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  1. Thanks 'AThirdWay' Hamish seems to get mixed press! Afterr reading your response I feel even more out of touch, last time I bought was in Perthshire in 2007 and offers over =22% Then the backside fell out of the market...oh well. anyway thanks for the advice... Nah, that was soooooo last year. Knock about 20% off the HR valuation, that should be about ballpark. There used to be a poster on here.... Hamish McTavish I think.... he should be able to give you some good advice
  2. Hi, I'm looking to buy outwith Aberdeen centre, and interested in any advice or experience folk have had re how much people are currently paying over the valuation price - I've heard figures of 10% and up but not sure if this is accurate - any advice much appreciated. thanks Mark
  3. [Hi Stooboy Did you get any more detail on average offers over in Aberdeen? I', in a similar situation and wold appreciate any advice on how much to offer over the asking price / valuation? cheers Marl Hello, Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience of buying or trying to buy in aberdeen? I have been offered a new job up there, and having spoke to a few people they have said that the offers over in aberdeen is alive and kicking and that poperties are easily going for 10 - 15% over the asking price. any info appreciated. Stoo.
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