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  1. And we’re in last weekend. Just ordered heaps of plastic shit for the kids and about 12 bottles of whisky for me. The wife is still diddling around with blinds and sideboards. See y’all in the afterlife.
  2. Update: moving in sub 6 weeks. Literally nothing else on the market in the whole year I’ve been fannying around. Looking forward to getting on with life and not spending a disproportionate amount of time dealing with “house stuff”. Reckon I’ve got c.10-15% headroom between all in costs and market value. (Total cost for renovation from total strip out to joists and brickwork, two extensions and all external work) and market value. I think projects/wrecks are the only pocket of value in the market. Not for the faint of heart.
  3. Disagree. Pensions always have the moral problem of being tax deferred. LISA, you get your tax break up front and is funded from taxed income. Therefore what you have in there is more likely yours at the end. I would prioritise LISA over a SIPP for people under 40. Odds of them getting to retirement without private pensions getting raided is quite low.
  4. Yeah already booked in. This isn't my first Rodeo.
  5. Update - I exchanged the other day. Found my dream doo-er upper. Small detached house on a big plot in the exact location I want, near the wife's tennis club and the kids future secondary. Was a probate and it is totally wrecked. House on identical plot a few doors down sold for 60% more than what I am paying, 4 years ago. Reckon I will spend around half the difference on major building works, total strip out and full renovation. Good luck everyone.
  6. Vue is owned by Warner Brothers. It is a cost centre not a stand alone business. Cineworld on the other hand....
  7. You can tell from those beams it is a beautiful period property. Full of character......
  8. I mean the rent per month LESS NOTHING vs. the last asking price (he didn't achieve). So you need to adjust for wear and tear, letting fees, TAX etc. Tier 2 restrictions probably moved that gross rent closer to 3% or possibly less than 3%.
  9. Maybe London going into level 2 restrictions just took another 0.5% of that gross rental yield?
  10. That is the market, that is the game these people play.
  11. Final listing price was -12.5% from July starting point. Gross rental yield will be c.3.5%.
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