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  1. Such a policy is fine if they are willing to provide the funds to send all these kids to college, instead they have cut further education budgets and increased fees. Or provide jobs with training. We are not all born into money.
  2. And lets be honest here, how many of us could afford a spanking new Range Rover at a starting price of around £75,000 or even a Range Rover Discovery. Then work down and even the average family car these days is close to £16,000. Is it any wonder that people are not buying new cars.
  3. Is it really that shocking, the average household income has shrunk while those that had plenty of money before the crash have even more now thanks to a booming asset and commodity market. The result has been a boom in demand for luxury cars and goods and a shrinking mass market for average joe cars and goods. The British economy is now being driven by very very low wages, fear of insecurity and foreign money. In the end this is going to lead to the collapse of the British way of life, the NHS, public service, education and all the other things that people value about this country. For the B
  4. The sad thing about this story is that the Labour party is the only party that really represents the average working person. For healthy politics we need a Labour party that is financially able to fight the next election. I warn you now that a Conservative party with a majority would cause immense damage to this country and harm the prosperity of the many for the interest of just a few.
  5. I agree there should be a charge. I'm terrible for forgetting to bring my own bags and a charge would certainly give me an incentive to bring my own carriers.
  6. All this hysteria about foxes but the domestic dog kills and injures more people. Animals can be dangerous and growing up on farm taught me that, Even magpies and crows will quickly take advantage of a baby in a pram just the same as they will attack an injured or sick lamb. Foxes are not evil, they are not vermin, they are just another animal trying to survive in our built up environment....if anything we should feel sorry for them,
  7. I wish they would split, bloody dreadful government. While London Booms with foreign money the rest of the country is literally collapsing.
  8. I read this story and it just shows what sort of government this country has elected. Clearly the blame for the crash lies with those people who can't afford to buy a house. How did we end up blaming the group of people who never benefited from the bubble.
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