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  1. I predict there will be blood on the streets.....alll those people who have been on council waiting lists for years won't be happy either even if they feel sorry for the Grenfell residents.......... Are the government mad? Silly question really.........
  2. Those who bought at full price are not going to be happy........... The flats have a gym, swimming pool and concierge........bit of a differnce from Grenfell which I read had homeless people in the communal bits.............
  3. I think Gribble must have got out of bed the wrong side today. Either that or the hot weather has got to him. I'm also 65 and find his stance abhorrent. I only have a state pension but no BTL anywhere in the world Sorry to mrtickle the thread has got hijacked.....it's good news for HPC from Rightmove..........may the falls continue
  4. Titty's reply to people on mumsnet who don't believe it! We've both had inheritances that have gone into our respective properties. Her basic salary is £45k. She gets a 30% shift allowance, guaranteed overtime worth another £10k per year and the £800 per month rent. She bought an ex council flat in SW18 that was about to be repossessed for £130k in around 2004. Sold for £385k in 2009 when she bought a shared ownership flat in SW6 for £450k. She used some inheritance to staircase and has sold that for £925k in the last month. I bought a flat in London in 2002 for £264k and sold it for £490k in 2009. I'd bought a house in Cardiff in 1997 for £40k and sold it in 2004 for £145k. As a result I have no mortgage now (I'm not 40 yet) on a 6 bed, £400k house. We come from a pretty savvy family, and there's been a bit of property value luck along the way. Very different lifestyles now, but both where we want to be. Titty will be OK as she has no mortgage but her sister...........oh dear
  5. Cheek! It's buyer beware so he's definitely pulling a fast one
  6. .........but minus cash transactions ie no mortgage which make up a substantial part of the picture. LR figures are the most accurate.
  7. He engineered it for his banker buddies so will be smiling smugly to himself
  8. ........or out of principle......I've had this happen to me and I told them to p**** off. It was at a late stage when I had packed everything and exchange was imminent. I lost quite a lot of money too but c'est la vie. I think I've seen it all over the years and the whole house buying/selling process can bring out the worst in people..
  9. The place I grew up was detached houses with plenty of space (I didn't realise how lucky I was). If you go back there now there are no children at all playing outside on their bikes etc as we used to. Instead the houses have grey-haired occupants with the occasional gardener/handyman at work outside. The occupants have lived there for years and are so old they need to employ gardeners/cleaners etc as they can no longer do any of it themselves. They're often unable even to go out into their gardens so admire it from inside. What a waste of good family homes. Meanwhile young families are cramped into small newbuilds or flats. It's a catastrophe. There are great swathes of the country like this.
  10. +1 It's worth making low offers because we usually don't know the seller's circumstances. It could be they're desperate to sell as they're about to get repossessed etc etc (or BTLers about to be made bankrupt). Usually it won't work but you might strike lucky........at least that's what I'm hoping for.
  11. BOE (Bank of England) pensions are RPI linked.........what a surprise!
  12. I grew up in the area and I agree it's good compared with a lot of places. Take a look at the S Wales valleys for instance......I would like to move back but unless prices nosedive there's no chance
  13. I have experience of living in new build and old Victorian properties. The old ones had bigger rooms but were freezing cold and very dificult to get adequate insulation. They also had hidden horrors eg drains blocking and rotting joists which were not picked up in surveys. In contrast the new build had a 10 year NHBC guarantee and was lighter but rooms and plot were much smaller plus you could hear a lot of what was going on next door! (not very good noise insulation). The old houses were money pits but the new one needed nothing in the 8 years I was there. So you pays your money...... Kirsty and Phil have a lot to answer for though as they always make out that renovations are nothing much to worry about and when they return to people they helped purchase properties they always pick the people it worked out for. In my experience doing up houses is vey stressful and expensive and always takes much longer than you think.
  14. I've just sold a new build house which was a good little house and suited me fine but what I hadn't bargained for was the way the place was going downhill fast mainly as there were quite a few BTLs with dubious tenants in them. The management committee are key here and were pretty lax and useless in my case. It needs a zero tolerance stance towards anti-social behaviour/litter/parking issues otherwise the lowest common denominator wins out. I've learnt a valuable lesson which is watch out who your neighbours are and if you buy a new build you have no say on who you might have to put up with.
  15. I've often wondered why everything is always in percentage terms. It's the same with benefits etc and means they can get way out of kilter with each other as time goes on........same with salaries.
  16. It was a Gordon Brown "make work" policy as there is a whole department of DWP to administer it.
  17. Also Sarah Beeney's latest is a whole series called "How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeney". Does she know something's afoot?
  18. I look at property which has been listed on RM (which includes properties new to the market but also reductions) over the past 7 days every week at various places along the M4. For the past 2 weeks there has been 50% of properties reduced in places like Wokingham/Crowthorne/Sandhurst mainly at the middle and bottom ends but as you go further along ie to Chippenham/Bath/Cardiff then it's only about 25% reductions so there's definitely something going on in Berkshire. 2-bed terraces are still at around £300K though! Still a long way to go before it gets to anything sensible. Strangely enough prices at the top end seem to be immune.......all that London money moving out maybe? Some places with a lot 2/3 bed seem to have a glut of ex BTLs with no chain eg Sandhurst.
  19. Good luck and brilliant you're holding your nerve
  20. Or look at some places in Berkshire eg Crowthorne famous for Wellington College (and close to Broadmoor). In the last 7 days there were : 15 properties listed Of these 4 were "doubles" ie the same property listed with more than one agent or that other annoying thing where the same property is listed again for the over 60s only; 7 are reductions
  21. + 1 This is my experience too except all my grandmother's stash went to my mother. My father died through overwork aged 49 so she got the lot!
  22. What about people in their 80s sitting on fortunes and well-aware of what's happening but don't give a jot about their children/grandchildren struggling? They were the cruise generation in their 60s and 70s and are now busy spending their wealth on their own care/cleaners/gardeners etc living in places wheich they can't manage but see no reason to downsize. There are many selfish in that generation too
  23. I'm like this too. I sold in Feb but mainly because of a neighbour from hell. Prices are still rising here too and I've viewed a lot of ex BTLs which were very run down and needed more than a bit of tlc so now unless prices start falling rapidly I think I may buy but it will have to be a flat rather than a grotty house. If the crash starts here (Wilts) then I will hang on in this rental although it's not ideal. Hurry up HPC
  24. I was in a similar position and left my final offer "on the table". The agent came back to me after a fortnight saying the seller was interested after all. By this time I had more or less discounted that property (in my mind and forgotten about it) but we have now agreed a sale which was at that price. Sometimes it pays to wait Also I would definitely ignore "offers over".
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