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  1. I think we (the plebs) will all gang up and attack the landed gentry in their castles/gated commumnities etc with pitchforks before we get to the point of starvation and eating each other
  2. But....but....I've just seen the opposite....lots of lovely reductions. Every week (on Saturday) for the past few years I've looked at all the properties added in the past 7 days on RM in various places along the M4 and this year for the first time I've found 50% reductions in Cardiff!! 81/164 (allowing for double entries). I thought the HPC would start in London and then spread outwards but it looks like it's leapfrogged as nowhere else I monitor has this many reductions. Maybe Ros has put her property empire on the market and it ain't selling
  3. I joined in mid 2000's when I thought a HPC was well overdue when my house earned more than I did. I was working in a succession of shi*** jobs in a place I didn't want to be having divorced and brought up 3 children. After they finished school and uni I moved back to England and downsized so I did benefit from HPI and I realize how lucky that was. I didn't want all my wealth tied up in a house and I used some of the released cash to recover from the past 20 stressful years. I would like to be able to move back to the SE where I grew up but that is out of the question unless we get HPC. My children have had a much harder time of it than my generation and I hate to see them struggling. Goodness knows what it will be like when my grandchildren have reached adulthood. This site has reallly been educational as well as sometimes causing me to LOL
  4. All very interesting and congratulations on getting the book into print. You say if everyone did what you've done the system would fall apart but what needs to happen from the earth's point of view is precisely that. We've created so much waste and extracted so much wealth from the earth and its getting worse and worse as globalisation means that those who were literally dirt-poor and had nothing aspire to the life-styles of the west. Fair enough too yet the conspicuous consumption of some in the west is truely obscene so I see living frugally with just enough (although what that is varies from person to person) as the way forward. It's not only rich people who consume too much either. I find it upsetting to see people drinking to excess etc etc as they are harming themselves as well as wider society yet everything is geared to make us want to consume (anything and everything) to excess and the more stress people (in large part because they are under stress from work) are under the more they tend to consume. I am female so not all women want to buy, buy, buy although I agree a lot of the consumption is driven by women. The ecological argument for saving hard; consuming less and valuing time more than posessions might work on wives and children for those wanting to go down this route. I retired before my state pension kicked in but on a lot less than you have. I may live to regret that at some point and it's possible I may have to work again in the future but for the moment I wouldn't change it. I love my time being my own and eg if I go on a train it's because I want to not because I have to commute to work.
  5. All I know is I've been expecting HPC since 2003 when my house earned more than I was. So I've been waiting 13 years so far. I thought it was happening at the end of 2008 and it would have done if the government hadn't intervened. It has to collapse at some point but who knows when that will be. There is no free market in operation with property. However on the bright side BTL is no longer viable for highly geared LLs so this could be the trigger. Here's hoping and let's hope it explodes with a bang rather than a whimper
  6. Actually I was forgetting most new developments have "coach houses" ie flats above garages. That would be ideal....just let the car cop it when it floods or better still rent out the garage (innit) to the well meaning young professionals.
  7. "Professional" LL with high leverage is practically an oxymoron
  8. Why not build houses on stilts in areas liable to flood? Native houses in the far east eg Malaysia have done this at the sides of rivers etc. We could do the same with modern building materials.
  9. The only time it might be helpful is if you're looking for somewhere to buy and like the place (and can afford it) as after moving in as a tenant you'd be in a very good position to buy the place and maybe at a "bargain" price so the LL can offload with a lack of hassle. It would be a good way to "try before you buy"
  10. For the areas I follow I do a search on RM every week for the previous week's listings ie last 7 days and routinely (for the past month or so) I find around 25% of the "new" listings are actually reductions. This is in the SE although not for Herts which must be where all the people exiting London are heading!
  11. Funnily enough I too have been called this morning by an EA looking for business. This was after I'd shown some interest in a new build so now the EA wants mine to sell. They don't give up easily. I was practically bullied into putting my house on the market earlier this year by another agent. Perhaps they think if they harrass for long enough they will get someone to cave in!
  12. + 1 The advantage to just leaving is that it will concentrate minds on sorting out all this sort of stuff afterwards instead of all the hand-wringing and faffing about.
  13. I heard this the other day on the radio (can't remember who it was) but they said all we have to do is stop paying the subs and announce we're leaving
  14. I phoned one once for a laugh but the valuation was very low compared to local EAs (something like 129K for a house "worth" 175K). There was a slightly better valuation if I was prepared to sell to an "investor". These "investors" may start to thin out unless they are cash buyers.
  15. Yes I heard it..........2 LLs from 118 and Henry Pryor. 1st LL is evicting social tenents as they can't afford rent rises. Someone mentioned possibly selling a property (or 2) in order to pay the tax due and reduce their debt but the LL (a lady with 30 plus properties) said where would the tenants go. The other LL said he rarely if ever put his rents up then one of his tenants was interviewed and she has just been issued with £100 increase and can't afford it.
  16. I'm old enough to remember when the water rates were included in the rates so there was one less bill than now as well.
  17. Agree 100%......we're well overdue for a correction
  18. The person in my family who is best off financially is my mother in her late 80s. There are plenty of older pensioners who have a lot of wealth and are now busy spending it on "care" having partaken of numerous cruises/holidays. I was done for by divorce and being a single parent. There was limited and very poor childcare while my children were young hence the "career" never happened for me and I took a succession of poorly paid "c*** " jobs to keep our heads above water. The lucky part was HPI which enabled me to release some of the equity when I downsized. However I've landed next door to a nightmare neighbour by moving downmarket but that's another story
  19. This is one of the most hilarious threads for a while.....good work
  20. I'm willing to bet that the gist will be towards getting all the audience to buy and get on the ladder before it's tooo late. Prices in Bristol only ever go up.....people have been making fantastic gains.....blah...blah. In other words a giant sales pitch. I doubt you'll get any chance to ask anything or you'll be asked to leave (thrown out). I would advise a tin helmet. PS It does actually say it's a presentation. Presumeably sales in Bristol are very thin at the moment.
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