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  1. 11 hours ago, Crashley Banjo said:

    Thx for the post gems like this make this forum worth visiting.

    Yes indeed. I found your account most interesting. Thanks.

    I am a pre boomer (b.1932), survived the blitz, bought my first house  on a new estate in Langley (£2600), second in Kenton (£5000 - those were the days, eh) and been there ever since. I never need to go abroad. Abroad has come to me. ?

  2. I want to leave so much that I even paid my entrance fee and joined the Brexit party,

    Farage was very clever in making the recent pole a single issue. If it should go

    to a general election he would be wise to keep it a single issue. I fear his big

    win might have gone to his head, however.

    It will be interesting to see how the Brexit candidate fares at the Peterborough by-election.


  3. 19 hours ago, stormymonday_2011 said:

    When all is said and done it is just the sort of terraced house that the Pooters of this world lived in over a century ago not the residence of the bloody Duchess of Devonshire. Indeed, the main character of the Diary of A Nobody actually lived in a 6 bedroom house in Holloway on a clerk's wages. Much of the space in these properties is made up of ex servants quarters and basement sculleries


    The fact you think it is so big just shows you how indoctrinated people in the UK have become to tiny houses in recent decades. In reality it is not much bigger than the average American home

    The price expectations here are well within the realms of Mr Pooters own delusions of grandeur.

    Anyway both the house and the garden are clearly far too much for the sellers otherwise they might have tidied them up a bit


    You sparked my interest so l looked up the house on street view and downloaded the book from Gutenberg.


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