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  1. Your sad and bitter and make me laugh with your lemon sucking, sad, sad ways.
  2. Mr Blek. You really are a fox hunt Your programmes on BBC 1
  3. No, I meant black clothes. Never known such a miserable bunch! Vid on record, lift too pub, happy days. Keep up the good work so that I'll have someting to go at tomorrow. Just dont make me spell frinds.
  4. You HPC people really are edgy and aggressive. Lots of swearing too? Look, I know things aren't panning out the way you have planned but look on the bright side. Summers nearly here, the bulbs are coming up and it's the world cup this year. Now take offa those black clothes, brush your teeth, have a wash and get out and meet people.
  5. Diddums. You sleepy weepy. All this talk of doom and gloom made you tiredy wiredy. True sign of your own self worth in my opinion. Take it on the chin fool. You give you must take also. Now stop your whining and get to bed.
  6. No. What it really means is that we could disprove your bolloc* of a theory quite easily. But I for one cannot be arsed as at 10.27pm I will be downing my 4th pint of Abbott Ale in my freindly local, a million miles away from this hilarious site in the real world where the sun always shines, property is ALWAYS profitable and the beers are chilled. Call me what you wish. Tis not me fretting and sucking lemons. Now run along there, it's past your bedtime. We don't want you having HPC nightmares now do we.
  7. Litter? I know. Why dont we all (3) ring the speaking clock and all post the words "Get a life you k*ob" at 10.27pm tonight? That would show them. On second thoughts, I'm out for a beer and a life so scratch that one.
  8. Thanks for the nod. Wouldt have known about it otherwise. Kids loved it. Sitting on the patio with quickly cobbled together eclipse glasses!
  9. Annie, I am not here to gloat at all. I have been involved in property for well over a decade and am merely trying to show things from my perspective. Firstly, yes, there are lots of properties that are well, well overpriced and do (and will) need to be readjusted down. I agree with this BUT, it will not pan out the same accross the whole market, to the same degree and at the same time. This is my main gripe with this site. There are a lot of undoubtedly switched on posters on here but their views seem to me to be very black and white, all or nothing. The property market is not like that.
  10. You guys do make me chuckle. Believe it or not, you are not right about everything. Keep up the good work. Fretting, posting and worrying about the terrible, big bad HPC. Lovely.
  11. No need. I know and thats the most important thing! I'm not here to gloat, merely to point out to people that regardless of the negativity on here, there are still reasonably priced properties out there. Remember, much as people on here want you to believe that everything is black and white, it isn't. Tell you what undersupply, why don't you post the details of properties you lie awake at night wishing you had bought but never quite felt 'right' about them.
  12. Undersupply. Wrong. And only underlines the fact that you think maybe a little bit too much about the wrong things in life. Bless
  13. All coming here for a chuckle to get them through the long winter nights. Now that the clocks have gone forward, traffic will probably fall off as people get out and enjoy themselves.........
  14. This post just confirms how out of touch many, many people are on here with the real world. It would then follow that they are out of touch with what is really happennong in the property market. This would then explain why us bulls find it titteringly funny that you are still waffling on and on and on. So, city bonuses are having an an effect on the winter market? well they may be in central London but I can assure you that we have not felt their effect in Brierley Hill. This is what really makes me chuckle, the reneralisations regarding the property market. X happens in area 1 so X will
  15. Keepwatching, You said it. Wonder how many more years the hot air and crap will last before people get board of the predictions that never occur for the majority of the population?
  16. Dalek. Have you thought that there a lot of replies as it makes a change to hear differing points instead of HPC backslapping. And I'm no estate agent you plum, just someone that does not get swayed and paniked by narrow minded public sentiment. It' starting to get just like it was on the way up. Know it alls jumping the bandwagon becoming overnight experts. Only this time it's about the HPC not how easy it is to make cash from property. For those that keep theier head and walk a middle line during the upturns and downturns there will still be easy and yummy profits to be made. 11,000th m
  17. A myths section is a must. Split it too. One side for the bulls, one side for the bears. "all properties are going to fall 40%" "everyone holding property is thick" "there is no money in property" I can't wait. This will be great.
  18. I can't help it. I'm an angry property person and all of these people that have jumped on the HPC bangwagon telling me that my fortune is about to crumble into dust are beginning to make me angry. They can't be right. They can't be right. They can't be right. Am I in denial. Do I need help. Somebody, tell me what to do. While I'm waiting for a realistic pointer, I'm off to get a couple of bottles of good red to drink while I watch the Eastenders omnibus.
  19. Bravo that man \ woman. They can't see it though. Funny really.
  20. Yes your right, I'm really angry. My last sale completed 3 days late, for £500 under the asking price and I had to deal with the whole thing myself as I saved £1,000's by not using an agent. Can't wait for kickboxing tommorrow. The bags had it........
  21. Randall Herbert: Wrong. Never seen the need for ailiases as I have nothing to hide. Sorry. Good try but as usual - wrong. Keep up the good work. And where are you based Smurfit. Your EA should have been on the TV last week because he is speaking p*o
  22. Here’s a sketchy potted history of the last 6 years or so of lunacy and an answer to how this will play out. For Landlords.................. House prices go up - slowly BTL now making a loss - only for mug landlords. The rest are laughing Rents go up - nice Wages go up - nice - more rent increses Inflation goes up - whats inflation Interest rates go up - fixed so no pro! BTL now making a loss again - some bloody silly people out there..... Rents go up - christmas day again....... Wages go up - more rent increses Inflation goes up - whats inflation Interest rates go up - fixed so no
  23. Never ridicule kites. There is no better feeling than flying a 2 meter parafoil on a beautiful spring day on top of your favorite hill. It's sad news that they are closing.
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