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  1. after reading a tip in thisismoney i nearly purchased £20k worth of shares in premier oil at 129p they are now 89p, that was a lucky escape.
  2. macbeth79


    I am getting tempted to go into shares in one of the seven sisters, just dont know which one has the lowest cost of production.
  3. macbeth79

    Who Buys These Things?

    Perhaps that is why we are not having a HPC in london but you go to the NE and they have very low house prices.
  4. macbeth79


    The Greeks will never exit the euro they love having a hard currency, who wants to back to the days of the Drakhma, ruppee, lira, peso.
  5. macbeth79


    They will never get the money they loaned greece back
  6. macbeth79

    London House Prices Skewed.

    Looking at option B i have been thinking that this is something the Government can do and get away with. Strange i mentioned this to someone about a year ago.
  7. macbeth79

    Black Swan Coated With Crude Oil

    Or because they were under the impression that oil was running out they invested such a large amount in finding it, too much is coming to market. Premier oil is looking at investing large sums in the Falklands.
  8. macbeth79

    The Portugal Thread

    I wonder how the crash in oil price will impact these immigrants
  9. macbeth79

    Black Swan Coated With Crude Oil

    The choice between being Americas bitch or China's bitch.
  10. macbeth79


    http://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2015-07-23/how-berlin-s-futuristic-airport-became-a-6-billion-embarrassment "Greek" has become the new word for fiasco.
  11. macbeth79

    The Ukraine Chernobyl Thread

    Putin is not evil like Stalin, nor is he an angel but if you compare him to the US and the EU and China how would you rate him ?
  12. macbeth79

    Microsoft Fires 7800

    call it the name of a fruit, i wonder why that has not been done.
  13. macbeth79

    The Ukraine Chernobyl Thread

    In a curiously upbeat account, The New York Times reports that Islamic militants have joined with Ukraine’s far-right and neo-Nazi battalions to fight ethnic Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. It appears that no combination of violent extremists is too wretched to celebrate as long as they’re killing Russ-kies. The article by Andrew E. Kramer reports that there are now three Islamic battalions “deployed to the hottest zones,” such as around the port city of Mariupol. One of the battalions is headed by a former Chechen warlord who goes by the name “Muslim,” Kramer wrote, adding: “The Chechen commands the Sheikh Mansur group, named for an 18th-century Chechen resistance figure. It is subordinate to the nationalist Right Sector, a Ukrainian militia. … Right Sector … formed during last year’s street protests in Kiev from a half-dozen fringe Ukrainian nationalist groups like White Hammer and the Trident of Stepan Bandera . “Another, the Azov group, is openly neo-Nazi, using the ‘ Wolf’s Hook’ symbol associated with the [Nazi] SS. Without addressing the issue of the Nazi symbol, the Chechen said he got along well with the nationalists because, like him, they loved their homeland and hated the Russians.” As casually as Kramer acknowledges the key front-line role of neo-Nazis and white supremacists fighting for the U.S.-backed Kiev regime, his article does mark an aberration for the Times and the rest of the mainstream U.S. news media, which usually dismiss any mention of this Nazi taint as “Russian propaganda.” http://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraine-merges-nazis-and-islamists-to-fight-russians/5461295

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