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  1. There was an endowment review a few years back (along the lines of the pension review of the 90s for pensions mis-selling). I would contact the company and see if you're owed anything.
  2. To do this we have to get rid of the selfish greed gene so that everyone thinks of the common good before putting themselves first. We seem to be going in the opposite direction and people are turning into psychopaths out to shaft each other. Nature has a habit of causing crashes in populations which get out of control and we are not immune so there will be some unforseeable event which keeps the world population at a sustainable level or we will become extinct as a species. Either way the planet will survive
  3. I have my son's old Nokia (now a collector's item) yet haven't felt the need for a mobile at all. The only time I thought it would be useful is if I'm meeting someone and if one of us is going to be late. The only other time I was glad of it was when I was moving house and it was useful before the landline was connected. It takes a bit of guts to hang out against the collective insanity of always being on a mobile and when asked for my mobile number and I advise I haven't got one, I usually get a look of pity..........
  4. Your sentence about it being cheaper to fly back from the continent for an interview than to rent in UK says it all. I'm a saver by nature but luckily when I was working things were not so out of kilter as they are now. By having some savings I was able to walk out of some s***** jobs and survive until I got the next one and that was with 3 children. I used to treat job hunting as a job it happened so often. The positive of that situation was that I was able to poke around in a lot of different businesses/charities/government offices etc doing various admin jobs and see how they operated (or didn't)
  5. Maybe it's partly to signal the end of BOE independence in the near future. Who knows? Perhaps there were too many VIs in the previous government "in bed" with the bankers and so the voice of reason was drowned out.
  6. You certainly have to have your wits about you when house hunting or it turns into a very expensive business when you've already forked out for searches; surveyor's fees etc. and then have to withdraw. A lot of DIY is bodged I would say and doesn't comply with regulations then you also have to check to see if the property is likely to flood etc etc. Never mind "features" and number of bedrooms etc. These are the last things to consider.
  7. Good to hear from a direct source what's happening....please keep posting . Hopefully we will get the same here.
  8. Its the neolib Blairites that are the problem with Labour and the Tory party. + 100%
  9. Plenty of reductions too at both the top and bottom ends of the market. I usually have a look on RM for properties on the market in the past 7 days in several towns in SE and along the M4 corridor and this week had roughly half of the properties either new to the market or reductions which is more than usual I think. Not scientific I know. I shall have to start doing a proper count which is easier said than done when you have more than 1 agent for some plus the same property at 2 different prices because "at a reduced price for the over 60s".
  10. Surely the whole idea would be to give the same amount to everyone, working or not and then there would be no need for a benefits system except for people with extra needs eg some disabled. The amount would have to be enough to live on at a very basic level. Not sure what they'd do about housing costs though. At the moment for instance the basic state pension is enough to live on if there's no mortgage or rent to pay.
  11. I know Shaun Richards of notayesmanseconomics blog is a regular contributor. His blog is good too.
  12. We already have a citizen's income......trouble is you have to be old to get it. I breathed a big sigh of relief when my state pension kicked in. If there's no rent/mortgage then even the basic pension is enough to live on as long as you don't care about expensive holidays and the like. Mind you some of the people in work need a job to keep them out of mischief otherwise they would devote themselves to making other peoples' lives a misery full-time.
  13. Vauxhall Corsa but I hardly drive so it's just a run-around with very low mileage. I bought it new as I needed a car for work at the time and have just kept it. It's my trusty steed and only didn't start once in all that time.
  14. I read him every day and sometimes comment
  15. Tell him he could always sell one of his properties then he might have some spare cash to help his cash flow situation........or maybe he knows he will be hit with a massive CGT bill if he sells
  16. There are a lot more things people do to "muck about" with their house eg adding a conservatory; paving over the front garden and lots of decking. These are my pet hates and are expensive to boot.
  17. I've done more or less the same. pay as little tax as you can by working part-time; stop buying things you don't need; walking instead of using the car; keep the car going as long as possible (mine is 22 years old this year and still going strong...it'll soon be a collector's item!); grow your own veg; get as self-sufficient as possible.
  18. It depends........ I've lived in Victorian doer-uppers which were money pits and my current less than 10 years old Barrett box. I know which I prefer from the ongoing maintenance point of view. The trouble with old houses is the hidden problems which are not even picked up in the survey eg tree roots growing into drains; rotting joists (my daughter had this unseen horror and it was very messy, disruptive and expensive to fix). Everything in an old house is expensive unless you are a dab hand at DIY. My current house may not look so pretty and some of the fixtures eg patio door handles are not of brilliant quality but the basic building is sound. I think Krusty and Phil have a lot to answer for when they go on about "feastures" in old property. They're not the ones doing the work or picking up the bill for it. How many fall for the dream but when it comes to getting the work done find it's a nightmare. I've also lived in an 80s house and grew up in a 60s house. Both needed to replace windows and updating of kitchen and bathrooms but nothing major.
  19. Sometimes the buyer will play dirty and at the last minute reduce their offer even when the price has been agreed and contracts are about to be exchanged. Quite often the seller will cave in or they will lose money and/or the house they're buying if there's a chain. It just happened to me but I told them "on your bike". No way. Buying and selling property brings out the worst in people.
  20. There may be more properties "on the market" but are they selling? I get a monthly sales update for property sales in my immediate neighbourhood and the numbers sold for the past 2 months on LR sales is much reduced from previously. These would be sales from several months back bearing in mind the delay in registering sales with the Land Registry. Today there were 3 sold in the report when previously there would be at least 10 most months. This is in a market town along the M4.
  21. Personally I'd rather have cash than debt. Basically it depends on your attitude to risk. I'd rather be able to sleep at night knowing I haven't taken on more debt than I can comfortably manage.
  22. Yes I've been counting reductions along the M4 and I agree with fandanman re Wokingham. I also look at Crowthorne which is a village 5 miles from Wokingham and I nearly had a RM bingo for properties put on sale in the past 7 days but there were only 7 properties so not a large enough sample really. It's happening folks and the ripple is rippling outwards obviously hitting Northampton this week. Wait a few weeks and there will be reductions you can be sure
  23. Their service charges are high too so expensive to live in especially if you've been a freeholder before for years with only "normal" bills to pay eg council tax and utilities.
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