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  1. well i guess we all have our opinions, and i hope you're wrong , for my sake and alot of others who have been SUCKERED into this desperate move, cause there was no saving to made by renting around this area for me anyways, i needed somewhere to live, and i got fed up of waiting and listening to the doom and it will HAPPEN merchants, and hence have jumped in with both feet, and HAPPY tht i 'm paying a mortage rather than renting, so if youre renting maybe your head is in the sand and do some maths ........YOU MIGHT BE SUPRISED !!!!!! that 1+1 does equal = 2 By the way read this......whether it is a false reading or not i don't know but http://business.timesonline.co.uk/article/...p;attr=Business it makes me feel better , as i don't see any people giving links to the DOWNSIDE ......... LOL
  2. all i can say AGAIN is if the crash was coming, and we all keep saying it, and as you point out that it's all to do with "TIMING" well if you can tell us all your version and the " TIMING " and when to jump in or out i shall gladly LISTEN your ole wise words...... ref to buying better houses with a lot less money well tell us something new !!!!!! going back to equity i hope it does'nt bite me or the vast majority of people AGAIN, but if it does... i'll put it down to my fault, not anyone else and thank you for your concern but in the end i do know from last time that it was all to do with TIMING
  3. FUNNY THAT !!!!!! I think i heard that in 2002-3-4-5 and early his year, for those of who listened, to that type of talk we have lost out ALOT.... and i don't think there is ever a right time to jump in or out especially if you intend to live in there, and if you're happy and can afford the mortage, is it really going to matter that much.........and also ref to negative equity, well i lived through it , and YES IT WAS VERY PAINFUL, but the flip side to that is what goes up will always go DOWN !!!! and visa versa, and it's all a waiting game, lets get back to the subject of what are prices doing in the KINGSTON SURBITON AND SURRONDING AREA'S PLEASE........
  4. i keep thinking to the 87-88-89 and early 90's , when we were all told of the same things, and in the END, the they were all proved wrong, so it does make me wonder that , " if we keep on saying it enough, it will happen" although i took a personal approch and had to jump in and take the gamble, as i need somewhere to live........ and it is a long term, so which ever way the market falls, i'm not renting anymore, and i have HOME....
  5. i with you all the way i was renting as well then i got fed up, and jumped back in. i would love a larger place !!!! but prices are higher here
  6. yeap and you right !!!!!!!! just bought a flat in surbiton, and things are selling fast........ lot of demand especially from BTL's , lot's of proff couples/singles. Good rail links, and town centre road links are good as well, so overhall it's a good area.
  7. my budget was 250k saw 2 flats but seemed very busy roads one was on the k3 route, and the bus stop was right out side, no parking but nice flat the other flat was also good but the area seemed more of FAMILY area very quite ( WHICH IS GOOD !!!!!!! ) but no sure maybe worth having a good walk and drive round the area, nice big detached hse's on SUGDEN ROAD and a new build going up
  8. does anyone have any idea's ref to long ditton area, surronding surbiton, and hincley wood, any feed back would be much appricated
  9. i'm still looking around here but everytime i find something they either get asking price , or like the last one i got GUZZUMPED, by 5k......... , the area is nice, and i agree about trains, etc etc, but please let me know anymore info if anyone has any
  10. just a update people are paying asking prices from what i gather, EA's don't have much on there books to sell, and it's all getting to fustrating, ( 1bed flat 195k)
  11. ohhhhhhhhh touchie.............already have........why don't you give some proper input.......
  12. prices are on the way up....... or getting asking price....close to. there is not a lot of properties around, which are qlty, and the one's that are around, the prices are to high It is a good area, with a lot of growth, and the university is increasing so the demand will increase.
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