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  1. I've heard it said on BBC (can't remember who it was) that graduates voted remain and non-graduates voted leave as if it was a question of educated versus thickos (that was what was implied). Unbelievable
  2. He'd probably have more success selling the mare (however badly she perfomed) than his property portfolio.....
  3. In years long since gone by you had a mortgage for the whole term eg 25 years. Now although rates may be low you have to remortgage every few years and pay additional fees for the privilege. We really are suckers....no-one seems to think about this aspect.
  4. The "leave" camp have really missed a trick in their campaign. Remainers have used fear as their main weapon ie fear of the consequences of leaving. But what about fear of the consequences of remaining? Some countries , Greece especially, have had a terrible time since joining the EU and the euro. If we stay in, will we not possibly be drawn into the disaster which is brewing in the EU? We signed up originally for a trade agreement. I like to think of it in terms of how we get on as neighbours. I can get on perfectly well with my neighbours and buy/sell things with them if I want to. This doesn't mean I want to pool all my money with them. I like to have some savings whereas my neighbour may want to be a spendthrift and blow all his cash. We can still co-operate over many things if we are out of the EU. Leaving doesn't mean we cut-off all ties. When I listen to "project fear" people they seem to suggest this is what will happen which is complete nonsense.
  5. I remember the days when such a "property" was called a bedsit.......now it's a studio. I viewed one the other day for £170K in Berkshire.....My father paid £5K in 1960 for a 4-bed house in the same village. He borrowed the £500 deposit from a relative and my mother thought he was being reckless. Ah those were the days.
  6. +1 here in Wilts. I think it's more to do with lack of supply so anything half-decent gets snapped up (whatever the insane price) and the rubbish languishes. Many people who may have sold in the past are staying put because the costs involved in moving are so high. Doubtless influenced by property progs such as "Love it or List it" with our Kirsty and Phil. I'm waiting for the slowdown/HPC(?) currently in PCL to wash out this far along the M4.
  7. I heard the other day of someone becoming a LL at the age of 27 in order to get on the "ladder" but they're still living at home with mum and dad. Don't know who put up the cash for the deposit in this set up but a bit ****-eyed if you ask me.
  8. The clever thing about that from the banks and government point of view is that if they can get everyone into this mindset then they can offload RISK. The risk all goes onto the borrower while they cream off the profits. Nice work if you can get it and don't give a t*** about anyone else. It's taken a few years to get to this change in peoples' minds but they have succeeeded............ ........................until HPC
  9. It's not only the NE "benefitting" from Mr & Mrs Surrey. Here in Wilts someone I know selling their 1 bed flat (they were OO) had a first viewing from Mr & Mrs Surrey BTLs who snapped it up at asking price after the March deadline I might add.
  10. This must be true for many areas. It is here in Wilts too. Prices went mad now it's fallen back and there's nothing much coming on and activity is very slow. People are staying put unless they have to move. Even at tthe lower end it's approx £5K to move house when you include agents'/solicitors' fees and stamp duty.
  11. The hypocrisy of champagne socialists of which she is the epitome knows no bounds. The pair of them will get their come-uppance one day with any luck. Where's that Chilcott report? Hopefully it will wipe that horrendous grin off both their faces.
  12. Prices can fall further and faster than people realise. I was trying to sell in late 2008 and it was not a good time tbh. People who wanted to sell were all undercutting each other and starting to panic. The EA said there was no point in "chasing the market down". You had to make a bold cut to get a sale or be prepared to accept a low offer (which I did in the end). Housing is very illiquid so unless you have a desirable property in vgc it's quite hard to sell at the best of times. What no-one thought would happen is that the gvt would step in and provide props. Mortgages were harder to come by at the time and cutting off the credit was what was causing the price falls. Most people sat tight and in retrospect they were right to do so because the gvt didn't want big falls happening as it would have meant more banks going bust so they stepped in. I didn't expect that to happen. Goodness knows what they will do this time. Hopefully Venger is right and the banks will be in a better position so we'll get a much needed correction in property prices. I voted 50% but the SE needs more than that.
  13. Or how about doing a similar thing with LLs social media data as you don't want a LL who's always living it up with parties and wild holidays in far-flung places in the world....you want one who is on hand to provide running repairs as needed etc and the same for letting agents too while we're at it.
  14. This is really taking the p*** now! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-42388998.html
  15. I was wondering what had happened to Brigit and the grown-up children. I thought perhaps he was having a mid-life crisis.
  16. Maybe she's putting you off as she wants it herself or for someone she knows. Also if I were the LL I would not be happy at having prospective tenants treated badly. What's the point of having an agent if that is the way they treat you? By the way I'm not a LL and never likely to be one
  17. Another good rant The young don't need to be "dosed up" as they are subjected to constant brainwashing before they can even walk! Everyone thinks if they work hard they will get the mythical high-paying career which will allow them to do well and then get "on the housing ladder". By the time they wake up their llfe is half over and they are no nearer to this dream.
  18. My first thought too.....project fear in operation again. The establishment must be getting desperate if they bring in the mafia to state their case.
  19. I think we're at the top. A place in Herts I've been following closely for a couple of years had seven 3 bed 1930s semis up for sale over the past 7 days when usually there are only 1 or 2. Prices ranged from £500K to £675K. This must be it when people are seriously thinking of cashing in their windfalls and MSM are full of doom and gloom.
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