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  1. Muttley,

    The majority of ideas in the bussiness world are not original.

    Thats the beauty of it!

    Ok so he's changed his stance. What was Warren Buffet advising on in the 70's, 80's or 90's. Little bit silly if you think he's bad cuz he's changed his stance.

    Main home = asset or liability depends on your position. For fairly active investors it will be viewed as a liability but for joe public it will always be viewed as an asset.

    In fact for a lot of switched o business types, their mortgage free home is still classed as an asset as it offers the family one thing. Security.

  2. Gone west,

    The main word being now.

    He has helped lots of people I know by pointing out the benefits of being self employed without the property bit.

    Retrospectively the books may look a bit ropey now because they focused a little on property but you can not hold that against them.

    L:ook at some of the 80's books on investment and wonder at how out of favour they look

  3. That jingle is bad.

    Very bad.

    Verry verry bad.

    Apart from the above, the thing that you forget is the fact that at the height of the last boom, loads and loads of independent agents sold out to the corporates for millions, sat back for a couple of years then started again.

    Although there are very few corporates looking to aquire EA's this time, the fact is that when the property market is raging, the EA's coin it in, when the market is slow, they do OK and sit it out.

    Like them or hate them, they do OK regardless.

    Remember, there will ALWAYS be a market

  4. Is that why u r back on spouting more b*ll*cks instead of doing like the rest of us.

    Why aren't you in the Troll category?

    Moderators!!!!.........we have ourselves a troll.....................

    And whats that, stressing continually about your positions?

    What exactly do the "rest of you" do? Moan about the fact that you cant buy a 5 bedder fro £120k, spend every hour stuck your your screen, debate about how right you are :lol::lol::lol:?

    The problem on here is that there are a lot of self righteous "we are right so watch it" types.

    Just because you do not like it and it doesnt fit in your world doesnt mean it ain't so.

    Sorry but thats it


    well there is also an adage in the stock market:

    if you have doubts,do it!!!

    ....the reason being if it looked like a no-brainer then the chances are it is a total loser.while you still have doubt then it is most likely going to continue it's trend.

    That's probably why the wealthy land and property owners stuck to their guns through thick and thin and now are some of the wealthiest people in the country. :lol:

    I bet they had doubts about the bo**ocks spouted by associates in their times!

    Still time to buy those 2BCCNB!

  5. Bart, I have no ambition to be a top author. Too much work and not enough fun for this short life that we are given but of of course it's publishing for him

    He made a valid point of working for yourself then reinvesting the profits in real estate.

    You guys could do the same.

    Promote the benefits of working for yourself then reinvesting the profits in whatever the current favorite is. Gold, mining, property, or any other fickle market.

    Then get off your bums and write about it rather than spouting on here!

    Those that can do .................................

  6. You know what,

    In all this tittle tattle with you guys over the festive period I've forgotton one of my basic mantras.

    If you do not focus on it, you wont succeed in in it.

    Stood me in good stead so far.

    Stocks seem too time consuming and open to debate.

    Call me Arthur Daley of the property world.

    There will always be property millionairs but the other good thing about property is there wil ALWAYS be buyers :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Rant and rave as much as you like but if ou look there are boards full of negative posters like you predicting a stock crash tommorow.

    'Spose the old saying is true: Those that can do, those that cant teach.

    And even if this the shit hits the fan biggo timo, there will still be opportunities, just a matter of repositioniong like the spivs during ww2. Look for an opportunity and exploit it.

    Surely that is what human nature is about rather than spending years of your life moaning about the sorry hand that you have been dealt?

    I'm not right, your not right, non of us are right. Just a case of perspective.

  7. thats sad - the greed of people through the property madness has ironically taken away money from people where generousity is most needed.

    What a load of sh*te. Property price increases blamed for the closure of 30 charity shops. Get in the real world Trev.

    Ever thought of the following reasons:

    Greed by the charity shops - read high prices

    Excessive pickiness by the shops- of 15 bags that I took to a shop, about 10 ended up in the skip

    Inability to sell electrical goods due to health and safety reg


    etc etc

  8. If debt reduced and income from property (rents) is that good?

    Gold, havent we missed the boat or is £50k of gold in your safe always a good option?

    Wheres my nearest shelter? (It wont get that bad willl it :o)

    Buy stocks but what - If things get as bad as predicted then surely most stocks will be crap short to medium term?

    I couldn't for for someone else as I smell.

    Rely on savings - of how much?

    MEW is for fools

    Got an airpistol and a jack russell????

  9. Bubb as usual a valid response.

    But what about the majority that are not 'active' investors whether in gold, stocks or g*g forbid, property.

    As I see it there is lots and lots of money to be made from commodities and \ or stocks and \ or \ property.

    You know my views n the big P and you may be right in saying that there are way, way better profits to be made else where but it's all about knowledge.

    The gold investors that you talk about made money from the out of favour gold market of 2001 onwards just as the property investors made money out of the out of favour property market of 1996 (latest) but instead of selling they held because there was a nicely positive income.

    Now if things are going to get as hairy as some on here predict will and investment prove safe whether cash, property, gold etc etc

  10. A site regarding HPC but a site populated by intelligent people and more importantly, a site that is accessible to the average bod.

    So, I ask you this:

    Apart from being involved in property, what will you do or put in place to avoid the coming mess?

    There is obvioisly a social and economic problem on the horizon but compared to previous problems, how does it compare?

    What I cannot understand is that surely anyone involved financially whether property, stocks and even cash during a major problem willbe f***ed.

    Forget the pros and cons of propert, how are you lot preparing?


  11. For buy to sell the market is still strong enough to enable a sale to be concluded fairly rapidly AT THE RIGHT PRICE but you are right, falls ar a coming.

    I am not trying to be argumetative (despite previous posts :lol:) but when prices are 30% down (and they will be just not everywhere) what do you forsee happening after that?

    Will they stay at the correct historical levels forever or will they rise again 5, 10, 20, 40, 50 years down the line?

    Even if they never rise above inflation again the thing that you need to bear in mind is that property will always have a saving grace especially when bought after the coming crash even if prices never rise again the main being that you can let the property (asset) at a rent that is above the mortgage and so generate cash each month and depending on how tou set the deal up, can own the asset free and clear in as little as 10 years by just making sure that it is let.

    I know, I know, voids, repairs easier investments but for property devotees that do not like to be active investors or hands on, surely you can see the benefits.

    Millions of unknowns I know - IR rises, rent restrictions, bird flu, banks calling in loans, breakdown of uk economy and society etc etc but you do what you do to earn a crust in the market that suits you.

    I have to admit, I'm beginning to like it here. Nice to have spirited and intelligent debate even though I am right :ph34r:

  12. TEIN,

    The cream referred to ar people that bought property long ago and held while everyone else told them they were foolish.

    I would dearly love to be 'cream'. I am a mere mortal when compared to other investors. I may have a measily couple of properties but what I also have is a belief that there will always be the right deal regardless of conditions.

    You still should buy if the deal is good. We may be at the top of the market in some areas but as I keep trying to point out, there will always be a profit to be made somewhere. In retrospect rather than saying buy more BTL, I should have said buy more properties to sell on at a profit.

    How do you class qualifications?

    You say that as with any asset you have a chance of making money if you buy and sell at the right time - now isn't - what the right time to buy, to buy to sell on, to buy to let, to buy to develop, to buy to split, to buy to hold short term, to buy to hold medium term, to buy to hold long term or to buy to flip at a profit? You mention that TTRTR buys at 20% below true value. If he or anyone else sells on into what is still a fairly ok market in most areas are you telling me he doesnt turn a profit?

    What I want to try to provide is a balanced argument regarding property.

    Again, I wish I was cream :rolleyes:

    Gone west,

    The thing with old school property investors is that althogh they leveraged themselves in times of old, now they are debt free and income rich.

    With regards to bargains and profits, there is no doubt that there are better bargains and profits out there, it's just a matter of what you are comfortable with.

    As I have said befor. Take ANY market and look at the down cycle or even the bottom. Did all transactions cease or were ther still people dealing and making a profit?

    The problem as I can see it is the UK economy and social structure as a whole. Tough times ahead and it will be fun whatever market you are in.

  13. Anton.

    Sorry to say but it seems that there a lot of bitter people on here. But then there are also a lot of obviously educated people.

    Your post once again confirms your very blinkered and one sided views.

    Why is it not a rational discussion if someone does not agree that UK property is done for for ever.

    There does seem to be an awful lot of emotion on this board connected to property.

    It's just a sham that most on here can't see both sides.

    Anton, the 'argument'about uk property will never be 'won', just as the agrguments about the stock market will never be 'won'. Both are constantly changing and evolving.

    To think that these type of arguments can be 'won' only underlines your lack of knowledge. :(

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