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  1. Off topic but................ .....I feel really sorry for your daughter.
  2. Unexplained Wealth Orders, and the fear that foreigners may have that laundered cash in the UK is not as safe as they thought. The latest shenanigans with Russia may see more questions being asked of Russian "investors" or even a ban on them buying here and hopefully investigations regarding those already here with their ill-gotten gains............. All good for HPC in London........
  3. I'm banking on IRs rising along with inflation and if they reach 10% as DB predicts then being in cash might not be so bad (as long as they don't change the rules on how much the government will guarantee £75K per institution at the moment). In any case we will all be a lot better off than all those leveraged to the hilt and if house prices fall as well then.......
  4. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-02/2002-president-bush-imposed-30-steel-tariffs-what-happened-next
  5. Interesting the conception trend was sharply down in 2014.........I'd like to see an updated version and also one for the UK. From that data the US has been in recession for a couple of years even though GDP doesn't show it...........
  6. Where was the flat and did you buy it as a new build? I think you will be glad you STR and (if)/when IRs rise you will be quids in.......things are on the turn
  7. I daresay nothing gets done until HMRC decides to do a project targetting whoever is next on their list. Probably for ages it wasn't worth it for LLs but now it is so they are the next target group. I don't suppose they ever do the odd person here and there unless it's a very high net worth individual which could explain the lack of interest in the report Mapatasy gave.
  8. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-19/londons-property-crash-has-begun .............already on the London thread but it won't hurt to add it here as well..........just to give us all hope
  9. The council owned the houses prior to selling them for £1 so there wasn't anyone to pay council tax before. I too wondered how much the council had had to fork out for the houses when they were compulsorarily purchased. I was also wondering what the previous people who'd owned them (and been forced out) were thinking as they watched their previously much-loved house being done up. They really were hovels but probably solidly built. I couldn't help thinking the people taking them on were extremely brave (naive?). The conditions applied seemed a bit harsh eg only 1 year for them to be "done up" which isn't long if you're working at the same time. The works had to be approved by the council's surveyor and the houses couldn't be sold for 5 years. If the conditions weren't met then the purchasers would lose what ever they'd spent on them. The worst aspect was the random vandalism and worries about safety. As others have said they should have had many houses being "done-up" at the same time for it to work better and I don't know why they didn't as there were apparently plenty of applicants.
  10. Nowhere on any news report I have seen is there any mention of desalination plants operating in Cape Town. Why haven't they got any? It would seem the obvious answer seeing as they're on the coast?? (Scratches head)
  11. If I was selling and the EA wasn't following up on queries and allowing viewings Id be more than a little p*ssed off. ......especially from a potential cash buyer. I'd definitely try the note through the door tactic and drop the EA in it for good measure....the seller is paying through the nose for the EA to do his job and needs all the help he can get to sell in this market
  12. It was the scale of the proposed development which seemed wrong to me......it will completely dwarf that village (Culham). If it could be about a quarter of the size maybe it would be more acceptable. I can see why the people in the village are up in arms as it will completely transform it. The council guy was saying the reason for putting the development there was because it was near the station but was there going to be any other infrastructure?? They didn't mention that. Mostly there are a lot of brownfield sites around which should be used before considering using green belt land. Often they are more expensive to develop because of clean up costs but it seems wrong to allow the wholescale use of good countryside for housing IMHO.
  13. 10 property facts and graphs http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41684812
  14. Many may mock but I have been on the receiving end and it wasn't a pleasant experience. It happened several months down the line and I had got to the stage of quotes from removal firms and incurred about £500 of expenses when my buyer tried this tactic. I didn't cave in but the chain fell apart so he f*****d everyone in the chain not just me.
  15. I used to watch it but not any more...............I can't stand it and the whole programme is way past its sell by date IMHO
  16. Interesting article which seems to tie in with this thread: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-29/doug-casey-coming-financial-crisis-its-gigantic-accident-waiting-happen
  17. I lived in Cardiff for 29 years and was glad to escape back to England.........only one problem with Wales.........the Welsh all hate the English. Most hide it well but when the chips are down.....or they're drunk all the bile spills out
  18. more......... http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-14/swedish-housing-bubble-pops-stockholm-apartment-prices-crash-most-june-2009 apartments in Stockholm now and a surge in supply which reminds me of London
  19. I have seen places advertised for sale at the same time as being advertised to rent. I think the LL just accepts whichever happens first. No doubt S24/IR rise will cause them to focus their minds on whether it might be better to get on with selling instead.
  20. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-11/sweden-more-signs-worlds-biggest-housing-bubble-cracking Stockholm this time and interesting quote at the end of the article about mismanagment of the Swedish housing market
  21. Very interesting insight. I also read somewhere recently that there are people in work yet homeless in Silicon Valley.
  22. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-05/housing-bubble-20-all-cash-offers-increasingly-required-compete-overheating-markets FTBs in US are being outbid by cash-rich moving out from cities or BTLers and looks to be getting worse with prices rising. Are we leading the pack with downward prices here in the UK? Surely there can't be another leg up to come here, can there?
  23. Most sellers will probably sit tight until after Christmas........I'm expecting a few hefty discounts in January from people who really want to sell.......
  24. It's the same as being gazumped or gazundered in my view and when a deal is struck to come along later and try to re-negotiate is immoral in my view. Serves them right for messing about (greed) over a measly £5K (peanuts to them and a lot to anyone else). I definitely think you've dodged the bullet. Just hang on a little longer..................you will reap the reward and get a better (not good but better) value house
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