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  1. No. There are these funny things called telephones that open up a whole new world. Try them sometimes. A classic example of HPC brigade assumption. And remember what assume makes
  2. Both wrong. Property has structural problems and so is unmortgagble hence cash only. Lots of auction properties go to right move. Red Baron, you right, this will set a new (could be low) MV. For cash only structurally unsound properties . Sorry guys
  3. More important polls to be had. It's a poll about house prices on a forum about house prices? Just because all options are not about fire and brimstone in the housing market. Grow Up. Socks always in. Everyone knows that.
  4. Some of you lot really need to lighten up. All this talk of economic catastrophe is turning you into miserable gits. Your new years resolution - laugh more and have fun I know option 5 (currently in 2nd place) grates but hey, that's life
  5. Complicated? Long winded maybe but complicated? If you need any help just ask. One sided? You bears have 3 or 4 of the questions in your favour yet you still moan. Backtoparents - I'm not going to add that as it's stupid and a lie. You just cant take it can you
  6. Flats are dodgy. Another generalistaion. It should read "over inflated on an already over inflated price city center newbuild shoeboxes in blocks of 100 where every other flat has been bought by an investor look dodgy in 2006, 2007, 2008, 20009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014................." Flats did make up approximately 8% of transactions in the period quoted but what you seem to over look is that flats are normally half the price of the cheapest house. Although many FTB whinge and moan that they can't get their 5 bed 2 garage detached pad in Didsbury for under £100,000, many FTB are happy to have a place to call their own and that's where flats come in. Even now you can find thousands of flats in good areas and in good condition surrounding most UK cities for sometimes well under £100,000. Cheap, well maintained flats always sell. Sorry guys
  7. BTL'ers rely on capital gains offset losses in rent. What a stupid generalistion. Realistbear, please get into the real world. Typical of the blinkered, uninformed views on here
  8. Johnnyw. No Where income is closely tied to the success of a thing No
  9. How ridiculous. I see a troll on here being anyone that does not agree with the views on property expressed by the majority of people on these boards. So, lets ban everyone that has opposing views shall we. If your not adult enough to make a coinstructive counter argument, ignore the post or both without getting angry that the views differ from your own then you need to grow up. If you look at the title of the main forum you will see that it reads "The main discussion forum on house prices" - discussion being the operative word. What makes me laugh on boards that discuss anything financial is how two sided they always are - there will be a crash and anyone trying to make money from property is a fool against well I'm still making some money and things are fine in my garden. No middle ground. Think it's time to grow up and stop thinking you really do have a crystal ball and the answers to all questions in the universe.
  10. I have quite a bit of debt and I love it as provides me with a wonderous property funded lifestyle that I can't see ending anytime soon. But no other debt. Debt is for fools.
  11. When do you intend to buy, if at all. When, if at all, will properties be 'valued correctly'? And 'When prices have fell by 25%' is not a real answer as they wont all fall by the same amount and at the same time. And for those that moan regarding properties being too expensive. Take a large city outside London, say Birmingham as number 2. Check rightmove to see what properties are available for approximately 3 - 4 times the average salary. Oooooooooooooh - 150 or so properties under £80k within 3 miles of the city center. Is it that FTB moan that they can't afford a property OR is it that they REALLY moan that they can't get a property in the style they want in the area they want. My first property was in a fairly sh*t area as that was all I could afford. Just a thought.
  12. Wish I'd stocked up on custard, seafood sauce and sprouts. Could have made a mint by charging £10 per can, jar or pound.
  13. NO crash. At least not 30 - 50% and most importantly not accross the whole market. 5 - 15% max. And are these figures taking in the current 7% average discount from asking price? High value and high increase areas will fall first and furthest. Normal areas will fall little if at all. Just as the 'Average House Price' doesn't apply to all properties in all areas, the 'Crash' will not affect all properties equally. So, for a large percentage of the market, it appears that a soft landing will be a reality.
  14. Yield on original purchase price is 15.2% Leverage is, I assume, 0 based on above. The thing that baffles me is the fact that I can borrow £100k at £7k per year pro rata no questions or forms asked and make £10 - £20k per deal and even at 2 deals per year that equates to £20 - £40k per annum for a maximum of 20hrs per annum work. Where can I borrow to invest in stocks, gold or unit trusts? Any help.
  15. Own, But Im concerned about the coming correction per se not just property. Come on folks..........................
  17. Cripes, Keep property - is that right? What about the cycles, crashes, impending social disaster............? Come on folks, if people are so sure of the impending crash then surely there should be equal certainty in other positive investments?
  18. Right, Instead of dissing everything, especially property, heres a challenge for you lot. An investment prediction for 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009. Regardless of what you lot like to predict I will keep my 5 owned properties but am curious to see what prediction are made for the period. If problems (social, financial and political) are as bad as predicted on here, then we are all f****d. £200k invested over the next 4 years. Growth & security. Theres the challenge.
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