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  1. I posted earlier in the thread... One real life example I personally know to be accurate, single mother with 3 kids (3 different dads).... Universal Credit - £380 per week Wages from 16 hours a week - £120 per week Child maintenance - £90 per week Council tax benefit - giving a 90 percent reduction Child benefit 30 hours free child care
  2. No... you'll get more, considerably more.
  3. No really just a rich persons playground... even the lower paid can do well enough in a low tax/low benefits regime if they're willing to put the hours in, the only losers are the feckless and workshy.
  4. Complete amateur... you're playing the UC game all wrong. you need to be mid-20's, ''single'' female, never worked full time, have 3 kids by 3 different baby daddies to be a proper pro player of the UC game.
  5. you said the feckless and workshy (effectively benefit fraudsters in all but name) are a tiny proportion of benefits claimants and the pensioners (currently the wealthiest age group in society) and the so called ''working poor'' (most of whom choose to deliberately limit their working hours and earnings whilst also choosing to have kids they can't afford) are legitimately entitled to everything they receive. I dispute that 'fact'... most pensioners and ''working poor'' claiming benefits are just gaming the system as much as any other out and out benefit fraudster.
  6. Complete rubbish, the so called ''working poor'' in receipt of ''top up'' benefits are mainly those who are manipulating the system to their advantage, deliberately limiting their working hours and wage income and maximising their breeding programmes to claim optimum benefits for as long as possible. Having just 2 kids perhaps 8 years apart (a not extreme example) can mean the Child tax credits (and all other associated benefits) can keep rolling in for well over 20 years, you could comfortably make that 30 years in more extreme examples. there are huge numbers of other examples of t
  7. One real life example I know to be accurate, single mother with 3 kids (3 different dads).... Universal Credit - £380 per week Wages from 16 hours a week - £120 per week Child maintenance - £90 per week Council tax benefit - giving a 90 percent reduction Child benefit 30 hours free child care yep, these poor people on UC sure have got it tough
  8. It wasn't so much her lack of understanding of the affordability criteria that made me post that in the first place... more the fact that someone who obviously has a huge amount of property equity and possibly other capital/assets, plus god knows how much in maintenance payments (which are disregarded in tax credit claims) can be looking to buy a half a million pound house whilst still being entitled to tax credits. Someone could be living in a million pound house, driving around in a Ferrari, getting £2,000 a week in child maintenance.... and they'd still be quite legitimately able to cl
  9. On tax credits and looking to buy a half a million pound house, clown world.... https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/legal_money_matters/4128745-Getting-mortgage-with-low-salary-but-large-amount-of-equity
  10. 5 years ago you could have picked up either of these for around £7k At the start of this year you could have picked either one up for the ''ridiculous bubble'' price of £15k. Now look what they're asking and quite likely achieving... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUBARU-IMPREZA-WRX-STI-TYPE-R-VERSION-6-LTD/224293753925?hash=item3438f31445:g:xk8AAOSwh-df56XB https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-impreza-P1/164599342756?hash=item2652e2a6a4:g:PHUAAOSw1rpf42G~
  11. As a bit of a petrol head I'm forever perusing ebay, Autotrader etc just casually looking at what interesting performance/exotic cars are available... even the most stupidly overpriced examples, some of which had been up for sale for a year or more have all been snapped up since the inception of the BBL's and what was already a bubble for performance/exotic/modern classic cars prior to covid has just gone insane, some examples have now trebled or more in ''value'' in just the last 5 years Just a couple of examples from my particular area of interest, both these cars could have been easily
  12. they don't appear to be and I don't blame them for not being worried... in this socialist utopia we now live I'm sure they'll be well looked after.
  13. Well I dread to think what will happen to asset prices when people do start spending again if you reckon they're currently stashing their money away as a safety net... have you seen what's happened to the prices of houses, classic/investment cars, puppies, bikes, collectable watches and pretty much anything else that can even vaguely be described as an ''asset'' in the last 9 months?
  14. I'm in a tourist area in North Wales and since the end of lockdown no.1 it's been busier than ever, traffic volumes, shops etc etc I also work delivering peoples internet tat... again busier than ever. People I know who work in the leisure, tourism, pub and restaurant industry are (quietly) more than happy with all the various free money for doing nothing handouts they've been getting (grants, furlough, BBL's etc etc) and they're pretty gutted at the prospect of things getting back to normal for them
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