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  1. Maybe you could include some notable former MPs such as teflon Tony as he accrued a lot of property whilst in office I seem to recall. A very good idea and sorry I can't be of more help.
  2. Hopefully other councils are taking note and starting their own schemes. it seems obvious really to start databases in each area with basic info. I like the idea of getting info from all the various departments and creating a co-ordinated approach. There was a recent Ch4 series (I forget the name) which also showed various awful scenarios for tenants (and LLs) so it's reaching the main stream. Another ruse is to let the property supposedly to a family and the tenant then sublets to others without the knowledge of the LL or agent.
  3. Not sure about the end game but between then and now I think there will be a massive crash in asset prices, not only property but art, classic cars etc etc, equities, PMs etc so that all the places where people have stored their wealth fall in value and this will be worldwide. So the people who don't have much now will be affected least and this will at least level the playing field a bit. People with large bank balances will suffer bail-ins but again those with modest savings will survive more or less intact. TPTB won't be able to stop it. This is what I want to happen anyway. Fantasy??
  4. No couples in case you split up and the resulting single person can no longer afford the rent with only one income maybe......
  5. Where's this? Is it in London? Is it likely the garage will be demolished and the plot used for a house or flats?
  6. It's probably for someone who just sold his London property for a fortune and can afford to pay £1m with cash to spare and thinking themselves very clever to have got out at the top before the inevitable crash which will ripple outwards from PCL (Prime Central London). Unfortunately the locals havn't got a hope in hell in this market when competing against folks moving out from PCL.
  7. Perhaps they've been watching the tales of woe on Ch5 "Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords" which have featured some truly nightmare tenants as well as slum landlords. There were a couple of LLs featured who I actually felt sorry for.
  8. I saw the prog when it aired on BBC3 and most of those truely homeless had absolutely no income as they had been sanctioned by DWP nor could they get jobs. There were also many "sofa surfing" so homeless but not visibly so and also many preferrred taking their chances outside as they felt unsafe in hostels. There was also a girl student who ended up sleeping in a cubby hole in her student friends' house and had been made homeless IIRC because she couldn't afford a deposit on a new place.
  9. As we all know on HPC the HB is a direct subsidy to the LL so basically our tax money will be going to line Chinese LL pockets.
  10. Rising house prices are caused mainly by the availability of credit not by a shortage of supply so increasing the supply doesn't have any effect in this "market".
  11. This is what I would do too. It's not worth the hassle.
  12. It's the debt interest which is the killer. Why use up taxpayers' money to pay interest on debt? If there was no debt the tax money would stretch much further. Taxes could come down for the same level of services. Now there's a thought.
  13. What about re-mortgaging? Maybe it's existing borrowers re-mortgaging at a cheaper rate.
  14. Didn't see the programme but wonder if the high service charges featured. Most retirement flats have service charges of around £200 per month. If you're an oldie who paid off your mortgage long ago so not used to paying out like this every month this must seem like a big expense. OK you've made a killing on your house but why would you fritter it away on a monthly service charge when you could stay put and save that and stamp duty of a new purchase.
  15. When I was growing up we lived in a detached house with plenty of space around it and quiet roads to cycle in. When I go back there (Berkshire) the estate of 3/4bed houses (mainly detached) is quiet as the grave as either the original occupants are still there (in their 80s by now) or people are out at work. There are no children riding their bikes or playing in the large gardens. The families with children can no way afford these family homes and instead probably live in much more cramped conditions. This is quite simply wrong. Oldies in their 80s are more often unable to maintain large family houses and need a gardener/cleaner etc plus they put in a stair lift if they can't manage the stairs. They are family homes and should be used as such. I agree most people find it hard to give up a house they have lived in for years and which has happy memories but what about the next generation? I think it's really selfish to house-block in this way. Apart from monetary incentives to move perhaps there should be schemes to help people cope with the whole moving process which is complicated and if you haven't moved for years will be a stumbling block for a lot of people especially for recently bereaved widows/widowers. The other thing putting people off the hassle of a move is downsizing all their "stuff" accumulated over the years. There definitely needs to be a spotlight put on this though as older pensioners downsizing/rightsizing would free up a lot of the housing stock and maybe bring prices down a bit too if the supply is increased.
  16. I will not live in a Victorian house again. It's what you can't see which is a potential nightmare and expensive to fix. Tree roots growing into drains; rotten joists;dry rot; wet rot; damp; falling ceilings; draughts...the list goes on and on. I disagree about the passive solar as well as most are long and thin in terraces so unless you are lucky to face east/west you don't get much sunlight directly into the house for much of the day. What Kirsty and Phil neglect to say is that you need a lot of money and good DIY skills even to consider living in an old house.
  17. Don't worry they're just reeling in the last few suckers before the crash!
  18. QA sign of the times maybe..... similar ad in Metro newspaper (Bristol edition) one day last week for "Move Any House" same idea "We'll buy your house today!". "Call us free now and get your same day cash offer". Apparently they've been in business over 77 years!
  19. Conflating some of the points above.......as long as you are a debtor you are at risk (of not being able to pay what you owe). On the other hand if you have some savings (even getting a very poor rate of return) then you are not the one taking the risks and can tell your employer where to go if you don't like his s***** job. Your savings will tide you over for a few weeks/months. Who holds the risk is becoming more important because of the vast amounts of money involved especially when you start thinking about where you live and whether to buy/rent etc.
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