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    I Give Up

    Don't lose heart and more importantly don't let the bar stewards grind you down. All is not yet lost........
  2. It's the end of the Bliarites and Bliarism which has returned us/is slowly returning us towards sanity. Their skewed/screwed view of the world wherby they profess to be socialists and working for the common good whilst squirrelling away all available assets for themselves and their families is what did for us. At the same time as feathering their own nests they loudly derided the true socialists as terrorist sympathisers/nutters etc. They managed to hoodwink us into believing and hanging on to their every word. It started with Kinnock (EU commissioner sinecure) and is arguably still with us with Cameron (heir to Blair) but on its way out hopefully. Once the hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance is seen for what it really is we will be well on the way to righting ourselves. Education is the key and internet forums such as HPC which deal with reality and not the brain-washing education spewed out by MSM or the education system are the way forward. It will get worse before it gets better though eg bombing in Syria although some of what's bad for rentiers will be good for the hoi polloi. HPC here we come.
  3. I lived in Cardiff for 29 years although I'm not Welsh. I've kept my eye on it property-wise since I left in 2006 and prices don't seem to have changed much overall since then. There cetainly hasn't been the boom seen in London or SE. In fact you can get a 3-bed semi for under £100K in Ely but you probably don't want to live there! (No offence to anyone living there reading this but it wouldn't be my first choice.) It depends what type of house/property you want as there is a huge amount of Victorian property in various states of repair if you fancy some DIY. In my experience any "work" costs twice as much as you budgeted for and takes twice as long. There's also 30s 3-bed semis and plenty of newer properties. Generally the older property is in the middle and it gets newer as you move outwards. Area is really important in Cardiff, maybe more so than in many towns.cities as it affects the general neighbourhood/schools etc. The areas on the up at present would appear to be to the north side eg Whitchurch/Rhiwbina whereas it used to be Pontcanna/Llandaff. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the schools. I agree about the possible BTLs about to hit the market although I'm not sure if these will be in the better areas, maybe there will be some around the UHW (University Hospital of Wales) in the Heath area. Or maybe you fancy a flat in Cardiff Bay of which there are plenty. I don't know much about that area. If prices drop as we're all hoping, I doubt it will affect Cardiff property as much as the true bubble territory in London/SE so I'd keep looking but not be in any rush to buy.
  4. Reminds me of the approach taken when it was decided that childminders needed to be professionalised and registration and training became mandatory. About time too with regard to LLs. Many will exit rather than have all the hassle. It will be interesting to see how this works out in Wales.
  5. Neverwhere it would be good if you posted your post above on LL sites. BTLs badly need educating and you have explained their position succinctly and accurately.
  6. I didn't add the tags at the title and don't know how to get rid of them.....they seem a bit superfluous to me
  7. If you're going to dig out a basement best be careful about it http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-34935821 Luckily Duffy sold it before it collapsed
  8. Apart from the "people farming" aspect of BTL Dyson is wrong about the "politics of envy". A lot of people would be happy to rent from a corporate who is in the lettings business and provides a professional service instead of the BTL amateurs. People want security of tenure/repairs carried out promptly/no theiving of their deposit on a trumped up pretence of cleaning requirements etc etc. The mom and pop "investors" are rarely into a professional service. It's their retirement hobby more like and for tenants it's too hit and miss. Roll on the professionalisation of the industry.
  9. I would say the best way to deal with second homes is through council tax. I would double the charge for second home owners. If the central gov money raised by SDLT is going to communities without truly affordable homes or facilities/services for locals then housebuilders will likely be incentivised by the government to build what's needed as well as the houses. Agree this should have been tackled years ago but it's a step in the right direction to increase the SDLT on anyone buying a second home from next April.
  10. "Eventually I can see us all renting from a few large companies." As you say pig above. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing. The standard of rental properties would likely be higher and there would be standard procedures for securing the property so no with-holding deposits or forced evictions etc. Maybe the next step for private LLs is to get LAs to register all their LLs as is about to happen in Wales. That would make collecting their taxes easier too
  11. stamp duty surcharge for BTL and second homes http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34922738 more good news for HPC although increase in loans up to 40% in London for right to buy is not so good
  12. Someone should post a thread on mumsnet re falling London house prices in order to help drive sentiment. That should do the trick and help the avalanche to form. Many women are like the accountant's wife and are more concerned about day to day living/their kids/their job etc. They don't have their finger on the pulse so to speak. Course there are a few notable exceptions including me, frugal, neverwhere, Mrs Bear etc
  13. Years ago you had to have a mortgage protection policy as a condition of a repayment morgage. (Don't think you could even get an interest only mortgage then.) No-one (very few??) gets this type of insurance now but it pays the morgage if you should pop your clogs before the end of the mortgage term. It was useful especially for parents with dependent children if the other parent should die. I wonder what the insurance possibiities will be for post-retirement borrowers. Seems incredibly risky to me. Still what do I know?
  14. Perhaps this is the real reason for getting tough ie to force us all to pay by DD.....I can see it would be more efficient. I don't know why they persist with all these peripheral taxes eg car tax, TV licence. They may as well just charge one tax (+VAT to hit all the rich who have more money than sense) and have done with it. Or they could instigate a tax on wealth which includes assets as well as income.
  15. "For various reasons if I have to sell I only want to sell for mortgage value only" Is this so he won't have to pay any CGT? If LLs sell below market value there could be a lot of "bargains" soon
  16. The figures in that article have warmed the cockles of my heart.....could be a lean Christmas for EAs in PCL this year Quote
  17. As they haven't informed us that they've stopped sending out reminders this does indeed smack of a "dirty trick" to catch us out. Fair enough if they think it will save them money and it's an "efficiency saving" but the least they could have done would have been to take out a few newspaper ads or the like in advance to warn us.
  18. Maybe the penny is finally dropping and those with the £1mill+ pads realise they are going to lose out big-time if they don't sell now as it's all going downhill fast ..... so the supply is rocketing
  19. You're showing your age Renting Forever...I even remember the days when the water rates were included in your rates ie no separate charge for water I can't imagine anyone would become a student if they had to pay council tax on top of all the fees, rent, general living costs. A 3 year course on £9Kper annum plus hall fees/rent plus food etc must mean a total bill of at least £45K at the moment. Any more would cripple them.
  20. The insidious brainwashing is very worrying. The education system doesn't even know it's doing it but this is a very good example. I suppose it's geared towards producing good little workers who know their place and won't rock the boat. They need to knuckle down and work hard so they can achieve their own "slave-box" .
  21. It must be the very top as Phil (of Phil and Krusty) has sold up and moved out of London
  22. And such champagne socialists fail to realise why the Labour party has to ditch NuLiebour once and for all and go back to it's roots or it's all over for them. He should be hung. drawn and quartered for what he did to Iraq. How he sleeps at night I will never know.
  23. They're going to have to drop their prices if they really want to sell. Maybe as low as the above. There is plenty of demand at this level and prices being pushed up. Wishful thinking obviously
  24. I'm learning new things every day! Thanks suntory for your explanations about gold.....so a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush so to speak. Similarly if you sell your London house now and bank the proceeds then you are cashing in on the "profit". If you wait the price may tank and then your paper profit could be much less or could even become a loss.
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