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  1. This doesn't surprise me in the least! Talk of income tax reductions is great as everyone thinks they'll be better off but NI and pension contributions are in effect another form of taxation just dressed up to sound innocuous. Pension "contributions" used to be voluntary. Not any more and with low/negative interest rates people will be lucky to get out what they put in, not allowing for inflation or moving the goal posts as to when you will get the pension.
  2. My neighbour doesn't even bother with taking rubbish out of his garden....he leaves it to accumulate there and he's an owner occupier but he still doesn't care...it's the chav mentality of littering to show contempt.
  3. But......it's not a shack it's a ........CHALET
  4. I wonder what the neighbours think? I think I'd be complaining about the house as well.....neither is pretty. What's wrong with a summer house or a caravan?
  5. Same here. My purchase and sale prices are more or less the same so won't make much difference. I wouldn't move except for my noisy neighbours
  6. I wonder if there's a reason this hasn't been done before as it's sorely needed. Also include letting agents and their service. It would be a very good hunting ground for HMRC too
  7. "Non-farmers, new and existing, represented 47% of all buyers in 2015." So nearly half the farm land sold in 2015 went to people who aren't farmers. Who are these buyers?
  8. Read "Capital" by Piketty. He reckons we are returning to the society of 18th century where there was zero inflation, everyone knew their place and there were rentiers and the rest. He has graphs to prove it too. The last century was an aberration with 2 world wars levelling the playing field for a while. There with that summary I've saved you the trouble of reading the book
  9. I would put it on high-ish and be prepared to accept an offer close to what you think it's worth if one comes your way. I've been going round offering v low (-20% sometimes) on properties I might want to see what happens. They can only say no and I don't care if they feel insulted . A very useful feature on RM is the prices sold data. You can see what the seller paid for it and prices other properties in the same road sold for recently plus pictures of these to assess their state of decor etc. Some properties seem to be vastly overinflated IMHO. This is Wiltshire area by the way which seems to be bubblicious at the moment.
  10. Divorced when my youngest child was 3. Was awarded house and paid mortgage even though there was no settlement for me only for the 3 kids. Worked 5 years as a childminder as no childcare. Took variety of jobs to keep our heads above water and also moved to a more suitable house. When I got fed up with each job I resigned and found new one. I never went on benefit inbetween jobs as I made sure I had some savings so I wasn't stuck in jobs I loathed. When children had finished higher education I downsized and freed up some csh to live off until I reached pension age. I now live in a tiny house and can live frugally on my state pension and very small private pension. I know I was lucky to get the house in the divorce but it was a real struggle being cash poor for 20+ years and doing jobs I hated. What a relief when I stopped
  11. I had 3 quotes from different agents once for the same house at wildly different valuations ranging from £210 to £275. It can take years to sell a house too so anyone taking a bridging loan on the strength of an EA valuation must need their head examined
  12. I can beat that I have a 1994 Vauxhall Corsa (a design classic I say). It's getting a little rusty but is a great little car which I bought new and have driven ever since. I will keep it until something major goes wrong then probably get rid of it. I don't mind the odd bump and cos it's not pristine it's great for taking stuff to the dump (ie recycling centre). It gives me quite a kick to think my neighbours look down on me for having it but it was paid for long ago so it's really cheap to run now If everyone thought like me British industry would be dead I know but also the environmental impact would be so much less than constantly upgrading and wasting precious resources in this way.
  13. I had absolutely no idea how much pension I would get when I retired 2 years ago and phoned when it was time to claim. I was told a figure over the phone and started receiving the pension thereafter. So far no probs and no hassle and the amount was more than I was expecting. I didn't query the figures as they might have told me they had made a mistake and the quoted figure was too high! However they worked it out is a mystery to me. I wish I'd had the same experience when I was raising 3 children on my own and I recall being permanently worried over finances. I had no childcare so was unable to work the same hours as most other people. I must say I favour the idea of a citizen's income so everyone would know how much they would be getting and can tailor their work accordingly.
  14. That's because the mums on mumsnet have young children so they don't think that far ahead. It will suddenly hit them when their ofspring have finished school and uni and then have to move back in as it's their only option so in about 20 years time. Hopefully HPC will have happened by then and they will see the error in their thought processes
  15. I don't really understand why people care so much about dirty dangerous jobs of a bygone era now eg mining/steel etc. Port Talbot will suffer as the whole place is based on steel but go past it on the M4 towards Swansea and on the left is the grotesque steel works belching smoke while on the right is gorgeous hillside. The environment has been ruined by all the heavy industry in this country so if anyone else (the Chinese) want to do it and can do it cheaper then I say bring it on.
  16. I've seen ads for buying rooms in hotels so I think you could be on to something
  17. I heard a female stand-up comic (who's name I didn't catch) on the radio the other day saying her training ground was as a science teacher. One day she realised she may as well get paid to be a stand-up comedian as it would be easier and that was what she was doing every day anyway. She said the hecklers she got as a stand-up were child's play to deal with compared to the children when she was a teacher!
  18. "The comment about kids kicking a football against the fence resonates deeply - I've often wondered how I would feel waking up on my first morning in the new house that I'd just sunk all my capital into, only to hear the neighbours revving cars, screaming and swearing or parking across my driveway because it suits them to do so. And that's no exaggeration - these are all things that friends of mine have to deal with, and much worse besides." This resonates with me. I bought a small newbuild at the cheaper end as I wanted to release capital (expecting HPC and not having all my eggs in the property basket ) plus wanting no maintenance issues. However the major problem with newbuild I have discovered is that you don't get to choose your neighbours who can be awful. When you buy an older property you can glean a certain amount about the immediate neighbours by looking at their property from the outside and seeing if it's been maintained etc. I think I've been unlucky here as most of the people round about are fine....it's just my luck that I'm next door to the worst one in the neighbourhood.
  19. I can imagine the mother's thoughts at someone (a stranger) coming in to "develop" her home under her as he says would be possible. Presumeably he doesn't like her much.
  20. I remember on a pension course I did some time ago being instructed that the state retirement pension was introduced for men at age 65 as the average age for a man dying was 66 so it would give him 1 year to get his affairs in order before popping his clogs.
  21. That was my thought too. Something which affects a large number of people directly would be the nightmare scenario.
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