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  1. I just don't think they understand. It's ok for us on here who have been educating ourselves for donkeys years now, but those fresh faced and naïve young uns just don't have a clue. I certainly didn't, I just copped a break (not feeling so much like it now though!) back in 2004 whereby the madness even back then smacked me square in the face with the force of a battering ram. If one particular incident hadn't happened, I'd have been as naïve as the rest and would probably be a fully paid up sheeple myself, in huge debt and living in a crap slave box, a slave to my crap job and very unhappy ind
  2. Well you can tell the plumber you know that he is talking nosh. We run up to 30 sub contract plumbers at any one time. Most are Brits, most work their **** off, most finish the day filthy. Plenty of experience of non Brits turning up late, poor work ethic etc. You have accused people of being racist. You are one yourself.
  3. Totally agree Venger. Far too much sympathy around! Getting back to reality is going to hurt a lot of people. The same people who were smug as ****** on the way up and didn't give a toss about those who chose not to buy into the obvious madness. There is no pain free solution and I'm sick of suffering. Therefore, I simply have to wish others do instead. I didn't create this situation.
  4. Or, due to the high cost of living, it simply makes more sense for them to claim benefits instead?
  5. Yeah, that is the dumbest mistake I ever ******ing made! If I had my time again, I'd strangle personal responsibility to death before I was out of my teens.
  6. Join the club! If you have any ideas, please let me know cos I'm stumped! I used to at least be able to console myself that interest on my savings was covering more than 50% of my rent. It is now just over a quarter and will fall further when my fixed rate ISA ends in December. I'm now more worried about return OF capital, rather than return ON capital. I ain't buying a house and I ain't spending it. I feel like I'm in some kind of suspended animation.
  7. I listened to that and wondered if I'd been transported into a world of the truly insane! The reports followed back to back FFS! "HPI awesome, oh no, rail fares up, terrible"! They even discussed rail fares squeezing disposable income being bad for wider economy etc, but simply ignored all this on the issue of rising house prices. The bias was so strong it was beyond parody.
  8. Did you listen to Radio 4 from about 7.30am yesterday? That could be described as nothing short of a full blown HPI ramping spunkfest. No balance whatsoever. It is pleasing if the rectified this somewhat later in the day.
  9. "He later backtracked during a BBC radio interview, saying these companies are examples of "good employers" that tried hard to recruit UK workers but found it difficult to find staff with the right skills." What ******ing "special skills" do you need to stack a ******ing shelf?!! I was doing it at 16, no problem, no qualifications required!!
  10. ******ing brilliant. So when trying to explain to the hard of thinking why this is completely **** about face, I will simply be met with retorts of "well they said on the telly that rising prices are good, so they must be and you are wrong" *attention switches back to Big Brother*
  11. Thanks for this post, it's the first time I've managed to crack a smile all morning!! Sweet irony, if nothing else.
  12. Amen to that! I was taught brainwashed at school that Guy Fawkes was supposedly a bad man. Proof we are lied to from the moment we are able to listen!!!
  13. I doubt it! If the Tories really wanted to crash the market, the Lib Dems wouldn't have been able to stop them. More likely the Tories remember how unpopular the crash under their watch made them last time and in pursuit of a 2nd term, realised the last thing they could afford to happen was let the housing market correct!
  14. Yeah, I reckon we will have to tolerate this until at least after the next election now. I was just starting to hope that things would start to really turn this autumn/winter. I remember waiting for the last election, thinking the same though! I agree with Errol, I just hope it actually happens in my lifetime.
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