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  1. Got lots of sympathy for any owner occupiers caught up in this, not so much sympathy for the many btl speculators.
  2. Exactly this. As a Gen X, I bought in 2001 but there's definitely been no 'ladder'.. even now 20 years later all I could afford is a sideways move at best, and the only way I could ever benefit from my ''mad gainz'' is if I were to sell up and go live in a tent.
  3. Don't even need to go as far as bankruptcy... I know someone who has twice over built up around £30k in debts and each time had 2/3 of it written off through informal full and final settlements after defaulting on repayments, doesn't even seem to have effected her credit rating that drastically as she still seems to have access to credit/debt now. Holidays, clothes, homeware, tech, all manner of other discretionary purchases... all effectively got for 1/3 of their cost.
  4. Exactly this. I'm sick of seeing feckless workshy breeders, mindless consumers and spendthrifts, irresponsible debt junkies and leveraged speculating spivs all being encouraged, rewarded and then usually bailed out if they do get in to trouble... All whilst I get punished and screwed over for trying to live a prudent, modest lifestyle within my means.
  5. Just to look at it from a different perspective, I imagine there are plenty of people out there who are using gig economy work to their advantage by deliberately limiting the hours they work and using it as a vehicle for the usual 16 hours per week Tax Credits scam... it's not all a case of poor hard done to gig economy workers who are desperate for full time work.
  6. It's just a form of helicopter money to prop up what was already failed economy, hence why they're desperate to keep it going as long as possible. And most of the 'jobs being saved' by furlough are just the usual 16 hour per week non-jobs being used by people as a vehicle to claim far more in Universal Credit ''top ups'' than the wages they actually earn.
  7. Think of it as a form of helicopter money, just like all the other covid money spunking... the grants, the so called ''loans'' etc etc All just being used to prop up an economy that was already completely ******ed long before covid came along.
  8. They won't make any meaningful effort to investigate or claw back any fraudulent furlough payments, loans, grants etc They don't care who's claimed what, whether they're entitled to it or what they've spent it on... It's all just helicopter money being used to prop up what was already a failed economy even before covid came along
  9. Whilst also now supporting those poor hard done to millennials as well, Gen X'ers really are a generation stuck between (and paying for) two generations of spoilt, entitled, workshy brats.
  10. I've always maintained the opinion that the main reason the Allies went to war with Germany was nothing to do with the Nazis enthusiasm for annexing and invading other countries or their treatment of certain ethnic and religious groups... it was all about the threat that the National Socialist ideology posed to the Western Capitalist banking system.
  11. Least surprising news of the day, anything to keep the Ponzi propped up. And as for the supposed inquiries into support scheme fraud, forget about it, ukgov are quite happy for all Rishi's free covid handouts to just be a form of helicopter money, they really don't care whether it was obtained fraudulently or how it was spent.
  12. I'm very much opposed to yet more printed helicopter money to further prop up our wonderful Potemkin economy, but I agree with you, if they are going to do this it should only go to those who have worked continuously throughout this whole thing. The furlough piss takers and scummy mummy UC claimants have already had more than their fare share of easy living whilst being showered with free money for the last 12 months.
  13. Not quite accurate, the so called ''poorest'' these days are very well looked after, especially the feckless breeders and full time single mummys... it's more a case of take everything off the full time working, paye, lower to middle earners who are on around the national average wage.
  14. Only 10% ?? I'm fully expecting the airbnb and holiday let scum in my area to be price gouging by around anywhere from 50-100% if staycation demand is as high as I'm expecting it to be this summer. As for everything else booming... no surprise at all there really given we're in the midst of the biggest helicopter money distribution exercise in history, covid has been a gift from heaven for the money printers.
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