but then not having the motivation to edit it.
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