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  1. This amount of butt hurt screams vested interest to me. Cards on the table please.
  2. Read 'The Trap' by jimmy goldsmith and all will become clear. He predicted it all and he had the solution.
  3. Shhhh! Immigrants are hard working, don't use public services and never ever commit crime. We lived in mud huts before they arrived and gave us fire and civilisation. True story.
  4. So on the one hand we get minimum wage jobs in retail selling tat with zero hours contracts, on the other we get to be enriched with new, diverse and interesting forms of street crime. Hmmm, think ill pass and stay horribly white and dangerously English.
  5. It's absurd to think the EU can be like the US. The US was created by Englishmen, with a shared language, culture, history and religion. They believed in liberty and limited government and were ferociously patriotic nationalists. If you need telling that the EU is the antithesis of this then you're beyond help .
  6. I can assure you a British Muslim would choose an Indonesian Muslim over a British Christian in a heartbeat. Islam is like no other religion in earth.
  7. Ukip wouldn't have bailed out the banks. We'd have had the mother of all crashes by now.
  8. Well that's the idea with having an army, the more effective it is, the less likely you are to HAVE to use it.
  9. Freetraders charts are what's known as a slam dunk
  10. As a regular poster on here (his name escapes me) often points out, he hires a villa in Spain for €500 a month in winter, all bills included. Why the hell would you give up your freedom to travel where you wish?
  11. BNP? Dont be absurd. UKIP are dominated by a libertarian economic clique, THAT is the main problem with them. That said, they present the best, indeed only, chance we have of destroying the liblabcon hegemony. The destruction of the Tory party is what will set the ball rolling on a political earthquake. UKIP are the means to that end.
  12. The article is written by Alex massie, far left public school educated middle class hypocrite, son of privilege who loves multiculturalism so much he chooses to live in a nice safe white neighbourhood. Ah, the foul stench of hypocrisy............
  13. I don't blame you for being evasive, you're high and dry for all to see. I'm sure a house in Warsaw costs the same as its London equivalent. Bit odd that average polish salary is around 4 times less than ours though but, hey, sure there's a logical explanation. I have some magic beans for sale too if you're interested.
  14. Lets cut to the chase. Does 20k sterling go further in Poland or Uk? Does Poland have cheaper houses than uk? Yes or no to both please.
  15. The left hate themselves and hate everyone like them. Thank God the rest of the country doesn't enjoy londons vibrant crime levels.
  16. This^^^ The idea is that a persons thought process runs thus 'I really want that car/play station/tv' but prices are falling so ill wait'. I bet not one tv car or ps has been sold in Japan for twenty years. Ahem......
  17. Yes, because everyone in Poland lives in Warsaw.............
  18. I was a prison officer in 2008 helping oversee the building of a new houseblock. The construction company had fifty polish labourers on the job and I escorted them around for six months. For the whole of that time they were working seven day weeks, ten hours a day for about £2000 a month after deductions. Was it because they are altruistic and wanted to work hard to repay britain for our assistance in WW2? Perhaps they are just machines with a superior work ethic? I got on pretty well with them so I decided to ask them. To a man they said they were here to earn as much money as possible beca
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