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  1. The vast majority of people supposedly on ''low incomes'' and claiming in work benefits are deliberately choosing to limit the number of hours they work to the minimum they can get away with in order to receive optimum Tax Credits. It's not a case of people being on ''low incomes'' it's a case of people working minimal hours through choice. In my industry the basic rate of pay is £13 per hour yet I have plenty of colleagues who insist on only working part time despite permanent full time contracts being available because even on well above National Minimum Wage they're still better off working part time and having their wages ''topped up'' by benefits.
  2. They won't make any meaningful effort to recover any of the fraudulently obtained covid money... it was the perfect excuse for them to print off and distribute a shitload of helicopter money into an economy that was already moribund well before covid even came along. A perfect example of 'never allow a good crisis to go to waste'.
  3. I've noticed more and more perfectly habitable and mortgageable houses being sold at auction, especially at the cheaper end of the market. I'm not surprised really, I suspect EA's have cottoned on to the fact that there are lots of giddy, gullible, inexperienced idiots attending auctions now and getting carried away with auction fever and paying over the odds. I've seen numerous examples of houses that have initially been for sale on the open market, failed to achieve a sale, get chopped in to auction and end up going for more than what the asking price was when available on the open market.
  4. Sounds about right, meaning in terms of all the covid free money spunking... we've only just begun to see the effects of it.
  5. The rules around Universal Credit are so loose and open to being taken advantage of, at least for certain claimants i.e Sharon the 3x3 single mummy, it's almost impossible to differentiate between someone who is legitimately taking advantage of the system and actually committing out and out fraud.
  6. I reckon this new variant could be combated by printing off a shitload of helicopter money, flooding the economy with it and inflating asset prices higher.... it's surely got to be a worth a try?
  7. I recall the producer of Wall Street (1 and 2) saying how when doing his research into the stock markets for each movie all the figures involved had transformed from being counted in millions for the first film to being counted in billions for the follow up.
  8. In my experience probate houses are the very epitome of overpriced dross, with the most stubborn, greedy and deluded vendors of all.
  9. in reply to @Guillotine @Pop321 or anyone else who may be interested here are my basic annual figures for my £6k a year expenditure and this is how I've been living for approximately the last 10 years, being mortgage free in that time with a take home pay of £17k a year and able to save around £10k a year... Council Tax - £1000 Weekly shopping - £2,400 Water - £300 Electric - £350 Broadband and phone - £240 Home insurance - £120 Car - £600 (That's for everything, MOT, VED, Insurance, servicing and maintenance and petrol) All that basic/essential expenditure comes to just over £5k so still leaves me at least £800 for other bits and pieces of expenditure which inevitably crop up. As I said previously I've always lead a very simple non materialistic life and I've always lived in AONB's and/or on the edge of National Parks (Peak District previously and currently Snowdonia) so never felt the need for holidays, quite happy just walking or cycling from my doorstep which is also my only form of 'social' activity (although I'd rather go out alone!) so what little social life I do have is zero cost. I don't have gas, just electric heating and a log burner (with access to free wood) but very rarely have the heating on anyway as I hate feeling too warm indoors hence why my electricity bill is so low. Another point to consider in my decision to (hopefully) retire now at 47 is as others have mentioned, life expectancy post retirement, virtually all of my male relatives have been dead or dying by 70 so I'm not banking on having any kind of long and healthy old age so I'd rather take my chances now.
  10. It might seem extreme to some, but for me it's just my normal lifestyle, I've always lead a very simple (some might say boring) life, a real homebird quite happy pottering around the garden or reading/browsing/listening to the radio indoors, never been into holidays, my only activities are walking, cycling or drives out into the mountains. I don't feel I have or will going forward lead a life of penury, on my budget I still enjoy decent quality food, got Internet, run a car... what more do I need to cover the basics of a comfortable life? I'm also very introverted and extremely happy in my own company so not being forced to interact with other people on a daily basis through work is doing wonders for my mental well being.
  11. Well I quit my job earlier this year and at 47 I'm going to give retirement a go. The figure I'm planning to live off... £6k a year. I'm mortgage free in a house that's just been fully refurbished throughout so shouldn't present me with any big bills for at least 10 years, i'm single, no kids, have always lead a very frugal and non-materialistic life and as a result I'm convinced that £6k should comfortably cover all my essential bills including running a car and having an annual contingency fund for the odd unexpected expense. Perhaps it might not work out, but even if it doesn't then the worse case scenario is I have to get a little part time job... just 10 hours a week on NMW would be more than enough to supplement my income from investments and savings draw down.
  12. Exactly what I've been saying for a while now, also the ''Northern Powerhouse'' ********... it's just all about inflating Northern property prices. Northern property can barely be described as ''affordable'' anyway... aside from the scummiest of shithole areas, most half decent places in the north, places where you'd actually want to live, already have local house prices at many multiples of local average wages.
  13. You're (probably deliberately) conflating different issues, @Gribble didn't mention anything about his feckless breeder neighbour actually committing any form of benefit fraud. It's not out and out benefit fraud that is the problem... it's people taking advantage and gaming a system of child related 'in work' benefits that is far too generous and profligate that is the issue. I know multiple examples of parents (both singles and couples), who actually earn above minimum wage and have the opportunity for full time working hours but deliberately restrict themselves to minimal/optimal part time hours so they can keep claiming TC/UC instead.
  14. It's the gift that keeps on giving... time your breeding programme right and you can be a ''full time mummy'' living on tax credits for well over 25 years, manage to get one or more of your offspring diagnosed with some spurious 'norty kid' syndrome and you can get even more free money and circumvent the 2 child rulings.
  15. I don't read any newspapers or watch any MSM... I do live and work in my own community though and I know what I see on a daily basis. I can only assume anyone such as yourself trying to defend and downplay the level benefit abuse (note I've said abuse rather than outright fraud) in this country are either actively gaming the system themselves or are just one of these brainwashed, idealistic, financially insulated metropolitan liberals who are basically the modern day useful idiots... being manipulated by our corporate rulers who also happen to benefit from the suppressed wage levels and cheap labour that the current benefits system results in.
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