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  1. I don't know why you're even posing that as a question, I think it's an absolute fact that we do now have a populace conditioned into believing that house prices only ever go up... and they're willing to do whatever it takes to join the ponzi.
  2. I'm certainly not seeing the govt dong their best to achieve that result... for immigrants or uk nationals. The feckless and workshy have never been so well looked after as long as they're capable of playing the system of ''in work'' benefits.
  3. nome

    Biggest fall in RPI since Jan 2009

    Yet only a few weeks ago all the reports across the MSM were how consumer spending was down and people were ''feeling the squeeze'' Now all of a sudden they now announce that inflation has supposedly fallen to it's lowest level in years... hence everything is so cheap and affordable, so get out there and get spending you worthless plebs. I can't believe anyone can be so gullible enough to lap this shit up.
  4. nome

    RICS survey

    Exactly. People actually end up spending more on interest payments over a long repayment period under the guise of ''stricter lending criteria'' ''War is piece'' etc etc
  5. Least surprising news of the day... fits with the ongoing policy of ''support house prices and protect home owners at ALL costs''
  6. At the very least these IO mortgage holders will be bailed out with extensions to their repayment period, probably indefinite extensions and they'll just become ''lifetime mortgages''.
  7. Just put him/her on ignore like everyone else has done, I did wonder why so many of his/her posts didn't garner a response, now I realise why.
  8. Still trolling away and not yet got the life you've been advised to try and get for yourself? Still losing sleep about your current situation?
  9. Ban the practice of restricting supply by land banking. Any land that obtains PP has to be built on within 12 months of obtaining PP or the land is forfeited. Simple.
  10. A quick warning about some sad individual from MSE who is apparently 'trolling' this thread... https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5906797&page=5 “ UPDATE Things are now getting very heated now that a hard or even soft Brexit looks to be dwindling, was always the case. I have managed to get another at least five property crash doom mongers who support a hard Brexit to crash the property market banned, local(I want a home for nothing and BTL punished) hero being my latest. His anti landlord & socialist fairy land where people are just handed money and homes are an insult to decent people who want to hand their hard work onto their to their cherished children and not some council house chav yob with a chip on his shoulder. I now have several ID's on the Brexit thread to replace the one that I had banned, just have to be careful now, this is great fun.
  11. nome

    Is inequality growing?

    On the face of it the UK average wage of around £27k looks quite respectable, but I think I'm right in saying that if you exclude the highest 10% of earners then the UK average wage is actually £13k... that's not so good. I think it's the same as it's ever been (going back as far as the Romans)... the richest members of society are obscenely wealthy, the poorest are also well looked after with benefits sufficient to keep them in SKY and MaccyD's (to keep them from revolting)... it's the squeezed middle that are being squeezed more than ever.
  12. The goverbankment has pretty much achieved it's aims from what I can see.... a nation of lifelong obedient, compliant, disenfranchised, debt slave worker drones.
  13. nome

    Momentum gathering?

    As a bit of a petrolhead it's interesting to see exactly the same scenario in the car market... the very top end of the classic/performance/exotic car market is taking quite a bath right now, but anything more attainable is still on at bubble prices with sellers prepared to wait for some debt junkie mug to come along and pay their price
  14. Even though I'm old enough to have lived through recessions and down turns that have seen home owners literally just handing their keys back to the bank it seems almost unbelievable that it ever really did happen. And certainly feels inconceivable that it could ever happen again thanks to the current political establishment policies of 'protect and support homeowners at ALL cost'.
  15. nome


    They're brilliant. That person is on a par with some of the most cringe inducing, self awareness lacking, deluded, comedy character greats... Partridge, Brent etc

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