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  1. I agree. At least with an auction you can find out straightaway what price the property goes for. I have no intention of buying this but I'm going to go and see it tomorrow and also attend the auction just so that I can start to get a feel for real selling prices in the area. I seem to remember seeing in a separate thread that you highlighted a modern-looking house in Bellevue Road which was on for £345K a couple of years ago. Is it the same one which is for sale now at just under £310K? I thought I recognised the cushions, though I haven't got a link. From memory it looks as if the vendors had a field day in TK Maxx. If yields go up much more on bonds/gilts then you may well get an IR rise which would hopefully cool down the property market and answer your prayers. Time will tell.
  2. Thanks very much for the local knowledge TMT, much appreciated. On a separate note, how about the house that Dawson's have got in Newton Road which is to be sold by auction? Group viewing tomorrow at 10.00. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/30030949?search_identifier=1a3007f58c470e9c8b9f7fe7de7efb5b
  3. But wouldn't that apply to any road in Mumbles? I'd be interested to know what you think it will go for.
  4. Did anyone see this property in Bellevue Road? It went under offer within a month of being listed and was the most viewed property on Zoopla for the area. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/29696320?search_identifier=0a6e86b4ee6845fe50f8fc378fdefad4 I went to view it last week and it needs completely gutting. It has damp in most rooms, no central heating, very higgledy-piggledy rooms and the original wiring. Quite nostalgic really - haven't seen those round black light switches since I was a little girl, and 70s pink bathroom tiles in which you could see the shape of a chicken. But, the road has a lovely feel to it and the house has a flat garden at the back full of apple trees and flowers and a very pretty sea view. It also has an outside loo and a funny little outdoor pantry with a 50s Kitchen Maid in it, which weren't mentioned in the particulars. I'm always amazed when estate agents don't tell you about outside loos, as I think they are a huge plus. The house next door sold for £182,000 in March 2010 - at auction so the EA told me though I have no way of checking this - and they have already received an offer of under £200k for this house (no.12) which had been rejected. I see it's now under offer. Would anyone like to guess what price it goes for?
  5. Hello everyone I've been reading this site off and on for years but have decided to join now as I find myself back in Mumbles, close to where I was born, searching for a little house to rent until I am ready to buy again. I've found many of the posts regarding the property market in Wales absolutely fascinating and I am extremely grateful to those who take the time to research and share. In the last thirteen years I have bought and sold seven houses, having done up most of them and sold at a profit. I sold my last house in Cardiff at a loss but it was worth every penny to get away from a streetfull of gossipy neighbours. I started investing some of my future house money in the AIM market in February 2009, at the bottom of what was to become a two-year boom for mining shares, so I now alternate between renting and investing, or buying and doing up. I sold my house in April 2012 and six months later I started investing again. The Fed had announced QE3 so I decided that it would be a good time to get back into gold and silver miners, my favourite category. In April of this year I bought a book on Technical Analysis called 'How to Profit from Bull and Bear Markets'. Every morning now I wake up and wish I had read the book before reinvesting, but then I suppose that is how you learn, isn't it, by making mistakes! One of my favourite expressions is 'Never confuse brains with a bull market'. I often feel that finances are like the tide - they come flowing in and they go flowing out, so here I am sitting by the sea shore, appropriately enough, waiting for the tide to turn again. I look forward to discussing everything from how to live with an avocado bathroom to the gold forward offered rate.
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