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  1. Bubb, you right in saying that it was easier in a sideways market and it is even easier in a rising market but the discussion isn't about how easy profits are, it's about whether they can be made. And they can and will.

    I could probably make much easier monet by learning to trade but It's whether I would enjoy it.

    Property is enjoyable.

    I'm sure you have continued to trade markets where the profits were not as easy as they once may have been but you had a certain liking for the particular market and so continued to trade?

    Regarding the contamination from the fall in prices of CC2BNB. They will fall first but will also fall hardest.

    Just as in other markets, as they fall, there will come a point when they actually start to appear cheap and despite the warnings of impending doom on here, you can bet that there will be huge amount of professional investors waiting in the wings to take theses super cheap properties of of the overstretched newbie investors by the blockfull.

    The market as a whole needs to adjust but just as it rose by different amounts in different areas, so will it fall.

    It's not a question of hiding, its a question of looking at your position and establishing whether you feel comfortable. My opinion is that there will be an adjustment but some properties will be affected way more than others. My chosen properties will fall less, if at all, than CC2BNB while at the same time providing a modest income.

    And shock horror, I believ that 10 years from now the properties will be worth more than they are now :o

    And so the story continues. In 2016 I may have a different view but there you go.

    Casual Observer. Your right.

    When I say working like a mug, I mean like those that work, work, work just to buy the latest plasma and keep up payments on the X5.

    We all have to work in some form or another, It's just that some people cut back on spending on crap in order to enable them to work less.

    Badlad1967. What an outburst :o

    To be honest I am offended. Dispicable person? Why? Because I have a view that differs from yours.

    Re working. See above. I do my fair share to feed money into the economy by paying my bills and taxes. It's just that I like to set things up so that I work less hours than most people. Very arrogant to make such assumptions.

    And why on earth am I selfish.

    Methinks it is you that is blinkered and morethan a little bitter.

  2. I also said

    "In reply to the original thread - I don't think there is anything wrong with private landlords or renting privately. There is a need and a market for this."

    So would it be reasonable to assume from your comments that you also agree that buying overpriced city centre flats as BTL in the current climate is foolish?

    Nail & head collide ...........!

    As per my pevious post elsewhere. CC2BNB have been a foolish venture since late 2003.

    Is it cold or is it just me?

  3. Durk - ????????? - I'm as lost as you?

    TEIN - who is claiming to be an investment expert? I'll leave that to everyone else on here :lol::lol::lol: Yeah, I know loads of 90's landlords that have been through the courts. NOT. Awoooooogha - is that a term for property profit? If not, sorry but I cant answer that one.

    Sarahbell - classic case of HPC assuummptionnnnnn :lol:. Of course all landlords are the same. Just as all tenants are dope smoking, red stripe swilling s**t arsed losers. :ph34r:

    Fred ded right - time to get a life? ? So bitter you'd make a lemon smile.

    Converted lurk - Golfs great. Sorry if you wear generic slacks, not farahs and feel excluded. :unsure:

    Mat munro - you could do worse. Why dont you post 9 - 5? Working???? :rolleyes:


    the end is nigh.......

    Your folks seem similar to mine. Bought in 1964 for £4600 now worth £325,000. But to rent it out for £1000 per month would be financial madness.

    Much better to live there rent and worry free while living off your other investments safe in the knowledge that even if there is a 30% drop in prices, you can hand the batton on to you kids to the tune of £227,000.

    Andno. No troll. Just pointing out that the world is not as black as you guys think. You question and I'll respond.

    Remember that song by Yazz?

    "The only way is up, baby, for yoouuu nd meeee yeahhhhhh"

    Focus on crap, you'll get crap..................................

  4. TTRTR,

    1) It means I and most of them don't have to. If your still working I'd advise buying some more rental properties.

    2) My work was done awhile ago. Now it's just kids, walking and fun fun fun

    3) By not having to work you find that you make much better decisions.

    4) By making the right financial moves you do remove all of the friction. I kiss my partner every day. :rolleyes:

    5) My perception of wealth is: if you can cover your outgoings with income from passive, reasonably secure invesments that provide you with a fairly guaranteed income regardless of the underlying asset value (that may well fall and rise and fall and rise) then you are, in my opinion, wealthy.

    6) Though golf is a fantastically callenging game, the proliferation of company drectors wearing farahs and diamond jumpers tying up the deal on the 10th puts me off.

  5. Heres a nice one


    Even found you a nice house http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-104...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy

    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-100...pa_n=3&tr_t=buy - nice big flat in nice area

    Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner. Kids love me because I spend all my time with them instead of working like a mug :lol:

    Dribble dribble - bet thats what you do when you drool over the property paper and keep putting all those negatives in your head as to why you cant buy a property, cant win, cant get out of bed while you keep asking yourself - 2why is everybody against me?"


  6. Munro.

    So bitter and so early in the year :lol:

    And calling someone a *****e* that you do not even know.

    You sad sad person.

    Why am I a wind up merchant. I try to offer valid points and arguments rather than coming here saying "tour all wrong losers" then dissappearing. And more to the point why am I greedy?

    So I have some flats that I worked damn hard to make nice and pay off and they bring me an income.

    Are the city traders that earn six figure incomes THEN have a mill bonus greedy?

    Are my freinds in sales that work 30 hours per week overtime to earn a bonus greedy?

    Was my mother who had two jobs so that she could earn more money greedy?

    Grow up.

    Bubb, it's not nonsense.

    The point that I try to make is that even in property, with the right moves and forethought you can and will make money.

    Anyone sensible would not touch city center newbuilds after late 2003. Your right, they do keep building them and there are mad and bad muppets that have continued to buy them but you cannot say that all property speculators are idiots and more to the point, you cannot generalise and say the all two bedroom flats are over supplied. Thats nonsense.

    Again, if you think about it logically you will see that there is a million miles between a CC2BNB and a normal 2 bed flat in a standard residential area. If you can't spot the difference, I'll explain:

    CC2BNB - Oversupplied, shoebox plastic tat, paper walled cramboxes without parking that were all bought up by mickey mouse investors that thought they were getting immediate aequity and may appeal to a very limited number of young professionals that will.

    Normal 2 Bed Flats In Good Areas - People will always want to rent and buy them


    Evidence of what

  7. Gone West,

    Do keep up boy. I know you probably find it hard to read through your HPC tears, but at least try.

    London was in fact mentioned in the first quote that started the thread.

    The title of the thread is "Why flats look dodgy for 2006" not "Why 2 bed newbuild flats look dodgy for 2006" hence my discussion regarding flats in general. City center 2 new new builds died a death in 2003. And you really do not need to be Sherlock to know this.

    Pointed out that properties and areas can be below the average just in case there are any HPC people still moaning about not being able to afford to buy.

    And it's true, some of you are proving very poor opposition. Seem very set in your ways and unable to expand your thinking. Must be terrible to be so bitter :lol:

    You see, I didn't assume that this thread was on a different topic. I unlike you, read the threads fully. See my points above :lol:

    And finally. A troll as I understand it is somebody that comes along posting poor arguments and cut and pasted articles in the hope of stirring up a hornets nest.

    I on the other hand am merely responding in a logical and balanced manner to what I see as ill informed posts.

    Also, I am property biased, you lot are not. Differing sides of the fence so opposition but in the nicest possible way :D

    The Chuz

    I too can show you a range of properties in a range of areas that have been on the market for ever.

    I could have also done this back in 2000 - 2002. I'ts nothing new and really means nothing.

    Another assumption i believe.

    Keep up the good work guys

  8. This just gets better and better.

    You lot really haven't got a clue have you?

    You talk about the (correct) current ill informed rush into property but what about the current, totally misinformed and blinkered anti property posts on these boards :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


    A few points to ponder:

    1) There are other parts of the UK that are outside London

    2) There are other parts of the UK the are north of the M25

    3) There are othet properties apart from 2 bed city center newbuilds

    4) There are properties and areas that do not conform to the "£xxx,xxx is the average house price"

    You really are proving very poor opposition.

    Assumption, assumption, assumption.

    Very poor guys, very poor.

    PS - And no, I'm not a troll. I can hopefully engage in any worth debate regarding the UK housing market. I am not her only to incite, although it just SUCH good fun, I'm here to point out that many assumptions are very wrong.

  9. Sorry to burst yet another HPC bubble but your wrong :lol:

    Firstly, these flats are not in an ok little part of the country, they are in an area called Brierley Hill close to the Merry Hill shopping centre and almost in the heart of the old Blackcountry.

    Brierley hill isnt too bad if you like being surrounded by roads and factories and brownfield sites.

    And brownfield sites is exactly what these type of development were probably built on.

    It is a boxlike, souless estate and the properties have ALWAYS taken a good old while to sell if they sell at all.

    How do I know? Becasue I used to try and sell identical flats in 1996 - 1999.

    2 beds HAVE NEVER SOLD FOR £99,000 - Doooohhhhhhhhh

    Check http://www.nethouseprices.com/index.php?co...mit=0&curPage=1

    The highest one off price for a flat was £92,000 which I can almost guarantee was a dodgy deal, the rest average low to mid £80,000's

    The really embarrasing thing for you is that you have only posted the negative bits.

    Another HPC crash bubble burst


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