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  1. Depends why they're selling as well. Sometimes people have to sell eg divorce or moving for a job. Also people who have an inherited property they want to get rid of and just get their hands on the cash. Some of these might be tempted by lowish offers.
  2. Actually it's not so funny living next door to the neighbours from hell when they're OO as there's no-one to complain to. If there are any disputes you have to declare it when you come to sell. In the meantime trying to do viewings when there's rubbish in the garden etc is a bit of a nightmare. Pretending you get on with the neighbours is also quite hard...probably best to go out when there's a viewing and let the EA do it. I just had a sale fall through and Brexit was the excuse although I wonder if the potential purchaser took another look round after agreeing to buy. Maybe the matress in the car-port and the rubbish/toys out the front put him off I'm busy re-asserting myself and putting up fences.
  3. If Henry Pryor's saying you've lost credibility it means he's been taking you seriously so whatever you've been saying is striking home........keep up the good work.......it all helps with change of sentiment and hpc
  4. Indirectly...........if rates are low borrowers are less likely to default on their loans........................................................................... ..............but if rates were higher and borrowers didn't ever default then they would obviously make a lot more profit......
  5. Half a room is better than none Where America leads we will surely follow.
  6. Have you written to your MP or the meeja to find out what's going on? Seems mad on the face of it and the flats are quite new so should be OK to be used. No?
  7. I keep hearing from the meeja that there's a shortage of housing. If all the people with 2 or more houses were forced to pay (a lot) for the privilege of owning more than one house the housing "shortage" would magically disappear. There is no shortage in most places if you take away all the empty properties/holiday homes etc. It's the availability of finance which pushes up prices. Double,triple or even quadruple council tax for people with more than one house including BTL. LLs would get out as their "model" would not be viable. They can't keep putting up the rent (innit) beyond what people can afford or they won't get tenants.
  8. I have never heard of this either. Most agents operate on a "no sale no fee basis". I have just been through a similar process to the one the OP describes but after a couple of months the buyer for my property pulled out. The EA was desperate to put the house back on the market but I decided I'd had enough hassle for the moment so have not been answering their calls. I don't feel guilty as the agent would have got £2K for 1 viewing and a few phone calls plus a slot on RM. In my previous house moves the agent has been paid only after completion of the sale and after I'd moved ie at the same time as the solicitor.
  9. I like "positively positive" (kibuc above) ............it's on a par with "just rent it out innit"..........
  10. ..".......it makes me so angry that the reckless are constantly supported with their addiction and I have to pay for the treatment." GS above.....it's easier said than done but we have to be grateful that we are not as stupid and so can feel morally superior. Our reward will be in heaven (if you like). Feeling so angry is very bad for your health....practise gratitude instead (Sorry if this is sanctimonious twaddle and it makes you even more angry)
  11. ............I'll send them a condolence card when the market crashes Brilliant idea!
  12. I don't know about the remortgaging situation or when they have to tell you but I would keep an eye on Rightmove "for sale" properties in your area and see if it appears. Don't panic though because some places take ages (years) to sell. Also they would have to liaise with you for viewings. Don't know where you are or your situation but if you were able to buy it yourself you might get a bargain as there would be a lot less hassle for the LL to sell it to you.
  13. I doubt the triple lock will survive for much longer either......TPTB need every penny they can get just to pay the interest on all their loans.....
  14. Hooray!.......let's hope the wave spreads outwards quickly
  15. Grumpysod + 100% Yes, Cameron did not help, but he can only be accused of doing f**k all about it, Blair to me is the worst PM this country has ever seen. He still doesn't get it either. By destroying Iraq he is resposible for so much of the carnage we have seen since and he has the gall to have built up a huge property empire since leaving office yet he's still trying to justify his actions
  16. Personally I find the smell of dogs just as off-putting as the smell of stale tobacco. I don't suppose its as toxic though!
  17. So, do the executors of the will have to pay the fee upfront before probate is granted? If so I forsee problems.
  18. I really enjoy parking my 22 year old Corsa outside my house alongside such vehicles. It's been my trusty steed all this time (from new) and still has plenty of life left. My only costs are insurance, tax, MOT (just been informed I need 2 new wiper blades!), sevice and fuel. I reckon if people worked out how much of their salary goes on the means to get them to work ie their car, they might quit their jobs unless they are well-paid.
  19. I think TPTB are banking (no pun intended) on a slow correction rather than a crash but as we know events can snowball out of control....here's hoping
  20. My 3 children (all in their 30s). They've all gone very quiet in the last few days as they know I voted leave. We all have degrees but they are "Blair's children" and unfortunately seem to have imbibed that mindset despite my best efforts. I see it as brainwashing by the elite which they've fallen for
  21. I think Daniel Hannon would be a good person to be very involved in any negotiations with the EU and maybe wouldn't be too bad as PM either. What happens to all the MEPs?
  22. "Generally speaking the more money and power people have the harder they will be hit by the coming reset and depression. This is why we had to have the result we got and why the Establishment were all so keen on project fear. This includes the BBC. I don't know why so many young people (including my adult children) didn't see this. I am delighted with the result and was surprised as I really thought project fear would win the day
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