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  1. A big factor in quieter high streets. More people now buy online using credit cards.
  2. Lint is the new gold. I'm hoarding it like there is no tomorrow. I want £220 for my pocket's worth so prices have risen by 10% since apom posted last. And of course I am now very rich indeed. In fact, I think I will use my new lint wealth to secure a self-certified mortgage to buy one of those lovely new flats. I need somewhere to store my lint after all.
  3. fixed price property is relevant to Scotland where many properties are sold with "offers over" (although contrary to what Phil and Kirstie say, 20% over the asking price isn't the norm - well it wasn't until idiots like them started quoting it to English buyers heading north!). So you can only get help if the property price is fixed - you can't make a (legally binding) offer above that price and then go back to the Executive to fund the part-purchase. To me these schemes say this. Can't afford a house? Don't worry, borrow as much as you possibly can. Still can't buy a house? Don't worry. Another taxpayer will help you out with the difference - maybe even a potential FTBer who themselves can't afford a house.
  4. Judging by your username and piccie I'd hazard a guess that you aren't old enough to have a home to call your own let alone a mortgage. Although there's an idea. Mortgages for schoolkids. Get them on the property ladder early. You know it makes sense! Good luck in your exams by the way. Those GCSEs will prove very useful when you need that job in McDonald's.
  5. Who on earth is going to get a mortgage on that?
  6. 20% to zero in a year. That's HUGE! But remember we are talking house price inflation not house prices.
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