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  1. Woolwich: there's something about those areas of London that don't really appeal to me. I'm used to somewhere that is quite busy and feels like a community, and I always got the impression (and when visiting friends living in places like Woolwich Arsenal and Canada Water), that the areas are very quiet on the weekend, and that people keep to themselves? Bethnal Green: I am considering other areas in the East like Shadwell, Whitechapel, Bow etc too - like you say, I'd considered BG first because it had been recommended to me by people living there. Does anyone have an opinion on Streatham or
  2. Thanks both. What do you think the upsides are of renting in the East End, compared to finding somewhere in, say, East Finchley? Looks like there decent and reasonably priced properties there. I know the area would be safer, though would it be further out (depending how far East I'd end up going), and less suited to someone my age?
  3. When you say housesharing, do you mean renting with others or buying with others? In terms of renting, I don't think that I'd be in a much better position in 5 years' time. Average rent is so high in London that I wouldn't be saving that much, whereas on my current salary and with my deposit, I could get a mortgage for around the same price as rent, and then additionally get a lodger in (if I get a two bed), meaning my spend on accomodation would be significantly lower. If I did just rent for 5 years, house prices would probably rise in that time anyway - so I wouldn't be saving that much mor
  4. Hi all I'm hoping for some advice on areas to consider buying in in London. A bit about me, and my criteria: - looking for a property under £250,000 (stamp duty and affordability purposes) - preferably with two bedrooms - zone 2/3 - hopefully close enough to cycle to work - I currently work in the city and am in my mid-twenties - planning on living here for at least the next 5 years, if not more Areas I am considering, from general searches on property websites: - Bethnal Green (and nearby East London spots) - Brixton - Stockwell - Camberwell - Peckham - Walthamstow (though perha
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