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  1. Good point Crystal Ball, there are laws against a ltd company trading while technically insolvent, but it doesn't seem to apply to individuals consumer spending. Taking another view, maybe a mass debters flash mob bankruptcy protest would teach the banks a lesson for loose lending. But as someon else mentioned on HPC forum, the banks have passed this liability of the debt on to other firms in the credit market this time around, having been burnt in the last recession. A poor credit rating can be postive in the sense of going 'cold turkey'. If a consumption junkie can't borrow it, they can't
  2. the london rate of 'jobseekers allowance' is £55 + rent/council tax etc., so what motivation do people have to keep working if they get in that state ? Its like the red queen (alice in Wonderland) theory where you keep running just to stand still.
  3. Second part of the report in a few minutes time - Looks like bad journalism, I lived 8 miles away from Portsmouth for first 18 years of my life, so know the area as my folks still live their. The first report failed to mention that the luxury riverside housing and shopping development has shops that are all reject and factory shops, which I bet the off-plan buyers didn't know. A massive tower with a viewing patform has been built on the front, why they built this white elephant instead of a decent housing block I don't know, ironic considering they are going on about the famous 'tricorn'eye
  4. Of course these 'revisited' type of programs conveniently avoid talking about current falls in the market. The type of 'buy a property abroad' programmes advertised afterwards seem to be on the increase as well. But to be fair there was a big thing made on the trailer about the problems involved. I watched most of this banal L x 3 program although i normally avoid it. I noticed the usual ploy of saying the owner had made 80K profit, although he had not sold it yet.
  5. The great Monkey may wish to set his video recorder to see the lost episodes of his honourable relations tonight on channel 4. 'Do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say it will not turn into a dragon' 01:15 am Monkey The Lost 13 Episodes A behind-the-scenes look at the production of 13 previously unscreened episodes of the cult series. 01:45 am Monkey [subtitles] The Tormented Emperor Emperor Busoku, ruler of the country of Biku, is tormented at night by the ghost of Queen Seiko of Shitan, whose country he destroyed many years ago.
  6. congratulations Monkey on starting the 5 Live media coup. This post appears to be the the most highly viewed post by nearly 1000 views on the new forum. I detect a high anti-Kirsty sentiment.
  7. Copy of BBC webpage mentioned above, They are looking at different city centre each morning The quest for urban regeneration Breakfast's series: 0740 and 0840 BST from Monday to Friday The devastation caused by the bombing of Britain's cities during World War 2 meant that large areas had to be rebuilt in the decades following the conflict. Then in the 1960s and 70s there was further urban expansion with a spate of concrete tower blocks and the development of so called new towns. Now the government is encouraging cities the length and breadth of Britain to re-invent themselves. Some a
  8. They just had a few comments critising the lack of affordable housing being built in these developments, a person also talked about enormous amount of ugly modern developments built in manchester Our telephone information line is open from 7.30am to midnight, seven days a week. The number is 08707 878787 By e-mail You can send an e-mail to the main Breakfast inbox by clicking on this link: breakfasttv@bbc.co.uk text them on 07736 100 100
  9. BBc breakfast news 7.19. Fd Savill +Architect Talking up market in City centre in Nottingham report . Email/phone them now for comments, I think comments will be looked at later in show, morning papers talking about house price falls and people tightening belts. Its part of this Regen Report at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/breakfast/3625198.stm I think they are going to review email/phone comments in a minute (7.59) after news and at 8.40 am - according to this page. By phone Our telephone information line is open from 7.30am to midnight, seven days a week. The number is 08707 8
  10. Thanks for your excellent efforts folks, you cheered up my day. By the way I saw a Tv prog on the weekend with quick flashes of various b/c class celebs being asked for a one liner saying what they would like to have been if they were not in their current job. Kirsty and Phil were on there, Kirsty said she wanted to be a politician ! She certainly appears to not tell the truth often enough to qualify. Ps Previously known as Saving for a Spaceship, but my password disappeared
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