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  1. What a shit book, I already know the ending...
  2. I predict the pound to continue it's nosedive, bitcoin to go up, a major war to commence by the end of the year and thick people will remain thick.
  3. There's also btc-e.com, if you wanted to sell some and maybe branch out into other cryptocurrencies.
  4. It definitely plays a part.
  5. I attended a social gathering the other day, in which the topic went on to buying houses and BTL. One bloke (in the medical profession) said he's in the middle of buying a house specifically to renting it out and was wondering if he should inform the HMRC at all. In reply, a teacher said he had 2 houses and had never informed the tax man. Another attendee, who works for the BBC, also mentioned he has roughly 4 houses he lets and has only informed the authorities of 1. The subject of 100% mortgages also came up and the teacher hoped they would come along again, as then he would buy another. I was too tired to join in the conversation but hope my withering look was plain to see. It astounds me that seemingly intelligent people, in decent well-paying jobs lack the creativity to think of other things to use their money on - plus seem to be uninformed of the financial system in place which won't give a proverbial about them once sentiment changes. Do these people not use Monte Carlo modelling to take into account multiple variables, in their financial decisions that may impact their lives for 20-30 years minimum? Or do they just follow the popular narrative that the media spouts out and lack true freedom of thought? I'll bring them acid for next time we meet, to expand their minds
  6. Economist expert is an oxymoron. No further explanation needed.
  7. The house prices in the middle east will be flattened, so more refugees in Europe etc... Hopefully he'll be the first president since Kennedy to be killed though. He's got a big head, so may need a bazooka to blow that mullet off.
  8. Seems a lot of landlords are up to this at the moment; mine asked if they could drill out the locks on the individual tenant doors before an inspection. Not sure why, I presume something to do with trying to make out they still live here and is a family house. I'll send them a condolence card when the market crashes
  9. With the pound falling so much, more services, companies, land and houses sold off to the Chinese, Russians, Saudi Arabians and anyone who has enough foreign reserves to launder through the city of London. On a positive side, I hope with less subsidies on farm land that prices come down and I'll have a bit of that.
  10. Heuristics; a lot of people on this forum would rather have the simplest world view possible rather than extending their brain to understand the plethora of complex systems and viewpoints that exist in the universe.
  11. There are wallets like Electrum, that you can use and don't need to download the entire blockchain. And yes the X is a growing subset of available objects in the world that you can buy with bitcoin.
  12. Yep an nth degree polynomial can fit any n+1 points. All scientist-based researchers should have better statistical training or get a statistically-trained coauthor to go through their proposals, methods and results beforehand. The amount of disinformation that get's to the public without any recourse is ridiculous. A headline and maybe a short description will be picked up by the target audience, then nothing. It imprints some sort of 'fact' in people's minds who don't look into the details or methods, which is likely a minuscule percent of the population. If Britain leaves the EU and gets rid of the Human Rights Act, hopefully a law will be put in place that whoever intentionally misuses the scientific method or knowingly retells fabricated/manipulated results; should be hung, drawn and quartered or catapulted straight into a cliff face.
  13. I have seen some national statistics publications that do this to a certain extent, so there are definitely reporting mechanisms in place to keep the publications to a consistent standard. Or they'll just add on a few caveats, which most people look over.
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