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  1. "What peopel seem to forget and no doubt will continue to forget in a relative way is that not so long back with the top valuation of 280k they would of listed at above that not below it" - Really.Oh yes, your right "Houses will continue to change hands all the time even through a crash/correction" & "Houses will always sell, always have done" - thank you. And so there will always be groovy profits to be had. As we have always said! "Please, for your own sake, stop this. You convince no one and only further to confirm the view most have on here of you that you are a windbag/buffoon in d
  2. Friend just sold 4 bed detached in Shrewsbury. 4 valuations - £280,000, £265,000 & two at £250,000. Put it on at £275,000. Sold at £272,000 in 3 days with 3 offers all from people with nothing to sell. Identical house sold September 2005 for £265,000. Looks like my predictions are right. Big falls yess, but not everywhere and not at the same time.
  3. I know it't may be hard to take sometimes CL but theres still cash in them there houses Your right on one thing though, most of the BMP brigade havent got a clue. Them lot on there, you lot on here. Leave's the best pickings for those than can
  4. Right, update. Listened to about 15 financial sense shows along with lots of others. Bought me a copy of Dummies guide to trading which I think gives a good grounding. Read about two trillion words on various sites. Read upon some of the indicators that have been recommended and read the paper every day this week. Do you know what? The 'Whole' thing, i.e. not just the UK economy, housing etc but the whole connected world 'Picture' and how oil, gold, markets, wars, politics, trade etc etc all interconnect to have a bearing on what does and could happen all seems to be very obvious when you ta
  5. Some truths in what has been said but also some massive and naive generalistions. It happenning day in day out. Wrong. As apom rightly pointed out. What is market value? What you can assess to some degree is CURRENT market PRICE, i.e. what properties are currently selling for in the current timeframe. Rightmove, nethouseprices etc etc all allow yo to establish what a realistic current markeyt price is within seconds. What you must understand about BMV (which has been around forever not just post 2000) is that in the majority of deals, the property will be bough at say £75,000 and THERE
  6. So good news for those BTL landlords that didn't panic?
  7. Not at all. Still doing the property bit. Viewing quite a few next week in fact. I've realised that to offer any kind of balanced argument regarding property against other investments, I need to at least have had a go at the others and as I have a bit of free time over the next couple of months, I though well why not take the plunge. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the input and sorry If I have come accross as smug in other posts. I'm not really. I just like to be annoying sometimes as it generates good debate.
  8. BB, Thanks for the info. Awfully lazy isn't it But yes. I am curious to see what you lot are on about
  9. Chuz, As you think property is crap, I think it is great. But there is logic on this site if you sift throught the bitterness and there are some obviously astute people on here. I have never tried to take the piss, only offer the view from my backyard. I am in and will be in property but unlike some, I want to see things from the other side of the fence. "I thought that you thought that property was the be all and end all" - No, I said that there is and will always be money to be made in property.
  10. Off topic I know but Property Dreamer, absolutely classic avatar.The best I've seen
  11. I think it may have been posted before but I have decided to have a small dabble in the markets and as an absolute beginner, I havent got a clue so want you people to teach me. I believe you when you say that there is an awful lot of money to be made but how easy is it? From a standing start at 16th January 2006, I want to start investing in "the markets" I have a basic undersatanding of the basics but need to find: Overview Information sources to give me an idea of what I should be doing. Books, websites, magazines, papers etc etc. Monthly Monthly information sources for news and ongoi
  12. I couldnt go to the pub as the good lady would not issue a pass out so have been "doing the accounts"!
  13. Thats nice. How many city traders are going to earn that £7 bill? And how many hours to earn it per week? Nice if you like money but no life. Horses for courses. £1mill can buy you what. A bigger house - still got a door a couple of windows regardless of size, a car - still got 4 weels and a windscreen, happiness - now dont make me laff..... Oh, and will these bonuses be spent in Salisbury, Wolverhampton or Craven Arms?
  14. It scares me the amount of after pub posters that are on here. No dis but if Id been out on the razz, the last thing i'd think of is logging onto here! Have you been deffed out by your pals or can't you keep up with them. Dearey me.
  15. Or not at all outside of 2BCCNB as people will always want a new property. Dot com had no history. Paperboy rounds being sold for £10 billion. My cat saw the inherant problems. Property is different. If not, when it falls 60%, the UK is FUC**D
  16. Never had a dad but if I did he would have told me: "Be self employed and invest in the property market. Do not try to jump from market to market trying to make a profit as , just as divesrification within a specific market can wipe you out, so can divesrification accross markets. Get to know the property market, stay with it and get to know it even better when the crowd are jumping ship. That is when the best, safest and the profits with least competition will be made. If you know what you know and are comfortable in the market then you will profit regardless of conditions. The general conce
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