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  1. According to a topic on BBC Breakfast today there are some people lending to other people's children to help them get on the "property ladder". We're definitely missing a trick here. How about employers offering to "help" with loans/ peer-to-peer lending for property deposits etc etc. Then the sky's the limit for house prices. (PS I hope none of those people in banks/insurance companies etc are reading this as I don't want to give them ideas)
  2. I remember one of my children saying the best thing to do would be to go bankrupt and not worry about it. This I suppose would be the alternative strategy than living within one's means and trying to save. It depends if you worry about being in debt or not. If you know there's a get out plan which maybe isn't too painful then maybe he was right. This was about 10 years ago and he didn't do it but paid off his student loan and worked instead. I can see where he was coming from though
  3. My sister was telling me about a neighbour of hers (Hertfordshire) whose daughter (in her 20s) is living at home with her parents but buying a BTL flat (not sure where) so becoming a LL instead of an OO. Most LL at least start out as OOs don't they or is this the new BTL /property owning model?
  4. So you've done well with ARM.....lucky you! I would probably do the same in your shoes. Sounds like a plan but only as a place to call home not because it will go up (or down) in price Nice one.
  5. Wrote the above before reading that lots of others on here think the same way
  6. What they can do is "go on strike" and refuse to buy a lot of consumer tat with questionable value. Just work the number of hours needed to get by and then use their free time to do what they enjoy. Of course this means HPC is really necessary so the middle classes don't have to work as debt slaves for ever until they drop dead.
  7. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-24/demographic-homemageddon-underway-will-last-until-least-2035 Interesting article about the effect of an aging population on home ownership in US but the same will apply here Maybe by waiting long enough HPC will happen because of demographics anyway
  8. But if/when inflation start rising there will be little choice but to raise interest rates and then savers with cash will be rewarded.
  9. I would research sold prices in the street for similar properties plus look at the pictures if available to see the state of sold properties. You can do this on RM sold data. This should give a realistic picture of its value then deduct what you think you'd need to do the "works". Then offer that directly to the LL pointing out how much you think the "works" would cost if he says it's too low. If he wants a higher price point out the lack of hassle because you're already there, FTB and no chain etc plus the saving of an EA fee. Sounds like a good plan to me if it's a place you like. When you apply for a mortgage the mortgage company surveyor will confirm (or not) that the price is OK. If/when a price is agreed I'd get a solicitor on board asap and complete the memorandum of sale form so the agreed price is written down in case there's any dispute further down the line. Good luck
  10. I've just had this happen ie buyer wanted a largeish price reduction days before exchange of contracts. My response was "on your bike" mate so the chain has collapsed and I'm nearly £500 out of pocket despite "no sale no fee" from solicitors. Luckily the EA doesn't get anything either
  11. It's brainwashing on a mega scale.....it comes to something when you have to watch Russia Today for the news. If Radio 4 goes the way of the rest of the BBC I don't know what I'll do
  12. Give in your notice for a laugh next time he lords it over you, I dare you . Let him sweat for a day or 2 and then say you were only joking
  13. That's what happens when you've got money to burn and don't know what to do with it. Serves them right if they lose a few million but that's chicken feed to them Maybe it's the ghost taking revenge
  14. As long as I can remember annuity rates have been falling and MSM financial "advice" on personal financial pages is not to cash in the pot but to wait for annuity rates to recover (although I haven't seen that recently to be fair). What a joke! They aren't going to recover. Anyone coming up to retirement and wanting to buy an annuity better do it quick before they fall any further. In the end they will be a big fat zero! I would say get your money out of any pension scheme as soon as you're allowed to. I suppose if we get a black swan event and interest rates suddenly leap upwards then they could come good again. I wouldn't bank on it though. (I'm not an IFA so do your own research etc)
  15. They want to do it when we've (hopefully from their point of view) forgotten and can then sneakily decrease the rate when they hope we won't notice??
  16. If one's looking in vain (and despair) every day for a vaguely suitable abode for a reasonable price you get to know what's available in the search area and soon notice such tricks. Reduced properties are also re-listed on RM (don't know about zoopla) which is useful.
  17. janch

    Boomer Conversation

    Where do you live for the price to have dropped like that?
  18. janch

    Boomer Conversation

    It's as if logic goes out the window when talking about property prices. I think it's because in "house-price-speak" a few grand is neither here nor there yet in real life a few grand is a lot of money. Hence the cognitive dissonance. It 's not just boomers it's everyone. You only have to listen to Kirsty asnd Phil to see how we've all been thoroughly brainwashed (apart from HPCers of course).
  19. Excellent response I'm glad there are people around prepared to put up a fight!
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