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  1. Hi, I would try to be brief in explaining my issue. During the viewing of the flat, the estate agent informed me about the amount to pay to cover the utility bills; the flat is in building centrally managed. This was done verbally, however. when i went to sign the tenancy agreement, the person i dealt with was not present. The tenancy agreement was not specific about the utility bills payment and he forgot(?) to include the relevant information in my file folder. I asked his replacement who gave me the old scheme of payment from what the former estate agent explained to me. on a good will, actually, i had no other alternative, i signed the contract. I emailed subsequently the former estate agent who apologised for not including the relevant information. To my surprise he emailed me the cost which was higher than he intially told me. I have for this only the previous tenant and my partner as witnesses. When I reported that to him, he replied by saying that 's not what he would have said to me...and asked me to set up a standing order with a certain amount which exceeds the printed form given to me during the signature of my tenancy agreement; i still hold a copy of standing order form. He emailed me this morning asking me to sign an addendum in the request of the landlord, although i am sure he is lying as he wants to cover for his mistake, to pledge the payment of the higher utility bills cost....in one word, i am too gutted and feel stupid for believing him instead of having a signed letter in its regard. I am in a quite shaky position as my partner is extremely unwell and don't want her to get in anymore troubles. The problem is that financially i am just just and this extra unexpected cost will burden me further....what do you advise me please to do? Cheers
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