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  1. Its not easy as many are paying the top prices. All I was saying is if I spend 3 weeks researching and buying a £400 tv, I would spend 6 months finding a decent bargain. The hype in August 2020 was almost unbearable but my son managed a forever home and a bargain over the Christmas period whilst others were eating Turkey and moaning about the snow. No change in sentiment just hit a short period of lack of demand…saved £75k and had the pick of a few houses. But now the sun is out the madness continues. Ebb and flows. Don’t know the area you mention, so internet searches really limited (
  2. Agree. I have literally done that a few times in the past. When I was buying I made sure I wasn’t the motivated party. If the EA was ramping I would tell them that I wouldn’t waste my time then Buying your main home is always trickier of course with emotions running high etc I viewed some offices only last week (with and for a friend) and the commercial EA was much more realistic. I KNOW he had about 15 viewers but he played it down saying things were irrational on the residential side and whilst these offices had attracted interest that they wanted to sell so always worth a punt
  3. To be fair, it reads like that. I was just re-emphasising and agreeing. Do you think I might be right about the asteroid. It would explain a lot 😆
  4. All you can do is what works for you. As mentioned on this thread everyone is right at some point because of the ebbs and flows of the housing market. Buying carries risk at the moment as does not buying. My advice to someone who is buying us to buy well and prepare for a fall. (In our town the same house can be £225k or £335k based on decor, carpets and light fitting alone). So buy at £225k and invest a little time and money into the place to create a £100k buffer. My advice to someone holding on and renting is to rent well and prepare for ongoing house price rises. Anyone with
  5. This, and several other posts, suggest our governments have an economic ‘plan’ and an understanding of modern history. I think more likely they see no further than the next election….and sometimes not even that far ahead. That doesn’t mean what you suggest will happen is incorrect, you may well be spot on….indeed it’s a potential realistic scenario I would plan for. I just am uncertain politicians don’t have a clue what they are doing other than buying votes. Some of the decisions made are so bad for the long term I sometime wonder if TPTB know that an asteroid is hurtling towar
  6. It’s almost as though no one knows what it’s worth so they are making it up as they go along 😆😆 Only 3 years marketing….I am sure they will get the price right soon. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. What’s funny was I was thinking this as I was typing it 😆😆 Soooo true.
  8. I am a liberal leftie guardian reading terrorist sympathising hypocrite…but really a leftie under it all. Agree completely Re furlough and have even seen businesses abuse it. One decorator claimed £2.5k a month but had to declare his business had been impacted. He said it had but never explained because he has never been busier. It was a good idea but they splurged too much…… I agree with you and indeed even my inner WOKE cringes at extremes of benefit claimants (before furlough) abusing the system, NHS offering cosmetic services that are not life saving etc. I don’t want things
  9. As someone has mentioned on this thread it’s easy to make a point and someone tweak it…and you then having to defend something you where emphasising. So apologies I understand the point you make in the last paragraph. Just it got me thinking about us ‘lower levels’ (but modestly wealthy) and that we/they don’t save and generate wealth for the benefit of the family name or our future generations or looking to leave a modest legacy…but rather most buy tittle tattle, hang onto everything until it’s too late. It then disappears on nursing home fees. To change that requires a cultural shift of
  10. It’s an interesting one this…I have a challenge in this. Is a family trust tax avoidance or actually the ultimate sensible financial sacrifice for the greater good of the generation below you? How many of us would literally put all our money into a family type trust to avoid tax. Ie it’s genuinely no longer your money but it’s the family’s and to be passed down generations and NOT to be used by the current holder of the wealth. Billionaires can do this because of the amount of wealth but it does require the donor to give up monies before they die….that requires trust and generosity
  11. You lurve billionaires and hate poor people 😆😆 ps…joking, your point re internet discussion and defending the preciseness of a point being made is well put. All been there. 😉
  12. Good point.😉 Although to be fair those owners feel entitled to be helped by the government ie tax payers. Again no comment as to whether the entitled are right or wrong just regardless….they are entitled. I guess to soften this…those entitled who are perfectly right in feeling that way probably aren’t entitled just hard done by. The issue is when ‘one’ is wrong…do ‘one’ ever know you are wrong
  13. Starting to see hugely entitled people everywhere. Started before this latest wave of free money….but it’s even worse now Owners feeling entitled to keep prices booming. Buyers feeling entitled for rates to rise and prices to fall. Poorer families entitled to furlough and to stay at home when employers need them back. Wealthy families entitled to keep their wealth taxes. Pub owners and shop owners entitled to have customers back. Customers entitled to go out an expect prices to stay low. Landlords entitled to tax breaks. Tenants entitled to protected occupancy rig
  14. I didn’t say it was possible…rather it’s what we need. By the way…”flying cars powered by unicorn farts” wins any argument for me 😆😆 made me laugh.
  15. It’s a genuine point you make. I believe this is how they probably justify things to themselves. I also think it is how the world justifies and accepts crony capitalism ie not real capitalism. But like a BTL landlord….they tell everyone they provide housing for the ‘many’ therefore they should get tax perks. Overall a billionaire will believe they have made their contribution in one way or another. They will definitely believe they can use their money better than any government. I am a hypocritical liberal leftie but more of the champagne socialist type. I believe the strong
  16. Billionaires not paying tax. Well, who would have thought it?🤷🏻‍♂️ If you tax mostly based income then why would a Billionaire take an income? No need. I wonder if ever things will change. A common theme in these threads calls for a wealth tax. I guess it’s cheaper to sponsor a political party than pay tax…so I guess never https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57383869 “Details claiming to reveal how little US billionaires pay in income tax have been leaked to an investigative website. ProPublica says it has seen the tax returns of some of the world's richest people
  17. Agree. If the service charge is more than the cost of maintenance (plus a little for admin) then flats will continue to struggle. With interest rates so low the service charge can be more than the interest only mortgage payments. If it covers just costs eg insurance, gutter clearing, mowing lawns then infact a charge can be less than running a freehold house…..however, unless it’s a block of 3 in a concerted house with shared freehold (or a ground floor owner occupier freeholder) then this is often not the case.
  18. Agree completely. Reflects my own position but more eloquently put. 👍🏻
  19. I think those who act (and in the share market in particular) are braver than me. And well done to them (and you) I am very good at predicting what will happen with shares but don’t follow my instinct and end up doing nothing. I am not risk adverse rather it is a mixture of Fear of Missing Out verses Fear of Losing Hard earned Savings. Whenever I get to the end of my tether with inertia I then move and make a rash and wrong decision. Like a bad driver waiting at junction when it’s clear then pulling out in front of a double decker bus 🤦🏻‍♂️ To be fair I haven’t done bad overall
  20. Interesting. What did you do that saved so much? Assume you were buying in say maybe 2011 and hung on a little while and got a better deal? Not a challenge but a genuine question because I can imagine what you say to be absolutely true and available to many who watch the market and buy well. I had been buying and selling for 25 years and watched gentle ‘ebbs and flows’ in the market which could easily impact prices by tens of thousands ie 15/20% and that was without any real shift in the market. Often waiting for winter, a sentiment change and a motivator seller was enough. We
  21. So it’s not a ‘gift’ as such but rather a reduced price which much then be passed on to the next buyer? Effectively a shared ownership ie 100% maintenance but 70% ownership. The advantage being that people can buy something they might otherwise not be able to afford ie they get the space but financially are still at the lower level if they move. Sounds great....I would pay 30% more for a house like that.....er, bet that’s what happens. Help to Sell house prop version 43. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  22. Some ‘Bullish’ responses around the fact the government will do everything in their power etc….house price crashes occur when the natural flow is beyond the power of government, like trying to stop the tide coming in. So i like the initial post….yep you have done it, yep you expect a crash, yep if that happens you will live with it and bought as well as you could in a balmy market. And I think that’s the absolute right attitude. Many of those near us who are buying now and expecting further market rises have bought carelessly and whilst the market may well catch them up…if the market
  23. Steady on mate, in Notting Hill this would be a 3 bedder. 😆😆
  24. Agree. And that’s the issue for me. I don’t judge others on how they spend their money or indeed even if they moan about it just for the sake of moaning (ie some people like to ‘pretend’ to moan about money and costs). However, there is is significant proportion out there who genuinely moan about not having enough money, having to work long hours and having to retire at 95 years old etc....when if the cut their spending (on things they don’t really enjoy spending money on) they could change things significantly. I challenged my spending many years ago (ie in my teens) and realised ve
  25. My note was cut off so I had to edit and add a bit. Agree. The experience is leaving and the younger workforce are working hard but will follow the money not the employer...and with no reciprocated loyalty I can’t say I blame them. 😉
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