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  1. Hello! Found this forum on a google search, thought I'd pitch my thoughts in. I'm a third of this co-op plan in Sheffield and excited to get it off the ground. @interestrateripoff : There are loads of great examples of housing co-ops working really well as a way of providing cheap, good quality housing with a community feel. The best example of student co-op housing is in the US where there are a huge number of co-ops. They've been successfully running since the 1920's and provide rent at up to half commercial student rents. @Secure Tenant : We think a student run letting agency would quickly become just another lettings agency, whereas our plan involves taking control of our own housing permanently. I think it'll be easy to compete with the 'professionals' because the proffessionals are so shit! Their houses are expensive and poorly maintained... @scrappycocco: All our financial analysis suggests that we can not only compete, but thrive. @Executive Sadman: I don't think there's an incredible lack of supply in Sheffield, is anything there's a serious lack of demand. We can create student housing in areas slightly further afield due to our unique appeal. Eventually we may construct new build but we're far too small for now to have any impact on the property prices.
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