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  1. nome

    Interest Rates

    ''They'' would still be telling us it's only 2-3%
  2. 10 year fix now available for our BTL buddies. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/buytolet/article-6467681/Fix-buy-let-mortgage-ten-years-just-2-74.html
  3. or c) - ukgov and Central Bank made it a condition of the last bail out (and to ensure future bail outs) that repo's have to be kept to an absolute minimum and only used as a very last resort, as part of the protect homeowners at all costs political ideology.
  4. Exactly. Doesn't the fact that repo's are at record lows whilst arrears are higher than 2008 suggest the very opposite of that claim is true. Support homeowners at all costs.
  5. I'm surprised this seems to have slipped under the radar, unless I've missed it elsewhere. Not that mortgage arrears matter much these days with the 'protect homeowners at all costs' mentality that now exists. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-6466873/More-households-mortgage-arrears-2008-FCA-says.html
  6. Bought my first house in 2001 with £7k deposit that I'd saved. Not had a penny from parents and don't expect to inherit anything from them as since divorcing they both seem to have adopted the ''ski'' philosophy.
  7. nome

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    I'm also convinced that the next financial downturn will be the ''big one'' i.e. the complete collapse (or perhaps that should be prolapse) of the whole fiat monetary system. Unfortunately I think we've got a whole lot more can kicking, plate spinning, smoke n mirrors, bubble inflating economic policies before we reach that and I doubt it will occur in my lifetime.
  8. nome

    Yellow Vest Protests

    It does seem to be the ''squeezed middle'' the protesters are from a wide age range. I can't imagine this type and level of protests ever occurring in this country, the squeezed middle are more concerned with being compliant, obedient debt slave worker drones, too busy fretting about losing their latest pcp Audi, i phone and of course their precious house.
  9. Worth a listen (starts at 09:30) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0001b8s
  10. In the eyes of the goverbankment he is the perfect citizen... a lifelong, obedient, compliant mortgage slave worker drone.
  11. There's a coastal village called fairbourne in Gwynedd where the Welsh gov and NRW have been talking for years about a ''managed retreat''... in other words not continuing to maintain the coastal defences and allow the area to be reclaimed by the sea over the course of the next 10-30 years. You would think this would have resulted in houses there becoming virtually worthless, but it appears to have had very little impact on property prices as far as I can see.
  12. Looks no worse than some of the £100k-£150k 2 bed houses that I've viewed... and that's in an area where the average local wage is WELL below the UK national average wage.
  13. And this is exactly what I'd love to do, if I only knew how to go about it (Having never had a loan or credit card in my life I wouldn't really know where to begin or how to successfully get all my debts subsequently written off)
  14. Looks like Barclaycard are rewarding the feckless with their own little debt jubilee. Which is nice.... https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/legal_money_matters/3424718-Have-Barclaycard-written-off-my-debt
  15. Genuine question, can anyone give a short and simple answer... in the event of any future economic downturn (or even just the suggestion of one) what's to stop them firing up the printing presses once again? Especially given the £750bn that Hammond has already pre-approved Carney to go ahead with.

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