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  1. There's a massive increase in property for sale around here (Chippenham) and in other places I keep an eye on along the M4 corridor in the past few weeks especially considering this is usually the quietest time of the year for buying/selling. Unfortunately the prices are still up though here although nearer to London they have been falling for a few months. Definitely time for a few cheeky offers?Sellers and EAs are going to have to get real.
  2. In my days as a biologist we would apply the Chi Squared test to results of experiments which would tell you if the result was statistically significant ie if you had a large enough sample size for the result to be meaningful. You are right. The result NW calculate is meaningless without a larger sample size so they shouldn't bandy it about.
  3. I bought a new-build at the end of 2008 and my neighbour bought a month before me. My house appeared in the sales data as did all the subsequent purchases in the development. However my neighbour's property didn't appear until 2016 when it was mysteriously added. I had considered I'd bought at a good price as everything had been dropping like a stone in the previous few months and people buying in the spring/summer of 2008 had paid a lot more as it turned out. There is at least a 3 month lag usually before you can get this info. Anyway it turned out the neighbour paid even less than I did. I put it down to a lazy/dodgy solicitor but I wonder if it was deliberately held back as he got the best bargain. He was a FTB so maybe there was some other deal which delayed it but 8 years is some delay!
  4. We can expect more of these stories......... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44851363
  5. Good, the ads seem to have disappeared..............I agree wholeheartedly with your other point.
  6. If no-one is reading the ads (I'm certainly not) then why have them?
  7. hotblack42 ..............consider how you will feel if we are at the start of a proper HPC. The cash you could get now and put in the bank even at no interest and even for less than you think it may be "worth" could be a lot more than if you hang on to the house and watch the money draining out of it as prices fall...........just a thought (sorry to be all doom and gloom).
  8. Same here in Wilts...........word must be getting out at last and everyone wants to join in before their lovely house drops even more? 0.1% of the average say 200K house is still a lot of money in the real world beyond real estate.
  9. EAs and RM consider a property as "sold" when an offer is accepted by the seller. They conveniently forget that lots can go wrong between this and the final completion of the deal when the buyer (or mortgage company) hands over the money and gets the keys. In the EAs world 56 days for an average sale is probably about right. In the real world where people if they are lucky and actually transact, deals fall through or drag on for months.
  10. But this is WALES!! The WAG (Welsh Assembly Government) probably have different rules from England.
  11. Hotblack 42 I hope you still have the house "on the market" as your buyers are "not proceedable" ( in EA speak) until they have sold their current house. Anyone can make an offer but until they have sold it doesn't mean much.
  12. I for one am sick of having to wade through all this sarcastic drivel for approx half the posts in the thread. I like inbruges posts and find them interesting. Attack me if you want I don't care.
  13. I've seen this before and especially in around 2008 when we thought we were getting the crash..... I think it's because an EA has closed a branch and another local branch takes on their stock so it shows all their SSTCs plus their current stock.
  14. EAs mark the property as SSTC as soon as a sale has been agreed between the buyer and seller. (After the haggling over price and a price agreed). Then the fun begins with surveys/mortgage offers/local authority searches etc and if it's in a chain then all the other people in the chain of transactions are going through the same process and it's all a bit of a nightmare from start to finish. The shortest time taken in my experience is around 3 months between agreeing the sale/purchase and moving in. RM leave the properties as SSTC during all this and sometimes long after the people have moved in! This has happened to me. Also a chain can fall apart at any stage of the process even at the last minute so 3 months or more after SSTC. This has also happened to me. Most people at this stage either give up or the house is put back on the market. I hope this explains it.
  15. Don't forget..............the rise is the "Spring Bounce" which was extremely muted this year and if the inventory is growing then prices have only one way to go?
  16. Doubtless some are escapees from London having cashed in their chips in the capital. They only need to sell a flat in London to buy an expensive house elsewhere in the UK. As good as a lottery win for some who have timed it right?
  17. Jim al-Khalili at 9.00am was good though. He does interviews with top scientists about their work. Today's was about immunology.
  18. That really is something☺️ We usually get a spring bounce which hasn't really happened this year so maybe things will kick off in the summer (when it's a bit dead most years with everyone away on their hols) or autumn which is the usual time of year for any economic woes if there are going to be any. I say woes but from HPC POV obviously I mean glee. Autumn could be when the everything bubble pops...........let's hope so?
  19. I heard earlier M&S want fewer but bigger stores. Most of their stores are massive already so I don't know what this is about......
  20. You are right! I live and learn to add another filter to the result. ?
  21. I mean ones like this: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-65361955.html The same property appears further down the page at a lower price: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-54427680.html There are loads like this in the SE of all price ranges and property types
  22. No because the double entries are for ordinary homes but are shown with a separate listing at a lower price because they are being sold by a company which offers them in a scheme which would seem to be like a type of equity release. They are not necessarily retirement homes.
  23. My favourite way to get some kind of picture as to what's going on is to do a RM search on the past 7 days inc SSTC in several locations more or less along the M4 corridor. This shows new listings for the past 7 days but also includes those properties which have been reduced in the past 7 days. Allowing for the double entries (and those annoying ones which are for over 60s) I love it when the proportion of reductions is around 50% which it is today for Wokingham. The prices are still ludicrous but at least they are slowly sinking. I also love it when some of the new-builds are reduced which they have been in the SE. By this method I now think the reductions are hitting Wilts which has been immune until now.
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