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  1. I have nearly bought. The tenant in property won't leave and therefore is being evicted. I am wondering if I should pull out or offer a lower price.
  2. I have been on this site a long time and I believe in what's discussed here. Unfortunately I have decided to buy and I am in the final phases of purchase! I am very annoyed at the stupid price I had to offer to beat the competition. Oh well!
  3. This is bad news for normal non wealthy buyers like me as this means that the wealthy buyers are pushed out to where I live in London and out bid everyone here.
  4. It's now at 210.10p. Is there something happening in the property world?
  5. It didn't sell for £260k in Jan 2015 so they increased the price to £300k!
  6. The problem with these people not buying prime London properties is that these people maybe buying property outside London and therefore pushing the prices up there.
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