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  1. Wrong.

    Read my previous posts.

    In fact, I will state now that less than 80% of properties will see prices falls.

    Silly billy london newbuild flat owners will run the fastest.

    It might be time to toughen up, stop tittle tattling about you said this he said that and face facts.


    I get most of my cheap properties from people wanting to sell quickly.

    And at the moment, they aren't.

    They are risking placing their properties on the open market and on average are achieving 93 - 96% of the original agents valuation.

    Not bad for them.

    Bad for you lot.

    And me!

  2. Econmic theory and doom mongering aside.

    Where is the house price crash? Where is cruise crash speed?

    Despite your need for a HPC, it hasn't happened yet and despite the fact that I think prices will fall in 2006, I'm afraid to say that I think your house price christmas day may be a long time coming.

    Surely there is only so many times you can tell yourself "There will be a crash, there will be a crash".

    I think it's time to agree:

    "House prices may fall but not by the same amount and not accross the board"

    Admit it people or you stand a good chance of looking foolish :-)))

  3. Freetrader thank you.

    A breath of fresh air in this clouded atmosphere.

    Everyone forgets when they need to that every investment or market looks shi*e at certain points in the cycle.

    Know what you know and profit, massively sometimes, head above water other times.

    Or, if you are willing to mortgage your family, move your family or leave your family dedending on how profitable your ego needs to be in the prevailing market, concentrate on one profitable front to the detriment of everything and everyone else.

  4. How about a survey of all business owners to see whether they may just experience stress.

    As per usual a biased discussion. 36% of all landlords experience stress so it MUST mean that landlording is crap.


    I have freinds that run businesses as diverse as cafes, tailor shops, deli's, recruitment consultants and garages. They are all stressed way, way, way more than the property people that I know.

    You see the thing with "business" is that you have to be there. The thing with property if set up correctly is that you do not.

    Mind you, most property rich people that I know didnt buy overpriced city center crap in the last 12 months.

    How about this for a new thread:

    "Employed people that are under threat of their jobs being outsourced abroad now admit stress as they realise that the old belief of find a good job for life goes up in smoke"

    Now that's stress.....

  5. You guys are really jumping the gun are'nt you.

    There currently isn't a HPC as confirmed by some founder members.

    People are still selling.

    Properties are still selling.

    And always will.

    2BCCNB probably will take a hit for the next two decades.

    If there WERE 'Odd Incidents' sparked by the property boom they would not be against EA's.

    Developers and off plan promoters yes.

    Clutch those straws guys.

  6. Muttley, what a silly person you are.

    So big house = wealth does it? B****cks.

    I tell you what big house means to me and has been verified by most of the people I know who possess them as status symbols. Massive mortgage which means they are working every hour god sends to service it.

    It's silly people like you that get themselves into financial crap as they strive to keep up with the Jones's with most of their "assets" actually owned by the bank.

    I love my semi :lol:

    And as dogbox confirms, it's usually not the flash X5 brigade that have the true wealth. I have found that the people that talk about money or try to be flash are very often the ones that actually own nothing.

  7. TEIN, by the same token it shows that "cruise crash speed" may not have been achieved everywhere and that loads of houses on Rightmove does not equal loads of houses unsold.

    Jack Chili. A classic for you: Eater - My Business: "I've got a thought under my cap, I'm bored of this and that old crap, ring out the old bring in the new, I'm always in before you"


  8. Do you know any more details about it, what im interested in what it was *worth* 18 months ago and what it can be compared to locally on the market today.

    What im finding odd is

    You would think that with 3 seperate offers from people with nothing to sell then there would of been some guzumping going on, especially in 3 days, but then to sell for 3K less than the asking. It makes me wonder what the other offers were.

    It just doen't seem like a typical transaction imho

    £261,00 - 29th October 2004.

    No Gazumping as that only exists in fairly sound markets


    Actually suprised that you lot have heard of Ceraig Davis & Kes.

    Thought Leonard Cohen would be more your thang. :ph34r:

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