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  1. You're (probably deliberately) conflating different issues, @Gribble didn't mention anything about his feckless breeder neighbour actually committing any form of benefit fraud. It's not out and out benefit fraud that is the problem... it's people taking advantage and gaming a system of child related 'in work' benefits that is far too generous and profligate that is the issue. I know multiple examples of parents (both singles and couples), who actually earn above minimum wage and have the opportunity for full time working hours but deliberately restrict themselves to minimal/optimal part time hours so they can keep claiming TC/UC instead.
  2. It's the gift that keeps on giving... time your breeding programme right and you can be a ''full time mummy'' living on tax credits for well over 25 years, manage to get one or more of your offspring diagnosed with some spurious 'norty kid' syndrome and you can get even more free money and circumvent the 2 child rulings.
  3. I don't read any newspapers or watch any MSM... I do live and work in my own community though and I know what I see on a daily basis. I can only assume anyone such as yourself trying to defend and downplay the level benefit abuse (note I've said abuse rather than outright fraud) in this country are either actively gaming the system themselves or are just one of these brainwashed, idealistic, financially insulated metropolitan liberals who are basically the modern day useful idiots... being manipulated by our corporate rulers who also happen to benefit from the suppressed wage levels and cheap labour that the current benefits system results in.
  4. And sometimes you're just a feckless, workshy, irresponsible slapper with 3 kids by 3 different dads by your mid-20's... but unfortunately for the rest of us you're not quite feckless enough to know how to fully exploit the benefits system.
  5. Not fascism but it is undisputedly Corporatism and Bankism... anyone who refutes that is just a bit thick and gullible.
  6. We don't have Capitalism we have Corporatism and Bankism. Just like we don't have any meaningful form of democracy, what we have is far closer to oligarchy and/or kleptocracy.
  7. Handy tip... tie it to your no longer used lockdown electric bike to weigh it down when disposing of in the canal.
  8. https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/10m-grant-help-people-struggling-20934929
  9. If there's a labour shortage then why are the government offering the ridiculous Kickstarter scheme to employers to reward them for taking staff on... -New starters wages paid for the first 6 months (by the tax payer) -£1,500 bung to the employer for every new starter they take on -£360 bung to the employer for ''admin costs'' for every new starter they take on.
  10. If you were a typical underemployed 3x3 Sharon you'd be ordering home delivery pretty much every day. But the flyer would still be a pointless exercise as 3x3 Sharon has no desire to actually go out and work as it will ''effect me tax credits innit''
  11. It won't actually ''rot'' the paintwork, but it does leave a sticky residue, in the form of millions of tiny dots, all over the bodywork and windows that are almost impossible to remove especially once they get baked on in hot sunny weather.
  12. I wonder how many of those still on furlough are wives/partners of business owners who were only on the payroll in the first place for some tax efficiency reasons without ever really being a proper functioning employee.
  13. Spending the last 18 months sat in their inflatable hot tubs watching Netflix whilst Sunak shovels endless amounts of money into their bank accounts, often choosing to remain shut even when restrictions were eased because they ''didn't feel they could open up safely''... yeah my heart bleeds for them.
  14. I'm sure they'll be just fine as long as they're prepared to be obedient, compliant, full time working, paye, mortgage slave worker drones their entire lives with no hope of retirement, if they're really lucky they might just about pay their mortgage off in time to sell their house to fund their nursing home fees.
  15. I've always thought this is a simpler and more sensible approach, freeing up jobs for all those who claim they're only able to find part time work and supposedly have no other option than to rely on in work bennies to ''top up'' their income.
  16. Well that's exactly what I'd do, I live such a frugal life anyway that from the UBI figures I've heard quoted I'd be provided with more money than I need to live on
  17. The South East of the island used to be a bit of a hidden gem, especially Newborough Forest and Llanddwyn, but in recent years NRW and Visit Wales have hugely overpromoted this part of the island. (the latest figures for visitor numbers to Newborough show they've increased from around 50,000 about 8 years ago to over 250,000 a year in 2019) Tourist hell.
  18. I certainly wouldn't describe Anglesey as stunning, the beaches and general coastal bits are ok I suppose if that's what you like, but very busy with tourists, it's certainly not the place to be if you want a sense of solitude. As soon as you come in inland away from the coast it's just flat boring fields full of sheep and very grim looking towns and villages with everything caked in grey pebbledash. The housing stock is generally poor quality and definitely not good value imo, it's just as overpriced as any other overpriced part of the UK when you compare local wages to local prices, thanks to the holiday home/holiday let buyers
  19. Got lots of sympathy for any owner occupiers caught up in this, not so much sympathy for the many btl speculators.
  20. Exactly this. As a Gen X, I bought in 2001 but there's definitely been no 'ladder'.. even now 20 years later all I could afford is a sideways move at best, and the only way I could ever benefit from my ''mad gainz'' is if I were to sell up and go live in a tent.
  21. Don't even need to go as far as bankruptcy... I know someone who has twice over built up around £30k in debts and each time had 2/3 of it written off through informal full and final settlements after defaulting on repayments, doesn't even seem to have effected her credit rating that drastically as she still seems to have access to credit/debt now. Holidays, clothes, homeware, tech, all manner of other discretionary purchases... all effectively got for 1/3 of their cost.
  22. Exactly this. I'm sick of seeing feckless workshy breeders, mindless consumers and spendthrifts, irresponsible debt junkies and leveraged speculating spivs all being encouraged, rewarded and then usually bailed out if they do get in to trouble... All whilst I get punished and screwed over for trying to live a prudent, modest lifestyle within my means.
  23. Just to look at it from a different perspective, I imagine there are plenty of people out there who are using gig economy work to their advantage by deliberately limiting the hours they work and using it as a vehicle for the usual 16 hours per week Tax Credits scam... it's not all a case of poor hard done to gig economy workers who are desperate for full time work.
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