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  1. It's not just in Oxford where the silver-haired live in large family houses with gardens it's everywhere I've been to. They are house-blockers and should be ashamed that families with children are crammed into tiny places. Many of these aged folk have lived in the same property for years so when their families were young they had the benefit of a family home. They don't see it though and instead moan about the lack of interest on their savings.
  2. I don't think debt forgiveness will be applied at the level of the individual. More likely it will apply to the finances of governments or to various financial instruments within companies.
  3. There is a whole department of DWP devoted to the administration of winter fuel payments. The Tories could kill 2 birds with one stone and cut a whole lot of pointless civil service jobs if they cut this benefit which goes to some of the richest people in the country. Families with children should be prioritised above pensioners for cash handouts as that is the time when budgets are stretched the most in my experience.
  4. We have all been brainwashed . The reality is that a "poor" native living in a mud hut in the developing world is "richer" than the average house buyer in the developed world as he has no debt and no rent to pay either.
  5. I think Corbyn is a breath of fresh air. It's New Labour and the heir to Blair Cameron who are so out of touch. TB was so bad for the country and I felt a sense of doom when he won in 1997. I couldn't believe how he managed to hoodwink nearly everyone. NuLab were hypocrites to the core and about as socialist as a Tory "wet". I admire Corbyn for sticking to his principles through all the NuLab madness. He is one of the "hippy" generation most of whom "sold-out" completely. They are the "boomers" so despised by most on HPC. I find it hard to understand their selfishness towards their own children.
  6. Patience...... It takes a long time to change sentiment when the prevailing ideology of HPI is so ingrained
  7. Perhaps because in London so few workers in coffee shops can afford to live there on the coffee shop wages that the jobs are there for the taking whereas in other areas there's more competition for the jobs on offer.
  8. Of-course this is true, I work in a Chinese investment bank in Central London as an IT guy, and we can already see budgets being slashed and heightened awareness around costs.But I am utterly astonished to note that it seems to be having an inverse effect on the property trend in my area(WD - Hertfordshire). I have seen more properties go under offer in the last 2 weeks than before the FED stayed the hike and also the number of reductions per day has also decreased.The open days seem to be back in vogue and the EA swagger is also back.It seems the only thing that the crazy London buyer is concerned about is the interest rate ( China, Brazil, Greece can all go to hell),the more the upheaval in the world markets, the longer the interest rates remain flat, the longer the madness continues. I find it utterly shocking that buyers are still finding the market "attractive" and are in fact "encouraged" by what is happening around as it is likely to keep interest rates down longer. Or may be I am reading too much into this and it is just a traditional autumn bounce, and we will return to the normal trend of 1/3 listings as reductions/failed sales, property staying on the markets a lot longer, and progressively lower volumes as winter sets in. The Herts area is at the edge of the wave now emanating from PCL. All those canny people in PCL who have seen the writing on the wall have cashed in early and "downsized" in price but maybe bought a bigger house within commuting distance hence the price rises on the outskirts of London. I'm pretty sure this is what's going on and all those 3 bed semis in Herts are at the top of what they will fetch so anyone in a position to move will likely cash in and move even further out.
  9. Perhaps they're BTLs and the seller's got wind of the coming tax changes
  10. I've stopped watching Grand Designs as the houses they build are usually way over the top for most people and are vanity projects for people addicted to stress. I also wonder how many the team follow but can't broadcast as the project ends in tears.
  11. Why don't they take some of the Syrian exodus? There are many well-educated amongst them including engineers no doubt.
  12. George was crowing from China this am that things could hardly be going better
  13. He also says low rates are a disincentive to save but for a lot of people the opposite is true as there is more uncertainty (loss of confidence) around and so they save more.
  14. Perhaps they could go to the refugees/economic migrants who are coming our way
  15. It's the great lie of our time and our children are being brainwashed too with all the emphasis on getting good grades leading eventually to a good career. Complete bulls***. I believed it too and got all the qualifications (up to and including PhD) but then had to do any old job after a long career break and getting divorced and having to become the bread winner. I agree most jobs could be done in a fraction of the time and I used to feel completely p****** off with the "presenteeism" when I knew I had loads of things to do at home. Then when I did have time I was too knackered to do any of them. I was so relieved when I could finally stop work. Like durhamborn and others on here I live frugally and have never been happier. I don't know why looking after the house and raising children isn't considered to be work when it's the most important thing for most people. Maybe I would have felt differently if I could have had the "career" but I doubt it. There is no freedom in the workplace at any level. The question is "Do you work to live or live to work?"
  16. Some of the people at the top of these large companies such as Wetherspoons are going to have to get used to the fact that the only "give" in the system is their high remuneration. I've never understood why they feel entitled to mega wages as everyone in the company deserves at least a living wage and without their workforce they wouldn't have a company to give them such a pay out anyway.
  17. Do you think all the empty flats will be George's next target (after BTL obviously)? How about a tax on empty new-builds?
  18. I'm sure people are thinking twice because of the high cost of moving when you include EA fees, stamp duty, solicitors/surveyors fees etc so are staying put and building extensions/loft conversions etc so unless they have to move they don't.
  19. I think we may be being softened up for "innovation" eg lengthening the standard mortgage to 30 years+. It would make sense as people are having to work longer before collapsing in a heap with their hard-earned pensions.
  20. Too "Dallas" or "footballers wives" for my taste and all that grey is a bit depressing
  21. Don't the Japanese also like to have new houses unlike the UK so the second-hand ones are left on the shelf so to speak? Someone on here (Fa-Fa perhaps) mentioned it.
  22. They could also consider a similar bet on the PCL (Prime Central London) property market.
  23. If it does get built I hope it falls down.....should cause quite a splash!
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