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  1. I find companies like Virgin will ring you up about your account (which you do have with them) and then ask you to confirm your postcode! They are not helping. 😂
  2. Last time I bought one it was £19! I may top-up my holding in FRES.L this week and I bought the LSIL etf the other week. Not totally confident that silver will pop but do feel that we are at a good level for a trade. I hold FRES.L long term and wouldn't sell any for less than £20 a share.
  3. Couldn't go through the pain of reading the whole thread! What has HPC become! Banning everything? Ok, lets ban everything, apart from investing in the stock market and BTL! No gambling there! 😜 (and yes I am a big investing in shares) Whatever you do to restrict peoples behaviour, they will find other ways to engage in their vices and get their kicks. Banning things is not the answer (I feel the level of Communism is increasing on this forum! 🤣) The real problem is the distortion in the perception of risks that we have in society. You cannot protect everyone all of the time and governments should not be trying to.
  4. House prices simply don't matter if you can do all of this correct! LOL
  5. Yep, I wonder if the Government will do some sort of bail out for all the poor LLs who can't get tenants! Nice to see that you are still here winkie.
  6. Actually I would say that money always goes down.... long term that is... so I guess they (who are they?) are right, house prices do always go up! But not in the way they think!
  7. Haha, it took a while to find a tread about house prices!
  8. I agreed. Understanding the prices in an area that you want to live is far more useful than hoping for a general decline. I was often puzzled by people who talk of a crash but didn't consider that when/if this happened they may not have a job to get this mortgaged home with? And of course the Remainders who thought that leaving the EU would be so bad that everyone would lose their jobs and the country would go into permanent decline, not looking on the bright side of this scenario that house prices would likely crash! Yeah, still ranting! But the site is called HCP! LOL
  9. majority Hey there, This is my first post (well, first visit) here for quite some time! Pretty much stopped visiting HPC because of all the Brexit moaning! 'its going to be the best thing' 'its going to be the worst thing' ect ect! (I was always of the Mervyn King school of thinking, that Brexit won't really make much of a difference, up or down, in the long term!). Anyway not going to rant over that and thought it might be safe to come back now that Brexit is finally done! So, your question... House 'Prices' may never come down! OF course the real question is in relation to what do you want to them to come down too? Your salary? Your savings? I still believe that house 'values' are too high but prices do not need to come down as such. Although it is certainly not impossible, the Government have shown that they will pretty much pull out all of the stops to stop house prices falling. For most people their home is still a majority of their wealth and I tend to think that the Government will destroy the currency before letting nominal house prices drop by anything over say 5%! LOL. Of course the other question is what value do you want houses to drop too? How will you know they have dropped enough for you? Generally, if there was a large drop in prices, no-one would want to buy because they would think that prices would drop more, etc. The main thing I learnt here was that worrying about what you can't control is a complete waste of time. If you have funds to buy somewhere you want to live and you are not getting yourself up to the eyeballs in debt, then do what you want to. Don't worry about something that may or may not happen. If you can't afford to buy, then stop lamenting and start making enough cash to buy that home you want or just live the best life that you can! I still rent. Currently at a rental yield of 3.2%, so very reasonable. This is the main way I value property over the longer term. I invested the small deposit that I had saved into stocks and over the last 10 years have accumulated equity to a similar/if not a bit more than others have in buying a home. People mostly misunderstand compounding but the biggest cost to buying a home is the opportunity cost! Property investors use interest only mortgages for good reason. It is the only way to make above average returns from property in the longer term, you need the leverage! I have gone over the average post word count now so will stop there and I may check in again sometime.
  10. I have kind of stopped caring about house prices..... some years ago now! Yes, it still gets on my nerves with people's mindless obsession about how much their house is worth and how their home is their biggest and best investment (homes are not investments, but you knew that) etc, but I just work on my own investments and ideas and go with the flow. I never bother mentioning how big my portfolio is to home owners nowadays, or what yield I am getting! OR how the yield of their homes is often pretty poor! Pretty sure I will FIRE before most people my age have paid their home mortgage off! Without more information on your situation (income, areas house prices, your saving/investment), I really couldn't start to advise you on whether you should be buying, taking on debt, etc. £900pm for a family home for 4 people sounds like a bargain for me but being in London, I am kind of at the worst end of the renting thing! :P As for where house prices will go, well I have long considered that inflation will eventually have a huge impact on the relative value of house prices to income. Not that I am expecting many people to notice. A short blip and it will be back to ramping the selling of piles of bricks to each other.... Yeah, I am at the point where whatever happens, I think the general populous are never going to change, well, not this lot and not unless we have 50 years of stagnating prices..
  11. Almost all extra/overtime goes into stock investments! I was thinking of continuing my studies but have decided to invest more of my time into boosting my portfolio! Btw, to the OP, my basic wage looks to be going up 1.9%, although the union is demanding more so we will see.
  12. Of course I am answering on behalf of byron78 here, so I do not claim to be speaking for him but I think you are looking for offence where there is none to be taken. In my mind a 'wage slave' is someone who needs to go to work, i.e. 9 to 5 week in week out. Even a business owner who actively has to work there is still a 'wage slave'. Not until you have enough passive income which you can live off can you say that you are not a 'wage slave'. You may still work but you can chose not too. It seems to me that byron78 was just making an observation and not trying to belittle anyone.
  13. I really haven't bothered looking. Which ones are the best.... I mean worst!
  14. Indeed. Also, to the OP, ask your family and friends about rental yields! What return do they get from that big lump of equity that they call a home!
  15. Join the club! I know what it feels like to have all your close family think you are an idiot for not buying a house. However, my investments (mainly equities) are now getting to the point where they almost pay for my rent, so was I such a fool? Note that Rich Dad Poor Dad says that homes are not an investment, not because they can't yield a positive return but because they have a negative effect on cashflow! How much extra cash have I been able to invest 'because' I have been renting for the past 8 years? Anyway, I am almost at the point where I don't care where house prices go. I may well rent until I die! After all, a house is just an asset that pays your rent for you... Btw, the next time you are told that rent is dead money. Ask them what they understand as dead money? (this can lead to an interesting discussion, as people waste so much money on crap!) and how much of the rent you pay is dead money? IF your rent was only £50 per week is that dead money? £100, £200. Where is the line? People really don't see how much money owning a home costs! Renting can be better than owning a home even without a mortgage!
  16. This is the only reason you should ever buy a home! Home should NEVER be looked at as an investment, even serious BTL LLs known this!
  17. ROFL ? I still remember the LBC interview, when she wasn't sure if the money set aside by the Labour budget for the police would pay for 30000 or 300000 extra offices (all to work on 'hate' crime no doubt)!
  18. Errr.... any prove of that theory? I think that is one reason the left wing media should love her! *flower, hugs and lollypops*
  19. Oh, you need to be more WOKE. Didn't you hear, black people can't be racist -ist -ist!
  20. As bad as TM is, I agree that GB was worst PM ever!
  21. I haven't watched it yet but why do you think that? Is it because he doesn't agree with you and thinks businesses will be fine in a 'no deal' scenario? I have to admit, from the times I have heard him, he is far more upbeat than I could ever be!
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