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  1. erm... lol. That's all. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/legal_money_matters/3929400-no-end-in-sight
  2. They've already done it in the form of: -The Furlough scheme -Mortgage holidays -PCP/Lease payment holidays -Business hardship grants -Bounce back ''loans'' aka grants as they mostly won't be paid back When they say all these measures are to ''help protect the economy'' don't forget the property market IS the economy in the UK.
  3. I'm amazed people are even managing to see the RRP for new cars, I can't remember the last time I saw any from of advert that displayed it... it's now all about the monthlies. Does the debt junkie feel they can afford £xxx per month? I the answer is yes then then the RRP is utterly irrelevant to them. I believe around 80-90% of new car ''sales'' are now PCP/Lease agreements.
  4. It's only letters that RM are obliged to deliver 6 days a week under the current terms of the USO, they have the commercial freedom to deliver parcels whenever they like... it would make most sense to reduce letter deliveries to 5 days (or less) a week whilst increasing lucrative parcel deliveries to a full 7 days a week
  5. That's because DPD. Herpes, Yodel etc have been sending all the stuff they can't handle, especially in awkward PITA areas to.... Royal Mail.
  6. Royal Mail have been after reducing the USO for delivering letters from 6 days a week down to 5 (which would result in around 20,000 job losses) Looks like they've sneaked it in through the back door courtesy of CV-19 by ''temporarily'' suspending Saturday letter deliveries.
  7. So second home owners could declare it to be a commercial holiday let, meaning no Council Tax to pay, then if their declared letting income is less than £6k p.a. they don't have to pay business rated either.
  8. This. I've long believed there's a large proportion of BTLers who aren't really doing it for financial reasons but purely for the dinner party (and facebook) bragging rights. I'm also convinced there are plenty of landlords who do it purely because they enjoy the thought of having power and control over someone else's (their tenants) lives. I also suspect there are plenty of landlords who actually relish the prospect of having bad tenants... because they (the landlords) are the type of people who thrive on conflict, drama and confrontation and love nothing more than to be able moan to everyone about what a terrible time they're having of it with their ''tenants from hell'' It's definitely not just a (increasingly poor) financial decision for many landlords, there are plenty of other reasons for them choosing to get in to BTL.
  9. Got to look after the feckless breeders, they're our future.
  10. And still ****** all for those the govt have decided are ''key workers'' who are expected to carry on working and exposing themselves to a much higher risk of catching the virus, many of whom earn far less than the maximum figures on offer to furloughed workers or self employed. Just to really rub it in any key workers who do have to self isolate because they or members of their household are in a high risk group have to take annual leave or unpaid leave.
  11. That's absolutely disgusting, they need naming and shaming at the very least.
  12. Might as well go the whole hog and pop in to your local dealership and pick up the obligatory grey Audi S-Line on PCP to keep on the driveway of your overpriced shitbox. I'm convinced the eventual outcome is huge scale debt forbearance to bail out these feckless t***s
  13. Acknowledging the housing crisis whilst still continuing to show HUTH 5 mornings a a week... a programme which I believe has done more than any other when it comes to financializing housing, encouraging leveraged BTL and pushing up prices of typical FTBer homes.
  14. I would have thought your average self builder would achieve those figures on a one off build... I'd imagine a large developer building entire housing estates could achieve much bigger profit margins with the economies of scale.
  15. This one around the corner from me has actually been on since April 2013 although rather annoyingly they've twice managed to make it appear as ''new to market'' on the listing despite not removing it first or reducing the price in all that time. It's a holiday home that the owners haven't used for years. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-66036034.html It finally shown as SSTC about 6 months ago but I'm wondering if the ''sale'' has actually gone through as it's still showing on Rightmove and there's been no activity at all at the house in that 6 month period from either the old owners clearing out or the new owners moving in. (And I happen to know the vendors are, let's say, rather ''difficult'' people to deal with)
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